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  1. Radicos

    CeCe's Photography Collection!

    Welcome to CeCe's Photography Collection, the place where I will be sharing my pictures I take on my trips! I make pictures of Dungeons, to sceneries to towns I happen to walk into. Feel free to leave a comment, positive reactions are always appreciated, but negative comments are not locked...
  2. Eldrex

    Suggestion [New Caster Class] Name Not Decided - Comment!

    The (Comment For A Name!) This is a class I made for fun, and I am not expecting it to be implemented or even considered. But would be cool if it was. Feel free to comment. Preferred Weapon: Hoe Wooden Hoe: 5 DMG, Stone Hoe: 10 DMG, Iron Hoe: 15 DMG, Diamond Hoe: 20 DMG, Gold Hoe: 25 DMG...
  3. Eldrex

    Suggestion [Township Improvements] Remove Residences

    Im aware that residences offer a form of protection for those who dont want to join a township, or those who want to live on their own but they take away from the township plugin. Towns have specifically taken the time to build houses and make plots for players and they're just like "Nah, I have...
  4. N1nten

    Suggestion [item] way to repair "elytra" / possible drop or event

    I want to suggest a possible way to repair an elytra. My friend bought the adminshop item "wings of the gods" and now they are almost broken, so I tried to find a way to get them repaired, and... there's nothing it looks like. For some reason blacksmith cannot repair it as a skill, even though...