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  1. G

    Sycamoria 3v3 PVP tournament (Feb 10th)

    Hey guys, I'm planning on testing out the little under water arena at the SW herogate in a few weekends. If there is enough interest in this post, I'll be putting up a 250 coin first prize, 100 for second and 50 for third. I'm hoping to have at least 6 teams of 3, it's all just for fun, and any...
  2. Demonishboy

    Suggestion Pvp and Dungeons

    Like what I spoke with Kainzo ingame: for an idea each set of levels have there own dungeons you can use to level, but when you hit the lvl 30 mark all dungeons are PVP ON the one problem I see with this is the fact that people get to the level 30 mark and they don't wanna level anymore due to...
  3. TightSqueeze

    Suggestion World pvp

    I'll probably get a lot of hate for this but I have two suggestions for increasing world pvp, or at least make it more available. The first is to make ore unmovable. I like the regenerating ore, it's awesome. But mining, at least to me, was the only way I find people just out in the world...
  4. Eldrex

    [World] Add Daily Bonuses / Objectives

    I've been playing Herocraft quite a bit lately, and I've been getting a little bored sometimes.. I don't really know what to do, even though there are lots of things I CAN do and my class is currently maxed; so I took the time to think of some ways to help solve this for players who are dealing...
  5. Eldrex

    Suggestion [PvE & Leveling] Remove Ghasts!

    Hello! I'm going to get straight to the point here. Ghasts suck. Anyone who levels around the Southwest Area often knows that Ghasts are the literal Satan of the biome. I'm suggesting a simple removal of them in this area. They do not add to the game-play in any way, and most of the times are...
  6. IceEyes

    Suggestion Arena

    Arena Please add an arena to HeroCraft. I'd really like to try some pvp but I'm afraid to lose my stuff ;-;. You could get to the arena by using a portal at the spawn. The arena should have a perfect and fitting environment to the theme of HeroCraft. And it should give all classes the chance to...
  7. Eldrex

    Suggestion [General] Class Creation?

    My idea is, that on the shop, there should be an option to create your own custom class. Basically for $20 you can select 5 skills that would be added to a class called "custom". Along with receiving these skills, all your other combat skills would be removed. You would also get 4 atribute...
  8. C

    Beginner PVP

    Is there going to be an update witch will proteckt early-game players like me? or is there at least a world with only pve? If yes, I need to know because I dont want to get killed all the time.
  9. D

    1 vs 1

    Hello guys I did a 1 vs 1 with dylandadon123 and we said in chat we give the items back. Then the fight started but he was lagging around on my screen so i went back and tried to write to him that we should start again. But when i tried to write he all the time hitted me so i jumped into the...