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Recent content by TwidgerMC

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    Twidger's Ban Appeal

    IGN: Twidger Banned by?: Kainzo Time of ban: June 10th 12:09 AM EST Reason for ban: cooldown Your story: I made a pe asking why I was muted, and was told I know why, and not to play dumb. I seriously don't know why I was muted, I know I was telling AdarlingEnchilada to calm down in offtopic, and...
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    In game name: Twidger Age: 18 Hero Paths/Specs: 44 Thief / 36 Merchant / 28 Alchemist Hero Levels: 23 Caster / 10 Engineer Mastered Specs/Paths: Warrior, Rogue, Healer , Disciple , Ninja , Ranger, Bard, Dragoon, Samurai Why you should be a Tree Creeper: I like to PvP A LOT and participate in...
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    MA Record

    I made it to round 30 today by myself, but ran out of arrows/bows
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    Dragongarde Trade District Shop Pricing

    May I purchase SS51? DrWhoCares hasn't been online for 16 days.
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    Dragongarde Trade District Shop Pricing

    *Shakes fist at Gunmoney321*
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    Dragongarde Trade District Shop Pricing

    May I purchase SS30? Deadalucard has been inactive for a a month now.
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    Veteran Title not Working

    Alright thanks
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    Veteran Title not Working

    The Veteran title isn't working for me, and tells me "You do not have that title, or it is not a prefix!". SO far I have tried: "/title prefix veteran" and "/title prefix Veteran", both over and over. Any help is appreciated. The title was given to me yesterday, February 19th.
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    Temporary increase to party size?

    Pretty much needed for epic 20 vs 20 raids
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    DOTA 2

    How is DOTA 2 compared to Dota (The WC3 custom game one). I played the original Dota, but never touched LoL, should I try it?
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    Role-play practice [Forum RP]

    ((Rane wins
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    Disciple Weapons

    Why not just use a stick then? Fishes take WAY more effort to gather.
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    PvP Plugin Arena

    Much like the Mob Arena, it would be fun to have an arena for ORGANIZED PvP, much like other mmorpgs have, possibly with an objective. This would make pvp more interesting, and much less camping a safe zone or border jumping, and have a fun system to test hero skills and strategy. I've seen a...
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    Disciple Weapons

    Then why bother using a stick/fish?
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    Bounty Trolls

    I placed the bounty, and no, I'm not from the Troll Creepers or the Freepers, I'm from OA. If you check the logs, I said that Enact was being mean earlier to me, so I placed the bounty, but decided to remove it because I forgave him.