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Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Seratt, Aug 18, 2011.

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Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Seratt, Aug 18, 2011.

  1. Seratt

    Seratt Inquisitor Generalis Founder

    Jan 13, 2011
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    **Server staff retain the right to kick, ban, or close access to any or all users of Herocraft Online Services at any time. The rules are constantly being updated, check back often.

    **Herocraft features a specific ruleset to ensure our environment is both fair and balanced. Failure to abide by these rules may result in disciplinary action.

    Main Server Rules
    1 The following actions are prohibited:​
    1.1 Building or mining within towns without explicit permission from the town's mayor.​
    1.1.1 This rule extends 100 blocks fron town regions.​
    1.1.2 Players are allowed to build what is minimally needed to scale a town's walls, however it must be removed immediately once the raid is complete.​
    1.2 Intentionally abusing glitches or game mechanics.​
    1.2.1 Logging out while in pvp.​
    1.2.2 Block jumping.​
    1.2.3 Mob spawner grinding.​ Spawner rooms in any form are now illegal.​
    1.2.4 Creating "Dark Rooms"​
    1.2.5 Spawn killing.​ This includes killing friends for xp.​
    1.2.6 Afk macroing.​
    1.2.7 Arrow barrages must be 15 blocks distance from one another.​
    1.2.8 Abusing game mechanics/block lag to gain access to regioned areas, etc
    1.3 Modifying/Hacking your client.​
    1.3.1 For a detailed list of mods go here.​
    1.4 Harassment in any form to players or staff.​
    1.4.1 Pvp, in any form, is not considered harassment unless otherwise stated in the rules.​
    1.5 Pixel art viewable on the main overhead map of /map.​
    1.6 Creation of walls of water/lava.​
    1.7 Multiple accounts.​
    1.7.1 If you share an IP address with another account, refer here.​
    1.8 Mass dumping items from chests as this negatively effects server performance.​
    1.9 Redstone circuits require admin approval​
    1.10 Completely or partially invisible skins.​
    1.11 Naming a weapon anything that breaks chat rules​
    1.11.1 Weapon/item names with player names or references to a player or group​

    2 The following actions are permitted:​
    2.1 Trading is allowed anywhere on the map, including spawn.​
    2.2 Looting chests.​
    2.2.1 You may loot a chest anywhere except spawn.​ To clarify, you may steal from noble plots. Refer to 3.1​
    2.3 Looting a player's corpse.​
    2.4 Destruction of rare blocks and plants outside of towns and spawn.​
    2.4.1 Rare blocks consist of diamond, gold, emerald, cracked-stone brick and mossy stonebricks.​
    2.5 Pvp is legal everywhere except inside some parts of Spawn and areas marked as no-pvp.​
    2.5.1 Chasing someone who is PVP tagged as they run into said areas is not covered by this rule.​
    2.6 Use Enderpearls and Blink to travel through small holes​
    2.7 Use of any functions of any Hero skills is allowed.​
    2.7.1 If any unwanted effects of a skill is observed, the skill will be removed or recoded. Otherwise, it is legal.​

    Town Specific Rules
    3 Town Specific Rules​
    3.1 Personal regions fall under the same classification as towns.​
    3.2 Maliciously destroying blocks is illegal.​
    3.2.1 Any attempt to join a town for malicious purposes is strictly prohibited.​
    3.2.2 Abuse of region powers for malicious intent​
    3.3 Looting chests is legal.​
    3.3.1 You may not steal from fellow town members.​


    (Griefing Rules do not apply in warshard)​
    4 Griefing may be defined as:​
    4.1 Breaking into regioned areas otherwise impossible to enter.​
    4.2 Destroying blocks in another player's structure.​
    4.2.1 Destroying blocks above chests in un-regioned areas is acceptable.​
    4.2.2 Destroying blocks in another player's structure is acceptable if the exact blocks are replaced.​
    4.2.3 Plants must be left in a position where they will regrow to their original state​
    4.3 Placing blocks in or around a structure which you do not own.​
    4.4 Mindlessly destroying the landscape.​
    4.5 Leaving abusive messages in any form.​
    4.6 Teleporting group members to your person and engaging in hostile actions against said group members.​

    Claiming a structure
    Abandoned structures of '''inactive''' players can be claimed. You can check for inactivity by looking a sign containing the owner's name and using the lastlogin command (/lastlogin <playername>). Inactivity is generally defined as not logging in for a period of one month or more. If the player is inactive or there is no sign on the structure, the following procedure applies.

    1. Place a sign in a '''visible''' location with your name, date you placed the sign, and intent to claim. (Do not remove this sign, as it is used to confirm the claim date by admins/mods)​
    2. Wait one week from the date on your sign.​
    3. Submit a petition (/pe new <message>) with your request to confirm the claim. Be sure to include coordinates of the building. A Staff member will check your claim. They have the final say in all claiming requests, and have the authority to deny you.​

    The purpose of the petition is to ensure the structure is truly abandoned. Many times players will have notified staff they will be on an extended vacation or military leave, and wish their structure to be protected.

    Chat Rules
    5 The following actions are prohibited while in in-game chat channels, irc, teamspeak, and any Herocraft Online related forums:​
    5.1 Harassing, threatening, embarrassing, giving unwanted attention or discomfort to another player.​
    5.2 Impersonation of any Herocraft Online staff member.​
    5.3 Marketing, promoting or advertising of anything, or making any other form of solicitation.​
    5.3.1 This does not include items sold on Herocraft Online Service that are indigenous to Minecraft or Herocraft.​
    5.4 The use of any language besides English in main chat channels (global, trade, help, off-topic, etc).​
    5.4.1 This includes e-bonics, internet m.emes, and various other forms of slang.​
    5.5 Spamming, begging, whining, and other similar forms of unwanted chat clutter.​
    5.6 Encouraging others to violate the rules set by staff.​
    5.7 Discussing religious/political views​

    6 Warnings will be given for any infringement as follows.​
    6.1 First warning: Player receives a warning.​
    6.2 Second warning: Player receives a 3-day suspension.​
    6.3 Third warning: Player receives a 1-week suspension.​
    6.4 Fourth warning: Player receives a 1-month suspension.​
    6.5 Fifth warning: Player receives a permanent ban.​
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