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ALERT 12/16/2017 - Herocraft Change Log


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Aug 18, 2011
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Pending updates have postponed this change log by a week, but we might as well alert you guys of what changes have been made these past three weeks.


-/class and /prof have cosmetic upgrades.
-DeepFreeze behaves like Entangle now, and breaks on all damage.
-Broken class relics can be replaced with working ones in /shop -> Item Exchange.
-Beguiler's skills earned on each level have been changed to be more organic.
-Farmer's summoning skills have been fixed.


-Skill tomes for nonexistant skills removed from drop tables.
-Mobs have better health bars.


-Townships have a low chance to generate every Township resource.
-TNT disabled until War is implemented.
-Costs drastically changed. Town titles/mayor titles changed for flavor.

-/test takes you to our test server. (obviously) This is where we can max a class instantly to test it, separate from live server.
-Three PvP maps exist in test now. Summoner's Rift from League of Legends, Dust II from Counter Strike: Global Offensive, and Thunder Bluff from World of Warcraft.
-Buttons exist to heal, give mana, clear inventory, give a stack of steak, a stack of arrows, and give armor within test.


-EisenRadar plugin introduced. To list waypoints, do /radar list. To toggle it off and on, do /radar toggle.
-The Nether is accessible by level 45 Necromancers who have learned the skill Hellgate.
-Donor/Township channels have been cleaned out, for bookkeeping. If you'd like your channel recreated, PE ingame.
-Migrated to a new server host, performance increased and costs decreased. Huzzah!
-Render distance capped by the server increased from 8 -> 12 chunks.
-New tutorial! New players will be required to use skills to get through the tutorial, while talking to NPCs. A mockup of the tutorial can be seen on our test server -> /test.
-Ruby, Emerald, Golden and Sapphire castles added. Waypoints to these added to /radar.
-Waypoints added to all dungeons, to spawn, the casino, and to the arena.
-Spawn region size increased.
-Gold ingots now worth 2c per ingot.
-Actual horses populate the New Atlas stables, instead of awkward horses built out of wooden stairs and buttons.
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