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Recent content by Chilli_Bandit

  1. Chilli_Bandit

    Questions about the state of PvP from an old player

    Hello, Old player possibly returning here. I was just wondering, considering playing this next map with a couple of friends who are really into the PvP side of this server, has much changed since a few maps ago? We used to really enjoy roaming as a 3-man group and fighting for treasure chests...
  2. Chilli_Bandit

    Suggestion Please tone down mob's special abilities

    I'm not sure if they're meant to use 5 skills in half a second though.
  3. Chilli_Bandit


    What is your IGN (case sensitive)? Chilli_Bandit How old are you? 15 Time Zone? Australian Western Standard Time (+8:00 GMT) How long have you played HC? about a year and a half How often are you active in game? 2+ Hours a day in the afternoon my time, 1 hour a day in the morning my time. A lot...
  4. Chilli_Bandit

    What Will Your Main Class and Race Be!?

    I started with a human thief ( a little generic I know ) and got him to level 60 but then got hacked and lost all my gold + karma but when I got my account back I was level 80 surprisingly enough, Now I've got an 80 elementalist that's one of those small guys (I forgot the name) and a level 72...
  5. Chilli_Bandit

    Your friendly Tinky Winky

    Your friendly Tinky Winky
  6. Chilli_Bandit

    Ayy lmao

    Ayy lmao
  7. Chilli_Bandit

    Get your Forum Supporter Badges or Name Change here!

    Would someone mind changing my forums name to Chilli_Bandit? @Admins
  8. Chilli_Bandit

    Herogate Camping is over the top

    Dude, I was just randomly walking around and bumped into you lmao. Then you continued to log off when you saw me. I had nothing better to do but camp your log point because that was annoying af when you logged and you shouldn't do it. I killed you once lmfao @Zyvo1 Please Respond (I'm...
  9. Chilli_Bandit

    [AD] - Novigrad - Neutral [PvP] - RECRUITING

    IGN: Chilli_Bandit Age: 15 When did you join Herocraft? A year ago? Not entirely sure but I know my basic way around When did you start playing Minecraft? ^^^^^^^^ Did you read all of the town rules? Chicken Nuggets Previous Towns/Guilds? Erebor Why did you leave the previous Town/Guild(s)? No...
  10. Chilli_Bandit


    What is your IGN (case sensitive)? Chilli_Bandit How old are you? 15 Time Zone? 8:00+ GMT (Perth, Australia) How long have you played HC? Not exactly sure. Maybe a year or two? How often are you active in game? Can play 2-3 hours a day What class are you? Levelling Ranger - Currently level 0...
  11. Chilli_Bandit

    ALERT Herocraft Launcher: Technic Modpack Available!

    Meh, like others said, I tried again after about 2 hours and it worked
  12. Chilli_Bandit

    ALERT Herocraft Launcher: Technic Modpack Available!

    When I try and install the modpack, it says "The modpack does not appear to be installed or is corrupt and is not available for offline play" This isn't so urgent for me because I have installed the important mods required to play on the server manually however, it would be great if you could...
  13. Chilli_Bandit

    Rapture {Recruiting}

    In game name: BoB1725 Level: Lostsoul 1 Crafter 1 [Just started lol.] Age: 15 How often you plan to play: School holidayz! A fair bit. Maybe 8 hours a week min. Can you use Teamspeak 3? : Yeah.
  14. Chilli_Bandit

    Pending application :O Isn't it amazing?

    Pending application :O Isn't it amazing?
  15. Chilli_Bandit

    BoB1725 - Application

    Used to play Gazamo's A'therys Ascended but it shut down so I went around looking for some more hero servers and found myself at the home of the heroes plugin. Please accept me so I can experience the magical experiences of the heroes mod again. I also cannot follow Herocraft on twitter because...