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Recent content by JrCheeseBall

  1. JrCheeseBall

    Waste of spell space

    Why do we have spells that only give resperation in the 1st place? What is the real point of it that it not only lacks a purpose, but its a waste of a spell + money if someone for some reason would want to buy it ( only placed this in the off topic catagory as I don't want to get scolded for a...
  2. JrCheeseBall

    Suggestion Brainstorming Ideas - PVP- World

    Hmm, well the Advanced Crafting thing could use a fix up by adding filters ( class, level, teir ) or you can just remove it? I never really notice anyone using the crafting thing due to the new and advanced coffers being a thing and some people don't really notice it exists
  3. JrCheeseBall

    Suggestion Brainstorming Ideas - PVP- World

    @Church_ Ah, my bad
  4. JrCheeseBall

    Suggestion Few Reasons New Players Quit + Suggestions To Fix It

    Ok you can guess what this suggestion is about by reading the title of this and while noone would really care to read this, I think a problem you all already know should be addressed, welp here is a list of why players quit herocraft when they 1st join it ( Gonna label them in this colour ) The...
  5. JrCheeseBall

    Bug List of Bugs ( Sorry if I didn't explain good enough )

    So, gonna be typing the bugs in red as they get people's attention and it looks cool, anyway here is the current bugs: There is currently a Cain of Redhand stalking around spawn killing newbies ( last seen near trading center with 4 colored trails ) EXP Duplication Bug ( Listing it in yellow )...
  6. JrCheeseBall

    Dungeon Suggestion

    So recently when I see new players join, I see them wander off via rtp and end up near high level dungeaons and then they ask why mobs are so hard and quit the server, then I thought of a idea, Place the level requirment/recommended level to enter, Teir type, and dungeon name near entrence of a...
  7. JrCheeseBall

    ALERT Mob Arenas & Items Additions: 10/12/18

    Sad I was not active enough to help with making the arenas, atleast I was able to help out with the Slime Arena :D
  8. JrCheeseBall

    Bug Ores Being Placeable In Nether

    Ores are not ment to be placed on this server entirly, in the nether, Ores are placeable, this could cause players to exploint their drop systems like Relics, Soul shards, or Catalysts, breaking the market, moral of this story ORES ARE NOT MENT TO BE PLACED IN HELL unyu
  9. JrCheeseBall

    Bug nether spawn Puts you in a hole

    Welcome to my world, when i try to do /spawn in nether every time, trapped under the spawn until i have to be teleported out by Kain, Kain is already aware of this
  10. JrCheeseBall

    Loot Boosts

    Just curious on when Loot Boosters will actually effect crate drops instead of increasing drop rate of vanilla mob items ( rotten flesh, spider eyes, bones ect ) Also, I wont bother to appeal to my perm mute as appealing would bring shame upon my figure and show weakness Also, Will the Loot...
  11. JrCheeseBall

    Suggestion Tnt Should Be Enabled In Towns

    Also the fact this is a town server and not a faction server
  12. JrCheeseBall

    What is your fav class and why? NO DEBATES

    Pyromancer because of the magical thing called Cosplay (even though some of pyromancer's skills are bugged like DarkBolt and Inferno ) Also because Pyromancer fits my towns theme and design (∩ ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)⊃━☆゚.*
  13. JrCheeseBall

    ALERT Herocraft: Items & PVE revamps out June 15th, the year of our lord, 2018

    Will there be a list of what classes certain races cant use in a future forum post or will we be told when the update comes?
  14. JrCheeseBall

    Suggestion Class Suggestion Part 4/5

    Yes, welcome to part 4/5 of the Class Suggestion, this time we will be doing a support class that instead of healing his team, it supports the team by weakening the enemy, allow me to introduce The Psychic Psychic - Master Of The Mind Psychics are people who have unique powers of the mind and...
  15. JrCheeseBall

    ALERT Herocraft: Items & PVE revamps out June 15th, the year of our lord, 2018

    Hmm, will more races be added in the future?