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ALERT Herocraft now allows all clients to connect! (1.7 to 1.16)

Feb 4, 2015
G'day Kainzo!
Great to hear you are back (a bit!). My daughter and i are just looking into rejoining the minecraft world after i buy her a second pc. Just dislocated and 2x fractured my elbow so im home for a few weeks needing something to do lol. How are thing's in your neck of the woods?
I stopped playing when i had connection issues but jumped on last night to check and all was well wewt!
Nov 21, 2013
guys does play.hc.to only work for java edition or does it work on windows 10 edition (bedrock). Cause as it stands it says I need a port Number. i can't use the technique application because i forgot the damn password and their email system to change the password is indefinitely down now