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Bug List of Bugs ( Sorry if I didn't explain good enough )

Dec 10, 2014
So, gonna be typing the bugs in red as they get people's attention and it looks cool, anyway here is the current bugs:

There is currently a Cain of Redhand stalking around spawn killing newbies ( last seen near trading center with 4 colored trails )
EXP Duplication Bug ( Listing it in yellow )

So, I found a new bug that people could exploint to easly aquire proffesions without even trying, listing steps in order as talking about it didn't help
Step 1: Select a proffesion that levels via crafting
Step 2: Grab materials that give exp for crafting ( ex armor weapons ect )
Step 3: Essembile them for crafting but don't click on the output
Step 4: Put mouse on output item and press 1 key
Step 5: Repeat step 4 to spam exp gain, forcing level up without losing crafting materials

Sorry if I didn't explain this good enough @Church_ but I did the best I could describe, anyway listing more bugs in White

I own a town outpost but I can't unclaim it as I am not recognized to the system as the owner of said outpost
Toxic Blade seems to not say notifications of when it ends nor shows the toxic damage it displays ( unless I am blind )

At Ivory I found 2 random Tan of Braves outside the dungeon ( killed 1 of them barly and there could be more wandering )

Did the best I could to explain, the Cain may despawn, the Tans may despawn, toxic blade could not have any issues, but I am not the best at explaining stuff, I hope this helps?
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Jul 13, 2014
Thanks, Already fixed crafting exp issue. Will look into fixing town output unclaiming when I have time. Note it also has a issue when you are close to other outpost claims.