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Planetside 2 - Released, Free to Play! [DH]


Nov 7, 2011

(btw, if putting them like that doesn't work, put a dash between every 4 characters.)
Enjoy yourselves.
Feb 18, 2012
I'm trying to figure out how the new cert gains will feel...

Let's recap the situation.

The cert rates a few months back were slow and had fairly high costs, with some items going as high as 480 and most items being in the 96 and under range.

So they removed Auraxium and quadrupled the cert rate to 250xp:1cp. Then they halved the cert rate while spiking the prices to the 700s for even basic weapon unlocks. Then they doubled the cert rate again while giving everyone a passive Premium Tier 1: +25% Passive Cert Point Gain in their Active Benefits part of the scoreboard.

At the same time, Base captures were doubled to 1000xp, halved to 500 xp, and made into tug of wars that favor zerg tactics over skill and now take four times as long to capture anything. Likewise, the cert costs go up to 1000 for basic weapon unlocks.

On top of this, they remove some extra certs from the options. Icarus Jumpjets are gone, the stalker cloak is gone, infiltrators can't use shotguns anymore, resist shield is pretty worthless again, and vehicles now select a chassis style to buff their movement abilities.

What's left? Is it any better than before? Are there more cert changes I'm missing? Will we be back to the abysmally slow unlock times of the past? And why the hell are we getting passive Premium bonuses at the end of beta? It feels like they're intentionally trying to obfuscate the cert rate, and by god it's working.
Jul 10, 2011
Norway, Vardø
Let's actually wait until release before we start this up. They've done a shit ton of fixing and updates the past 3 days, let's see what they'll do in the last three days before launch? ;)

Also, certs are fine right now(imo), it was too high for a few days - then they reduced most items by 30-50%(some cheapies didn't get changed).

Most basic stuff can be unlocked within four or five hours hours(you'll get 70-100ish certs by that time), that's armor upgrades, med kit unlock, weapon sight and whatever you want to spend the remaining 10-40 certs on.