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A pvp ruleset server


Staff member
Tier 4
Jun 19, 2012
@Kainzo in an effort to bring back pvp.

ive tossed around a few ideas.
1. instead of having different areas i think we should have a pvp enable function
this can have a cooldown for when you dont want to pvp but i feel that we should be allowed to mine and not worry about pvp now this can have a 24 hour cooldown to prevent people from constantly abusing this feature.

currently my memory is failing me but this is just one idea i had
Feb 13, 2013
Make the current township plugin in New Atlas work as a pvp township plugin, include war mode where you could break into towns and things would regen after a time period. Maybe a grace mode after being raided for 24 hours. This can be changed depending on community feedback.

Slowly start adding pvp over time before or while advertisement goes on maybe we can look to balance things out. (Thats if we do not go all out with pvp at the start, but balancing custom weapons might take a bit of testing)

Maybe add some sort of pvp protection for new players in the pvp world, depending on if it becomes an issue like it seemed to in the past. Kind of like “Lost Soul” from the past.

Remove use of ender pearls for all classes, go back to wizards and pyro can use ender pearls only.

Recall needs to be on a longer cool down so people risk losing stuff, and Warp needs to be either removed or made a REALLY high cooldown

Remove any type of player housing in spawn. This defeats the whole purpose of playing with other people in towns, just adds protection that nobody can do anything about.

I think changes like these would be best at the start because we dont have much to work with on the PvP side of things, this would at least give us foundation sort of based on what the server used to be with some room to breathe and give us a starting point.

Anything here could be changed, just feel like these changes would get us started in thinking about this side of the server. I feel like the PvE side is in a pretty decent spot for the people who are looking for PvE sides of things. Once we get both sides up and running to an extent that feels good enough, we can start to think about adding new mechanics or removing old ones based on the feedback from the community.