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What do you want from the Lore Project?

What should we be doing that we're not?

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Mar 4, 2011
@strongholdx I'm finally feeling a bit in the mood to start some stuff up and I got a new guy working his ass off to get into the Lore team. Danda is trying to get me, theazian and any other lore writers that are up for it, to work towards quests and stuff like that.

I was just wondering if you plan to come back for the whole Lore team or just for the fanfiction. Its ok either way, I'm only asking because at this moment, we are low on man power and if left down to it, I would like to be the temporary leader until you or Alator return. With that being said; I have not seen Toad for a very long time either.

EDIT: I realize I may not be the best choice given my past on the team, but I seriously want to change that and with this new guy my ideas seem to form a lot more better, which has helped me become motivated.
Shoot me a PM about quests. I have a sinus infection at the moment and am not in an agreeable mood. I will read it over later when I have recovered from this sickness that is hell.
Jan 20, 2011
I want more of me. Oh wait. I'm back bitches! So behind. SOOO much writing to catch up on. Going to have to interview a lot of people.
My god man! Just as I decide to get this started back up, you and Stronghold decide to step forward <3

We got a new recruit: theazian and a guy working on his application: Rumblestikk.

Lastivity is an admin now! With that being said, me and Rumble are working on a way to piece her into the lore (I have yet to decide where or how she will be given Zo/Zai status, but she will have a back story that brushes by Dagith-Narr and a new antagonist we are working on.)

I won't say too much more here though :p, just know that we got something going. Oh and its no excuse of me, but once you two kinda went MIA, I just dropped the story I was to write; lost motivation to be honest. I might restart it from scratch after this project with Rumble.