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First up, you need to join the Wiki by messaging a wiki Admin (such as WitchOnaRampage) on the Herocraft forums. Your Wiki membership is separate from your Herocraft Forums membership.

Once you've joined, you will be able to change most pages in the Wiki. A small number of pages can only be changed by Wiki Administrators, who are appointed by the Herocraft admin.

Joining the HerocraftOnline Wiki

Please note:
To join the Herocraft Online Wiki, you must have an account created for you.
Please notify WitchOnaRampage at the HerocraftOnline forums and I'll see about setting an account up for you if you'd like to contribute to the Wiki.

Click on Log In/Join in the top right of the window. To complete the registration process, you must respond to the confirmation email that will be sent to you.

Troubleshooting - Receiving the Confirmation Email

If you don't receive the confirmation email:

  1. Check your junk folder
  2. Try a different email address (in case your internet provider is filtering out the email as spam before it reaches you)

To try a different email address:

  1. Under "My preferences", enter a new email address
  2. Click "Save"
  3. Go back into "My preferences" and click "Confirm your email address"
  4. At the next page, click "Mail a confirmation code"
  5. Receive the email (!), respond, and you should be set to edit the wiki.

Troubleshooting - Can't join because "Your IP address is listed as an open proxy ...

Contact WitchOnaRampage at the HerocraftOnline Forums and I'll see about registering you to edit the Wiki.

Troubleshooting - Can't join for some other reason ...

Contact WitchOnaRampage at the HerocraftOnline Forums and let's see what we can figure out!

Getting the picture

A team approach shows respect to the players most active in updating the Wiki.

  • To find out who has been working on a particular page, and how recently, click View history on the top right of that page.
  • To find out who has been active in the Wiki in the last 30 days, go to the Active users list.

Making changes

  • To edit the code for a whole page, click on Edit on the top panel of that page. On the more complicated pages, you can edit smaller sections by clicking on the Edit above each section.
  • Check out how your changes look before you save them by clicking on Show Preview at the bottom of the editing pane.

Figuring out the formatting

  • Check out other pages that have the formatting you're after, and copy the code...
  • Under the Help tab (left panel) you'll find some basic info on putting in links, headings, images etc.
  • External links to wiki pages about wikis are provided at the bottom of the Help page.

And most of all

  • Enjoy yourself! Don't make it hard work.
  • One step at a time achieves more than grand plans that never get implemented...
  • THANK YOU for your interest in the Herocraft Wiki.