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Herocraft - Minecraft RPG Server

Greetings Heroes!
We wanted to tell you that today we're releasing the legendary crafting patch to Herocraft! This update includes over 1100 items to craft from various dungeon drops!

Feel free to read the indepth notes about the patch below!
Patch 8.3.0 - The Soul Crafting Patch! (11/13/15)
- Added 1100+ (gear/weps) items to be created using the new recipe system.
- 11 new sets of gear, each with specific lore, rarities and click-ables to make Herocraft even more encompassing!
- Added Golden Tome Fragments to each faction boss, drop rates are very low.
- Added Soul Tomes drops to bosses tables in T6
- Creation process viewable @ http://herocraftonline.com/wiki/Custom_Crafting#Components (Thanks to @Wyzards for the write up)
- Introducing Tier 6 full group boss > The Omega Prime > http://i.imgur.com/RW6TLZy.png
- Increased currency drops and amount per tier. Players will see a much higher drop rate on all minions, elites and bosses for soul drops.
- Fix spawn timers on a few bosses from t1>t6
- Removed 25% of spawns in Skycastles.
- Soul Fuses go on Sale from Exchange for 20c at 3PM CST

If you find any bugs or have any problems with the system take a screenshot of the message you get and please post them here:

For feedback and suggestions please use this thread...
Greetings Heroes of Minecraft!

With the current updates and patches we have added, it seems like Herocraft couldn't get any better... Well its about too! With our long awaited, long promised Adventure!

There are a few things we need to say before you start looking over all the awesome things we have developed

1. Adventure is under serious development. Its a priority of ours.
2. There is no set date for Adventure, We are hoping to have an Closed-Beta out by Christmas, but nothing is confirmed

Please drop us an app @ http://hc.to/staffapps
We're looking for builders, scripters and coders!

Feature - Renewable Resources
  • Allows for Resources to be collected while in Adventure Mode, that will regenerate over a set period of time
    • Can be collected with specific tools
    • Any Block or Structure Configuration can be used as a resource
  • A reward can be given for collecting them
    • Can be used to run commands
    • Give EXP
    • Give Items based on a Loot Table
    • Summon Mobs
    • It can do anything!
  • Resource Node
  • Resource Node and Item
  • Possible Resource Nodes
  • Tool Specific Resource Node
  • Example of Specific Tool Resource Node Collection


Feature - Single use Items
  • Allows...
We're doing a one time swap to T2 (if you mastered pre-8.2) for 500c --- This ends 11/13

You must have mastered T1 before we will transfer you to T2 for 500c.
You must show proof by one of the following:
  1. Showing your mastery title of the T1 or T2 class
  2. Showing that you have the badge for T1 or T2 class
  3. