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nukeyaface whitelist app

Aug 30, 2014
  1. Minecraft In-game name: nukeyaface
  2. Location & Age: Alaska 13
  3. Previous Bans from other Servers (If yes, explain where/when): none
  4. Referral(s)[Optional]: lilspy2
  5. Have you voted for Herocraft (No? Click here)?: yes
  6. Have you subscribed to ourYouTube Channel? (Optional): no
  7. Have you followed us onTwitter? (Optional): no
  8. Do you agree to the Herocraft EULA & ToS?: yes
  9. Special key (DON'T LEAVE BLANK!): HCn10
Thank you for reading I hope for a whitelist because I have enjoyed this server in the past but this is the first time there are no grey list servers and I think it's about time I set up a township with the other Alaskans
Jul 15, 2012
Hey there @nukeyaface and welcome to the server.

You can complete the registration process yourself now and don't need to apply to be whitelisted.

First step is to set up your forums membership using your IGN (game name), which it appears you have done.

Last step is to register ingame, which is just the following command using the same email you used to set up your forums membership:

/register [ your email ]

Hope to see you around!