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Jan 13, 2011
The most up-to date rules can be found on the wiki here

Server staff retain the right to kick, ban, or close access to any or all users of Herocraft Online Services at any time. The rules are constantly being updated, check back often.

Herocraft features a specific rule set to ensure our environment is both fair and balanced. Failure to abide by these rules may result in disciplinary action.

Main Server Rules
Region Abuse

  • Regions are to be used for protection, malicious creation of regions is illegal.
    • Including but not limited to:
      • Preventing access to Deathchests
      • Trapping offline users
      • Insulting server players/staff
  • Abusing game mechanics/block lag to gain access to region-protected areas, etc that are otherwise impossible to enter.
    • This includes using engineer or other profession skills/mechanics to gain access to region-protected areas.
    • Allowing players to break the rules despite knowing it's illegal will result in punishments
Exploiting and Game Mechanics
These actions are allowed:
  • Using Hero skills as they are designed to be used is acceptable. For example, it is legal to use Blink to travel through small holes.
  • If you find or are shown unintended skill effects that could potentially provide a game advantage, you must report this at the Exploits reporting forum – go to hc.to/exploits
  • If any unwanted effects of a skill is observed, the skill will be removed or recoded. Otherwise, it is legal to continue using the skill.
These actions are prohibited:
  • Intentionally abusing glitches or game mechanics.
  • Block jumping/glitching/lag.
    • This means using the lag between breaking a protected block and when it re-spawns to move though the space, as well as using a block placed in a protected area to jump on in the moment before it disappears.
  • Using multiple accounts, also referred to as alt accounts.
    • All players on Herocraft are allowed one account per person.
    • Multiboxing is not allowed (a single personal playing more than one account at the same time).
    • To apply for approval to share an IP, start a conversation with the Admins on the Herocraft Online Forums, listing the names and reason for sharing an IP. Applications will be reviewed on a case by case basis.
    • IGNs sharing an IP address without notification will be banned without warning.
  • Completely or partially invisible skins.
Modifying your game Client
These are prohibited:
  • Hacks such as Xrays, movement (fly, runspeed, etc.) and camera hacks, improved combat mods, auto-clickers, reach hacks, aimbot and kill aura
  • Entity radar
  • 3rd party bot programs
  • Any mod that changes the use of inventory or gameplay or that gives any kind of unfair advantage in PVP or PVE.
  • Afk macroing
    • This includes using any macro mod feature, such as Loop, or any external action or modification to your game that enables your character to perform actions (ie using skills, moving, hitting blocks, hitting entities or players) while you are not present at the keyboard.
These are allowed:
  • All of the mods in the "Herocraft: Realm of Heroes" Technic modpack
  • All resource packs (unless blatantly being used to cheat in any fashion)
  • Mods that enhance the graphics of the game, shaders, bloom, HD textures, etc
  • Mods that alter the default sounds of Minecraft
Example of approved Mods:
  • HD Textures/Text
  • HeroMod
  • Improved Chat
  • Inventory Tweaks
  • Multishot Timelapse Mod
  • Mumfrey's Macro / Keybind Mod
  • Oculus Rift Mod
  • Optifine/Optimine
  • Rei's Minimap
  • TabbyChat
  • Technic Launcher
  • Too Many Items
  • Water Shader
  • World Edit CUI
If you are in any doubt about a mod you wish to use, start a conversation about it with the Admins on the Herocraft Online Forums.

