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How to join Herocraft: =play.hc.to=

Welcome to Herocraft! If you're looking to join, you'll need to do first register an account on the forums with the EXACT in-game name. Afterwards, you need to log into PLAY.HC.TO and then type '/register <email>' (the same email you just used to register!

If this process is too involved, you can purchase access, via http://hc.to/premium. If you have any questions feel free to ask @Proctors or @Guides for assistance!

Welcome to Herocraft! If you're looking to join, you'll need to do a few small things to apply. Please bear in mind that this is your first impression to us and your post should reflect that.
1) First off, be sure to read our server rules. Not knowing them will not be accepted as an excuse for not following them.

2) Vote for Herocraft (free XP & Coins!)- It's not required, but is appreciated; you can do that here!

3) Special key = {HCxy}, where x is the first alphanumeric character in your IGN (in game-name) and y is the number of characters in your IGN. Example: Notch's key would be {HCN5}

4) Read up on the server. Herocraft is a unique server and we code some of our own plugins. This means new players have a lot to pick up on. The best way to do this is to read up on our Wiki which is the most up to date source of information on Herocraft. Be sure to read up on our brand new game-changing plugin - Heroes.

5) Fill out the following application and post it in our Applications forum ((Please remember to include the questions on your application))!
  1. Minecraft In-game name:
  2. Location & Age:
  3. Previous Bans from other Servers (If yes, explain where/when):
  4. Referral(s)[Optional]:
  5. Have you voted for Herocraft (No? Click here)?:
  6. Have you subscribed to our YouTube Channel? (Optional):
  7. Have you followed us on Twitter? (Optional):
  8. Do you agree to the Herocraft EULA & ToS?:
  9. Special key (DON'T LEAVE BLANK!):

    Bypass the app process by purchasing http://hc.to/premium
Please be patient! The applications will be reviewed within 1 to 24 hours or longer if we are swamped!

DO NOT contact Staff regarding the Whitelist, you may be ignored/rejected!
DO NOT bump your application, it will be handled; be patient.
DO NOT discuss your application in game.

Server IP:
= mc.herocraftonline.com =

If you're having a hard time being accepted, please, read the guide below.
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