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Recent content by iAlchemist

  1. iAlchemist

    Help with engineer profession

    It was meant semi-sarcastically. More about emphasizing how much has changed. Good to see you’re still around here though.
  2. iAlchemist

    Help with engineer profession

    [Was an accidental repost of the same message. Can’t find the delete button and I’m too exhausted to seek it out.]
  3. iAlchemist

    Help with engineer profession

    Hoppers are dead, sadly. There are some specific ways around it, I believe using the special sign inputs, but I don’t recall if it’s anything for storage. Could potentially be disabled, as well. I would recommend maxing out engineer, and then hitting the craftbook (I think that’s the name of...
  4. iAlchemist

    The Forum update is pretty janky on mobile. Also, hello, been a while.

    The Forum update is pretty janky on mobile. Also, hello, been a while.
  5. iAlchemist

    ALERT The Era of the Infinite Multiverse

    This sounds like exactly what Herocraft needed. I avoided putting a lot of time into the server due to the resets. Now I can really get into a build.
  6. iAlchemist

    TNT - What can and cannot be blown up?

    I don't see why anyone would use obsidian since anyone could just fill the inside layer of any wall with water if it needs to be protected that badly. Water is much easier to collect, too. The only cannon I can recall that can actually puncture those walls is a sand cannon, but those would be...
  7. iAlchemist

    Suggestion Removal of Grandmaster etc...

    Bump. I'd like to see this happen.
  8. iAlchemist

    For Honor or Herocraft. Decisions decisions.

    For Honor or Herocraft. Decisions decisions.
  9. iAlchemist

    Suggestion Samurai rework

    That's due to outdated wiki information. Sammy health was hotfixed way back on Valorium when InfernoBlade was released.
  10. iAlchemist

    Suggestion Dispensers disabled?

    While I understand the merit of your point it's entirely misguided. Whilst towns produce farmed resources to sell, dispensers serve the niche purpose of making machines. Although I love redstone and find the nuances of it fascinating, machinery has little to no effect on the server economy...
  11. iAlchemist

    Suggestion Dispensers disabled?

    I made a post about the item Collecter IC a while ago and unfortunately the IC will not be finding its way into the game. The reasoning that Xexorian provided was that it would be too easy to abuse for automatic farming systems. While I agree somewhat, I don't think that they have any real...
  12. iAlchemist

    ALERT Introducing Youtube Ranks!

    Why not do that, but with a bat? Can bats equip heads? Even with my experience as a map maker that's not something I have explored.
  13. iAlchemist

    ALERT Introducing Youtube Ranks!

    I don't think capes are viable simply because it requires more mods for a perk. Simply granting donor tiers at the top rank might be a viable gift, or crate keys, etc. maybe a youtuber-only pet of some kind?
  14. iAlchemist

    Suggestion What do YOU want for the townships system?

    I am flattered that you added me directly to the post as a mayor, but I am not a mayor, nor will I ever opt to become one under my own free will. Being a mayor is a huge hassle and responsibility and I don't like to sacrifice my creative freedom to do so--with that said I have a lot of respect...
  15. iAlchemist

    Suggestion New Endermage suggestions!

    Alright, I respect your opinion on the matter.