Player VS Player
  • Pvp is legal everywhere except in areas flagged as pvp-off, for example, the spawn castle.I
    • f you are combat-tagged in any way in a pvp-off area, it is illegal to trick or entice players into hitting you so they become combat-tagged.
    • However, it is legal to chase and continue to fight a combat-tagged player who runs into a pvp-off area.
  • Killing friends for exp or any other resource or statistic, aka boosting, is prohibited.
    • This extends to claiming bounties on members of your town,other towns within your nation, or friends.
  • Teleporting group members to your person and engaging in hostile actions against said group members after they purchased a teleport through trade chat is prohibited.
  • Looting or stealing from chests anywhere is allowed. This includes Noble Plots.
  • Looting a player's corpse is allowed.
  • Dumping or burning the contents of chests en masse while raiding is prohibited.
    • This includes using the /clear command to delete chestloads of raided items.
    • If you suspect dumping etc, open a petition immediately at the site and avoid using the chests until your petition has been answered.
Dark Rooms & Leveling
  • Simple dark rooms, ie darkened areas that promote mob spawning, are illegal.
    • Darks Rooms cannot be built
The following are prohibited:
  • Mob grinder mechanisms, including piston traps, lava traps, and structures that cause damage to mobs (ie fall damage)
  • Structures that siphon or direct the movement of mobs
  • Structures that protect players from damage while fighting mobs
  • Afk spawn killers (mechanisms that kill mobs while players are afk).
The following are acceptable:
  • Structures in dungeons that protect players while healing (not fighting)
  • Using projectiles from outside the mob aggression range.
  • Griefing within 100 blocks of a township is illegal.
  • Massive destruction is prohibited!
    • This includes but not limited to:
      • Server Structure/Structures
      • Biome Landscapes
        • IE. Lava/Water Walls
  • Leaving abusive messages in any form or messages that contravene the chat rules is prohibited.
Chat Rules
These Chat Rules apply to Herocraft's ingame chat channels, IRC, Teamspeak, Discord, and all Herocraft Online related forums.
The following actions are prohibited:
  • Harassing, threatening, excessive trolling, embarrassing, giving unwanted attention or discomfort to another player.
  • Homophobic or racist terms and toxicity in public chats (whether intended for public chat or not).
  • Impersonating any Herocraft Online staff member.
  • Bashing staff positions
  • Discussing bans or mutes in public chats.
  • Hackusations are not allowed in public chats.
    • If you have proof create a PE, PM a staff member or post a report on the Exploit Reporting sub-forum
  • Marketing, promoting or advertising anything, or making any other form of solicitation.
    • This includes other Teamspeak servers, other Minecraft servers, personal vents/mumbles, and other game servers that DH does not directly (or indirectly) sponsor. ''' This is a zero tolerance rule, and will result in an immediate ban.'''
    • This does not include items sold on Herocraft Online Service that are indigenous to Minecraft or Herocraft.
  • The use of any language besides English in main chat channels (global, trade, help, off-topic, etc).
    • This includes various other forms of slang.
  • Spamming, begging, whining, and other similar forms of unwanted chat clutter.
  • Encouraging others to violate the rules set by staff.
  • Posting in a township or guild thread of which you are not a member for anything other than the town or guild business. Using their threads to start arguments or flame members will result in a 1-week forum suspension.
These are general guidelines. Certain steps may be skipped depending on the rule broken or situation
Warnings will be given for any infringement as follows:
  • First warning: Player receives a warning.
  • Second warning: Player receives a 3-day suspension.
  • Third warning: Player receives a 1-week suspension.
  • Fourth warning: Player receives a 1-month suspension.
  • Fifth warning: Player receives a permanent ban.
Atlas Property Rules
General Build Rules
  • Pixel art view-able on the overhead map on is prohibited.
  • Walls of water/lava are prohibited.
  • Redstone circuits require admin approval.
Trading and Trade District
  • Trading is allowed anywhere on the map, including Spawn.
Trade Chat
These rules apply specifically to Trade chat ingame
  • Deals made in trade chat are binding, with these exceptions:
    • Staff does not support Real Money Trading and will not enforce trades exchanging real money for ingame benefits between players.
    • The sale of town mayorships is not supported and will not be enforced.
Trade District Shops
  • Trade District shops are to be used as shops only.
    • Shops are not to be lived in or used as a secondary home.
    • Shops must only contained '''Chest Shops''' or items pertaining to chest shops
      • IE. Casinos, Pawn Shops, etc are '''NOT ALLOWED'''
  • Temporary Chests for storage pertaining to the '''chest shops''' are allowed.
    • Chests used for storage NOT pertaining to the '''chest shops''' are NOT allowed.
  • Shops can not have any areas blocked off from the public.
  • You may not change the exterior walls if any are included in your shop region.
  • You may change the interior fittings within your region.
    • However if you are in a shared building, you may not obstruct player access to other floors.
  • Any shop violations will be corrected on the spot without warning.
  • Abusing any skills to remove the Rent Shop sign is punishable with a suspension.
  • Trading in-game currency for Real Money items through the Shop will not be enforced.
  • Scamming is not permitted.
    • Staff will not force the purchase but will refund the in-game currency.
Townships and Residences (personal regions)
Residences (personal regions) are subject to the same rules as Townships as per this section.
This section of the Rules does not apply to Noble Plots.
Town Names
  • Townships created with names to troll, slander or give false impressions will be forced to rename their town or will have it renamed for them.
Town Membership
  • If you decide to leave a town, you must remove yourself from town membership.
  • If you are kicked from a town, you are entitled to your LWCs. Open a petition at a new location for your LWCs and an Admin will relocate them for you.
    • Staff will not assist you with moving anything other than LWCs.
Theft by Town Members
  • Town leaders are responsible for investigating and punishing theft, griefing etc within their town.
    • Town leaders have access to the Prism plugin for investigating suspected theft etc.
    • Punishment may include, for example, placing bounties on a thief and naming a thief on a public blacklist.
  • To clarify, town leaders may petition for server punishment if a player breaks server rules within the town, for example, rules regarding griefing, chest dumping and agreements made in Trade Chat.
Town Construction
If you are concerned whether your township design will comply with the Rules, request Admin consideration and approval.
  • Exterior walls surrounding a town and town structures must be of a reasonable height
    • I.E. Not ground to sky limit
  • No cobble/dirt boxes. Walls/structures must be well designed and thought out.
  • Walls/structures may not contain large amounts of lava and flowing water, as they cause block update lag without Admin approval.
  • Towns may have a roof or a glass dome, but the roof/glass dome must conform to the following rules:
    • Must not be flat (e.g no platform of glass/blocks covering the entire town)
    • Must be well designed and detailed
    • Must be stylistically integrated with the rest of the structure with believable building characteristics such as columns, towers, bracing, buttresses.
  • Townships must have proper supports if they are raised off the ground.
  • Floating townships must have proper "lore" that explains why the township is floating e.g. airships, 'Laputa' style towns. Note: all townships of this type are subject to Admin approval.
    • Must not be too high from the ground
    • Must look like the township is meant to be flying (e.g. propellers, air balloons)
    • All towns must have a method of getting from the ground to the township.
Noble (spawn) Plots
Spawn plots are not intended to be replacements for townships.
Ownership and Transfers
  • You may only own ONE Noble Plot.
  • No refunds are issued, final sale.
  • Ownership may be transferred and plots may be traded. Regular trade rules apply, use trade chat and confirm.
  • If you wish to move from an occupied plot to a vacant plot, you must first release your current plot by sale, trade or relinquishment, and you must pay the asking price for the vacant plot.
  • To transfer plot ownership you can use the areashop commands found using "/as" in-game
Activity Requirement
  • Plots that are empty for too long will be subject to review (no land holding).
  • If you are inactive for 30 days, your plot ownership may be terminated, the site cleared, and the empty land put up again for sale on a first come, first serve basis.
  • If you add someone to your Noble Plot region, you are responsible for the safety of your items.
    • The only exception is if you have added a player to your region to provide services (e.g. engineer, architect services etc.) as confirmed in trade
Build Standards and Use
  • Plots must be well designed, built well and not an eyesore (no cobble boxes, this is a place to showcase your build skill).
  • No trees on roofs (tree houses will be allowed within reason, as long as the leaves don't exceed region height).
  • You may not put shops in your plot. That is what the trade district is for.
  • You may store items in your plot.
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