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Steps to Drastically Increase Map Life

Oct 2, 2011
Personally I think we should bring back Mob Arena.

I cant remember why it was taken away in the first place, (perhaps because worries about it being to easy to level?) but it was such a great experience that really made Herocraft more enjoyable for me and many others.

Nothing is more exciting than the pre-adolescent squeals when the entire mob arena is filled with super creepers... People calling out for help... Lots of teamwork going on.

I felt mob arena was an idea that really brought the community together and gave a sense of responsibility in everyone to enact the full functionality of their role in a way they may not have experienced before.

Mob Arenas serve not only for their obvious purpose (As an arena to fight mobs, lol). But they were also meeting points for players from all corners of the map. A place you could go and KNOW you will meet action and fun.

One of the most enjoyable moment for me on Dragonguarde was Temple MA, where players decided to start fighting over a tree just outside of the PVP-off zone at Temple. It turned into a huge game that was a lot of fun, I think it is that kind of organic community play that leads to the longevity of Herocraft.

Thanks for reading :)


The Disposable Hero
Staff member
Adventure Team
Jan 7, 2011
The 7th Circle of Heaven
would tier 2 for class involve leveling from 1-60 again? Also soul wielder sounds cool but I imagine it a balance nightmare.
yes, the tier 2 classes are "basically" prestige. It gives those who really want to get "best stats" they get to put in more work and they'll have a slight advantage although not completely dominating.