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  1. Byrozy

    Two-Year Veteran Title

    I have received my two-year veteran achievement on the forums but haven't received an Ingame rank yet @Kainzo @Admins any help, please?
  2. Zrock1013

    Mod App: Zrock1013

    Minecraft IGN: Position applying for: Mod Age|Timezone: How long have you been on Herocraft?: Why do you think you would make a good mod?: Additional info you would like to tell us?: 1. Zrock1013 2. Mod 3. 21 Pennsylvania/France 4. 5 years+ 5. I am very analytical and good with people. The...
  3. Lord_Orchid

    Suggestion Nether Mob Drops

    Currently the nether lacks any form of mobs outside spawners ( blaze which we all know someone will destroy) and Dungeon version of said mobs do not drop typical drops (expectation magma cubes) Suggestion:Add nether mob drops to dungeons with varying drop odds example Wither Skeleton mobs in...
  4. Lord_Orchid

    Bug End Portal Frame

    Request for relocation into LWC chest at Residence Lord_Orchids_End ( if cords request by admin will pm admin) total 12 frames vanilla spawned. would like frames moved to LWC chest located at Lord_Orchids_end please if frames are not allowed to be converted then ignore this request.. informed to...
  5. BoDuhal

    Bug Ores in town regions not respawning

    it has been 10 days since i collected ores inside my towns regions. at this time maybe 20% of these have respawned. i have tried to click the ore to see when the timer is set for respawn and there is no message now, but when i /pr i the block it states last dug 10d ago. this was to be an...
  6. Skaahr

    Proctor App: Skaahr

    Minecraft IGN: Skaahr Position applying for: Proctor Age|Timezone: 16 (Turning 17 in January) | Pacific Time How long have you been on Herocraft?: I joined late 2014, I believe. I was active for a few months, had a falling out with my group and dropped off the face of the earth, joined back for...
  7. franniested

    The true definition of grief.

    There seems to be a lack of certainty on what is actually considered griefing. Many things are said by many people, but nothing truly exists in text. I want to make this thread so that there is some sort of consistency in the true definition of grief. Griefing is I'm sure, the most common...