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  1. Drynium

    Suggestion Blacksmith Repair Cool down

    This isn't a huge issue, but the blacksmith repair skill cool down is 15 seconds, which seems excessive. I see no purpose in the cd being this long. I believe it would be much better with a cd of around 5 seconds. The main reason, is when I am selling repairs through trade chat, it doesn't seem...
  2. PrivateIdaho

    Suggestion Blacksmith Repair Skill Suggestion

    Not sure if this is something that's come up before, but I just started in the Blacksmith profession and wanted to repair items for my town. As a Dragoon, I'm unable to have a bow or other items that I want to Repair in my hotbar - it just throws it back in an inventory slot. I went on the...
  3. Eldrex

    Suggestion [Profession Skills] Make SmeltIron Instant

    Make SmeltIron and SmeltGold instant cast. Currently it takes 4 seconds for SmeltIron to warm up. I'm suggesting that instead of having a warmup, they have a 4 second cooldown, or however long their current warmup time is. Overall it doesn't change much, but it would allow you to use it while...