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Herocraft - RPG Minecraft Server

Herocraft is a unique RPG Minecraft server. We combine Classes, Leveling Survival and Roleplay into an amazing experience.

Hey Herocraft,
I don't like making these posts. But I'll just get it out in the open. I waited for an entire month for a paid developer to finish Townships, we basically got scammed, that pushed back a lot of work and things that were necessary. We have a claim open in paypal to get back the money, but its more about the time lost.

Let me take a second to let you know how difficult a release is. There's 80+ moving parts (plugins,configs,balances,building, you name it) all these parts have to be in a functional state and tested, some systems new, some old, but either way everything has to be "fresh" data, so it requires a steady hand to go by all of them and make sure the configs line up, the databases are sync'd, ITS NOT FUN as a one man job.

Our new developer @Morphan1 has been lighting up the code branch for the last two weeks but realistically, this Township plugin is far larger than two weeks. We're cramming 5 years worth of logic into a plugin that really needs testing and feedback from the player base. We are creating an entire TOWNSHIP plugin from scratch that is by my design and will mirror and reflect the communities wants and feelings. WE NEED FEEDBACK AND TESTING.

I am going to release a BETA server today on the VANILLA terrain with HEROES. This server will last approximately ONE week. There will be prizes, faster leveling and overall a testing experience so people will get to know the new Townships system AND test the classes they want with the 1.9 mechanics.

The delay is due to my own failures and I take responsibility for that. I am under extreme pressure to get this functional and polished but right now the systems are barely functional and I cannot base the next 6-8 months off of something that still is riddled with bugs.

The custom terrain for the new map is set in stone, it looks amazing, the biomes are set, everything is good, the spawn had a big mishap last night and did not get completed so...
@Admins | @Heralds | @Moderators
Please take a moment to read this, this is important. If you are here to troll, please don't.
You may have noticed that Herocraft (and maybe Minecraft in general) as been in bit of a decline lately, there's several reasons for this, namely that we have a map cycle of generally 6-12 months before a complete data reset, we're currently sitting at 9 months in this current map of Citadel:Towny.

The Past
Minecraft may not be around in 6 years. Herocraft itself is as old as Minecraft SMP and we're going on 6 years in less than 5 months. I have picked up several projects both in Minecraft and out, outside of Herocraft to ensure that I will still be able to work freely on games and continue to host Herocraft without the need to increase donation incentives to extreme levels (not to mention the EULA issues).

This community has survived the test of time in my opinion, we have been here longer than most triple A games stay alive and I am very proud to see this happen. In order for this community to continue to stand, I direly beseech your help. Herocraft needs leadership other than myself. I have been working on and off on finding community leaders to take on responsibilities and for the most part all of this has been very promising. The search is still on so if you are exceptionally gifted in something, please put your time to Herocraft if you can spare. We need an active group of players to be on this server helping new players feel welcomed, answer questions and fit in. We also need consistent players logging back in and obtaining ranks, rewards and prizes for doing so.

When I created Herocraft, I had one vision. Make it brutal. That vision introduced players to a type of server that they had never seen before. A brutal experience that yielded immense joy when...
Just sending out a notice to everyone that we will be cleaning up old HCO accounts and pruning emails.

It is our effort to streamline and curate our email list to ensure the emails we send are correctly being delivered to people who are actually wanting and willing to read!

If you have zero messages and don't want your account deleted, simply reply to this thread and you'll be safe!
The pruning process will occur in around two weeks. So please post a message or status update before then!

@Heralds, @Admins, @Moderators

FFA Tournament
Saturday, March 19th @ 3pm cst

Entry Deadline: March 19th @ 2pm cst
Coordinator: @LordZelkova

Players do NOT NEED to have mastered a class beforehand. Mastery for any class as well as gear will be provided on the Event Server.

  • Simple: Show up to the event and fight!
  • You must stay in the arena during competition (no leaving)
  • Gear will be provided, as well as Class Mastery/Changes!
  • No potions allowed
  • No Legendary classes!
  • Tier 2 classes are allowed. It is up to the participants to set their attributes before battle. (Use /attribute add, not the GUI to ensure no hiccups in attributes)
  • Do not try to jump into the arena or enter combatant-only areas
  • Stay out of the holding cells
  • Cheering and booing is allowed, although harassment of combatants is not
  • Violation of the above rules will mean a one-day server suspension


  • [FeasterBunny] Title (color chosen by winner, no rainbow or admin red)
  • 3 Crate Keys
  • 1,500 Coins
  • 2 Crate Keys
  • 750 Coins