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WIKI Updating - the PLAN

Jul 15, 2012
Welcome to everyone who's interested in keeping the Herocraft Online Wiki up to date for our community members :D!

Ways to contribute to the Wiki

Everyone can contribute at whatever level suits them, including:
  • Bringing errors and gaps to the attention of the Wiki Team for updating - you can add to this thread or start a new one, but please do tag the Wiki Team like so but without the spaces: [ USER=user_group,41]Wiki Team[/USER ] or WitchOnaRampage
  • Updating your own class pages and areas of particular interest
  • Taking an overall view and working as a member of the Wiki Team
At this time, the Wiki Team includes WitchOnaRampage, EvilThor and JazzDesignation.

Please, always 'View History" on a page you're considering changing to determine whether someone else might be currently working on that page.

More info here: Ways to contribute to the Herocraft Wiki

Restricted sections
  • Some areas are restricted to editing by Wiki Admin only. These include the Rules and Terms of Service, Staff, Supporter Perks and the Herocraft Shop, and Townships and Kingdoms.
  • General contributors are welcome to update all other parts of the Wiki.
Classes and Professions
  • WitchOnaRampage generally updates these from server data every 2 months or following major updates.
  • In between times, please do make corrections as you see the need.
  • It would be great to have more lore in the skills descriptions, so please do improve these if that's your forte.
Game mechanics
  • Contributions always welcome, whether for updating current entries or adding new ones as the game expands.
Township pages, Server history, the Multiverse
  • Everyone contribute, please! EvilThor has expressed interest in coordinating this area.
  • We need more skins to fill in the gaps on various classes pages! Anyone like to do a few more please?
Contributions always welcome!

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Kainzo Danda gabizou
Jul 15, 2012
BeasttRecon I'd be inclined to say use the skins with attribution - that is, if you can get the designer's name and the website the skin is published on and we'll put that in the wiki with the skin.

I only see this as being a bit tricky where someone has published the skin but they aren't actually the original designer. You know, they've just touched up a few bits.

We could also try approaching the designers and asking for their approval to use the skins in the wiki. They'd get publicity out of it after all. I'd be happy to do that follow up if you source the skins.

There are some great skins out there, so if you can find ones that tell the Herocraft combat or profession stories nicely, that would be great, thanks.

Any other comments on this?


Wiki Team
Balance Team
Tier 6
Feb 22, 2013
Looked, the classes that need skins are Disciple, Dragoon, Bard, Pyromancer and Beguiler.