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ALERT Herocraft: Rise of Atlas! (NEW MAP, NEW ERA)


Max Legacy Supporter
Feb 5, 2012
staff could the town section forum be made for Atlas?

I want to post my town thread.


Retired Staff
Feb 3, 2017
There is a bug with Geomancer in which the walls made aren't recognised by the pushing and pulling moves, meaning half our moves are essentially useless right now.


Legacy Supporter 4
Feb 21, 2015
I have heard that there's an issue with forum confirmation emails with a new account, can't validate but can say I've heard it.
@Kainzo if this is more than hearsay may want to look into it.


Max Legacy Supporter
Feb 5, 2012
I still see 50 people online at peak times during weekdays, so I wouldn't call it dead.

Even during EU times there are 10-15 people online, and some PVP is happening. I've been fighting people all morning in EU timezones for the castles.


May 18, 2013
I miss the geocache like centopaths, where they randomly spawned in the overworld (with the message of coords obviously), those were great and had a bit of pvp with them to get the loot. Obviously people would hunt for them continuously when its low in player count, however if they were scheduled for when its average or higher then, the death toll would be like art.
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