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Herocraft - Minecraft RPG Server

@Admins @Heralds @Moderators
Greetings Minecrafters! We're looking for someone to redo our banner using our official artwork and something that will stand out to the soon-to-be players of Minecraft!

Herocraft Artwork and Theme: http://www.mediafire.com/download/adzak2issvqt5wa/Artwork.rar

Here's our current banner.

We're wanting it to be WAY more flashy for the new network we're pushing.


Due Date:
The contest will end in two weeks (August 2nd @ 11:59PM CST)

The winner will be chosen by staff vote and will get 5 free cratekeys, 5000 souls and an honorary title.

How to Submit:
Submissions can be uploaded and attached to this thread. Here's the format you should use.
clan season 3.jpg
Gather your friends and grab your swords, it's time for Clans & Conquest Season 3! This clan vs clan rumble will last for one month, in which clans will hack, slash, and fireball their way to the top of the ladder for phat lewt and bragging rights!
Share: hc.to/season3

Begins July 11 at noon EST.
Ends August 8 at noon EST.
Start and end times are approximate, however the days will not change.
  1. Join a clan.
  2. Kill members of other clans.
  3. No kill-trading, etc.
  4. You will be prevented from joining, leaving, or being kicked from a clan when the event starts. Pick your teams wisely!
Clan stats will be reset at the beginning of the event.
A screenshot will be taken when I reset the clan stats. You must be a member of the clan by this time to claim rewards if your clan wins.
View leader-board using in-game via the clan commands, and at hc.to/clans.
Points will be awarded as follows:
  • 1 point per rival clan kill
  • 1 point per neutral (non-rival) clan kill
  • 0 point per civilian (non clanmember) kill
  • Clan with highest Kill/Death Ratio
    • 1 chest key each
    • Each clan member gets a suffix with their clan tag, e.g. {kok}
    • Clan leader gets the [Warlord] title until the start...
Greetings Minecraft RPG Lovers!

The Blazeful Vengeance event is now underway lasting (06/26/15 to 06/29/15) --- All items will have an increased drop rate during this time due to the limited availability of this event!

The quality of these items are immense and finding them should be priority #1!

In addition, all store items are on sale from 10 to 20% so get the loot and exp boosts going!

Introducing EPIC armor and weapon drops!

Greetings Minecrafters!
For the summer first week of summer for 2015, we are introducing the first ever Herocraft store summer sale!
25 to 40% off of everything in the store (minus supporter perks!) so feel free to grab anything you want for a great discount, this offer will end 06/19/15 @ 6PM CST.

Sales found @ http://hc.to/store

@Heralds | @Admins
Greetings Minecraft RPG lovers!
Just wanted to touch base and let you know of the things coming for the patch friday. There will be extended maintenance on this patch. We will be bringing down all servers for around an hour at 3PM CST for the patch.

Here's some notes coming for you guys:
  • T2 skills for all classes, some will need more tweaks.
  • New pet system: due to these changes, several permissions and pets have changed and the store will reflect these new changes.
  • Heroes - new chat features and command formatting thanks to @Kashike
  • Conquest objectives are now re-implemented, allowing players to hold areas to acquire various items and PVP status!
  • War time will trigger the entire map (minus trade and spawns) as PVP.
Hope you guys are excited!