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Suggestion Class Suggestion Part 4/5

Dec 10, 2014
Yes, welcome to part 4/5 of the Class Suggestion, this time we will be doing a support class that instead of healing his team, it supports the team by weakening the enemy, allow me to introduce The Psychic

Psychic - Master Of The Mind

Psychics are people who have unique powers of the mind and can vision and see stuff that is about to happen, also some have mental powers that they can use to help themselves, gather intel, and can mentally torture people

New Skills:

Telekinisis - You pick up your target from a distance then toss them away
Therapy - Mentally ensure your allys near you, curing any form of screen harming stuff ( blindness, nasuea, ) and grant them 20% mana ( 10% stamina for warrior users )
Psychosis - You mentally distach your target from the world, they no longer receive healing,buffs, or any form of beneficial stuff from their allys
Mind Controled Ball - You mentally summon a purple ball of energy that will lock onto the closest target, dealing ( set damage ) ( purple ball can be blocked by blocks or can be canceled if attacked due to concentration needed for said Psychic )
Skill Mimic - The next skill used on you, you will also use it ( if beneficial like Healing Bloom, you will use it but reduced healing effect ) or if a harmful skill like Decay used on you, the person who casted it will also have the Decay placed on them but to a weaker version
Mass Telekinisis - You pick up multiple targets and throw them from a distance
Schizophrenia - You tamper with the mind of your target, instiling the ability to think,feel,or behave normally, skills that normaly do damage will hurt their allys while healing attacks will heal the enemy ( only applys to AoE, single target skills will just attack the caster )

Crystal Ball - You throw your precious future seeing ball, if it hits the floor the closest enemy ( max 9 block range ) will be teleported to the location the ball landed ( if it hits a enemy it will deal ( set damage ) and silence them for 4 seconds )

Now then, a support class that supports the allys by weaking the enemy sounds " not supportive " because lack of healing involved in the new skills i have suggested for this class, but the closest class that heals by harming the enemy is BloodMage so i thought of a support role that helps by making the enemy hurt their own allys and causing distractions and iritations for the enemy

Now then for Part 5/5 i will need more time cause thinking of a proffesion suggestion will be a major pain to think around, i got 2 ideas but i got to make sure they are unique and not busted/overpowered, anyway if you have any suggestions,problems,buffs,nerfs,or general complaints, please post them in the comments below!