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    Changed gaming id to Penny_CA

    Changed gaming id to Penny_CA
  2. Shieldgaming

    Changed gaming id to Shieldgaming

    Changed gaming id to Shieldgaming
  3. Shieldgaming

    -=Valcral=- |Not Recruiting|

    IGN: DoomWolfe Age: 15 When did you join Herocraft: like 3 years ago i'm an Elite When did you start playing Minecraft: Ages ago i think like 6-7 years ago? Previous Towns/Guilds: Owned a town called York and Was part of DRakenVale (Older Maps) Why did you leave the previous Town/Guild(s) (Leave...
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    Weird Cow Deaths

  5. Shieldgaming

    lol i just haven't seen u in awhile :P

    lol i just haven't seen u in awhile :P
  6. Shieldgaming

    Guide app: DoomWolfe

    Minecraft IGN: DoomWolfe Position applying for: Guide Age|Timezone: 15, Eastern How long have you been on Herocraft?: 1 and some odd years (I get elite on may 15th) Why do you think you would make a good guide?: I Know a lot of the rules and commands on herocraft. Also, I am very easy going and...
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    whered u go

    whered u go
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    Tectum Grotto ♦-RECRUITING-♦ PVP

    IGN?: DoomWolfe Age?:14 Timezone?: eastern Classes and Levels?: Necro lvl 3 Crafter lvl 20 Why Tectum Grotto?: looks like a great town seems friendly! What can you bring to the town?: Building and pvp skills plus i plan to be an enchanter so enchanting!
  10. Shieldgaming

    Cotana Creek

    In Game Name (IGN): DoomWolfe -Age: 14 -Time Zone: Eastern -Activity Level: Weekly -Current Combat Class and Level: Necro lvl 1 -Current Profession and Level: Crafter lvl 1 -Have you read and agree to follow all rules? yes
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    [Hamlet][Evil]Kurcina is recruiting

    Okay welcome to the club dkink
  12. Shieldgaming

    WTB/S relics PM: doomwolfe

    I'm looking for... Smithing 4-5 Enchanting 4-5 dread 1-5 Nature 3-5 Runesword 2-4 I'm Selling Most prof relics Runesword V
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    [Hamlet][Evil]Kurcina is recruiting

    Denied we need that whitelist application
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    [Hamlet][Evil]Kurcina is recruiting

    accepted pm in game for coords
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    [Hamlet][Evil]Kurcina is recruiting

    Accepted pm me in game for coords