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random secrets i want to share

Mar 4, 2021
hi guys it's that guy from umbra ->tc.
@Kainzo @admins please delete all my posts and profile @samdiggity
I have stalkers. seriously. if you do it ill donate some cheddar. my life is in danger lol

i wanted to announce that life is good.
that when i was in TC in bastion, Mrpapodopolous got salty that I didnt give him the championship title even though he told me to give it to yoiyo.
He proceeded to get himself banned by spamming shit talk in o chat and I inherited Rangpur.
Sometime before or after he told me he had logged onto C12's account, since he had helped c12 level his runescape account, he tried using the same password to login to c12's minecraft. It worked and he went and talked shit to Kainzo and got him banned. anyways, when i was in Umbra i asked c12 what his secret was, back when he was the richest person on the server. he said he "mined a lot". secretly He had a fortune 5 pickaxe, from what was dropped by an admin, who didnt ask for it back. the people at the top always have secrets. anyways. i always admired c12 but i do agree there was no respect and we were children. c12 left me the pick and thornhollow, then left for basic. I think there was a fight about who wanted to mayor of a town on another server and thats why pap did it. It bothers me that there is such an hypocrisy in the practices and fraternity like manner that tc was. yall came from hackers, why the fuck arent i allowed to trash talk? mrpap was number two, but acted like a bully a majority of the time. anyone who says i wasnt core TC is right. i was a youngin who stunted on you all, i was fuckin better than core tc. One mistake i made was saving Glacial in his 1v1 against Lumont. I should not have made glacial, frozen ashes, TC. As much as everyone tells me i wasnt core TC, you're right. But i was mayor of thornhollow. i dont think any of you guys were. bitch. Glacial went on to host the TC teamspeak, and being an older person the trivialities of power dynamics and hierarchies in what was left put glacial into mayorship of papodopotroplus. c12 was right, it was an absolute shit name. Which i think is hiliarious considering glacial was absolute trash at pvp, had no basis for being mayor. Also I want to address Wonderbuck. This stupid fuck, goes on and on about his greatness and how he rejected us. maaan who the fuck do you think you're kidding. fucking wonderbuck. also miners from umbra, and delf. Guess what. I fucking made the town you guys were in, why the fuck you coming around and trying to tell me i cant do what i fucking want to secure the town. I went and pulled an all nighter upgrading umbra and tearing down the shit that haunted put up and you went and made a fucking scene about it. all yall are fuckin wankers. neurotics. liars. posturers. miners called me a megalomaniac. guess what bitch. maybe i am. and maybe you have no power, so you talk like a little snake that gets slapped around and pissed on by all the 15 years old the server. LOL

i do wish kainzo didnt pick the asskissers to work for him.
you know some people purposefully pick people that disagree with them to work with because it makes them sharper. chalenges them.
creativity comes to play here. Delf wasnt the right choice. c12 was.
i remember when alator banned me for using plaguebomb through iron bars. a kindergardner could figure out how to do that. The sheep simply spawned a block in a half front of you, of course it's going through an ironbar. fukin pussy alator admin favoritism. shizzdawgg did that shit to me all the time in umbra.
I didnt cry to a fucking admin about it. pussy LO.

i respect truecorrupter but dont like him cause hes kinda close to my level.
hes clapped me, ive clapped him.

oh yeah and DANDA.
Danda fuckin teleported me two blocks during the start of a tourny because i was overextended?

Bro danda
your admin favoritism was fucking obvious
you little bitch.

i was doin my thing dogging the other team starin em down letting em know i was da man.
and this fuck uses his asskissing privilege to alter my confience. you pussy.

ill always regard minecraft as my childhood.
life came and swooped me up and i am actively career focused, and doing lots of things to benefit my future that i never saw coming.
besides my trash talk i hope all of you outgrow being creeps and become lifers.

lmfao love this, this toxic post brings back the memories of herocraft