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Recent content by DanTheSpearton

  1. DanTheSpearton

    What are you reading?

    unironically, I read a lot of Quora posts. You can find some quality posts written in there if you look well enough. Plenty of people put in effort and make careful, researched answers.
  2. DanTheSpearton

    Bug Gold Exchange

    Welp. My town is basically gone then
  3. DanTheSpearton

    Bug Gold Exchange

    Yeah it do be bonked, sadge
  4. DanTheSpearton

    Sorry if this has been asked, but is the wiki down/dead?

    Yeah somehow for some reason the wiki seems to have an issue. If you press the "view source" tab though for a page you wanna read, it will show it's contents.
  5. DanTheSpearton

    Suggestion Enchanter Testing

    That's a really cool idea, it adds more depth and challenge to getting an item enchanted without also having to mine 80-100 blocks just for one item to get enchanted with "god enchants"
  6. DanTheSpearton

    Suggestion Herocraft future?

    Honestly, in that second paragraph, I disagree with everything except that last sentence. "Nobody wants to play a class where you have to find an advantage to outplay every single class and even then youre still at a disadvantage if you don't play it textbook perfectly that isn't fun and most...
  7. DanTheSpearton

    Suggestion Incentivizing Building and Encouraging Creativity.

    I think you and Weikauno are both saying something reasonable, I think ideally finding a middle ground between what you 2 are suggesting would be the best thing to do, because you both say things that have a point imo, so it shouldn't totally be what you suggest, or totally be what Weikauno...
  8. DanTheSpearton

    Suggestion Armor suggestion to watch out for!

    I don't think that netherite granting less knockback is as impactful as you say it is :/ sure, 1.8 pvp mechanics are all about knockback and stuff like that, but you have to remember that each class's skills also add a whole bunch of other factors in herocraft combat. For example, a beguiler is...
  9. DanTheSpearton

    Suggestion Enchanter Testing

    Well, "God Items" should require "sweat to be spilled", so to speak, but 84 blocks does seem kinda ridiculous. Maybe 50 blocks would be good, anything below that doesnt sound very hard at all tbh. I easily can get 10-20 lapis blocks in one day if I really tried so yeah, I wouldnt want it to be...
  10. DanTheSpearton

    Suggestion Enchanter Testing

    5-10 blocks for the sake of testing enchanter in beta, right? I feel like for the live release of the server that's too little, something higher (but not as much as 84 blocks) sounds more reasonable to me. In any case, I think your idea sounds good : p
  11. DanTheSpearton

    Balance Team App: DanTheSpearton

    1. Minecraft IGN / Age: DanTheSpearton/19 2. Position applying for: Balance Team (implementer or tester): Tester (I assume Implementer means coding in changes? Not able to do that sadly :'[ ) 3. How long have you been on Herocraft?: Only a few months technically speaking, but I used to play...
  12. DanTheSpearton

    Suggestion Herocraft: Remastered Feedback

    I'm optimistic about my idea of how hard you guys (the staff) are working on stuff and I wish the best, but I didn't know it was a "RESOUNDING success", that makes me really happy, ngl. Not sure if it's just me, but I'm pretty sure new and/or returning faces are slowly yet surely trickling in. pog
  13. DanTheSpearton

    A (Maybe) Controversial Take on PvP

    I went on to list other classes lol. Basically saying etc. I'm very very much in doubt that you would beat a max level samurai when they use everything, and etc lol. And again, I'd like to point out that I never said that a lvl 15 cannot beat a lvl 50 player unconditionally. Lol. Finally...
  14. DanTheSpearton

    A (Maybe) Controversial Take on PvP

    Because everything is in beta right now.... lol. And there's no way a level 15 player in any class is beating a max level beguiler if the latter is even slightly competent, or many other classes like monk, paladin, ninja, dragoon... for that to happen, said max level player would have to be...
  15. DanTheSpearton

    On class design.

    Personally I like to approach class balance from a mechanics/strategical point of view, as well as feel, and I also think asking skilled pvpers about matchups is honestly was better for getting a good idea of class balancing. I know mortir and earlfinesse (plagiarizing on the forum) do a lot of...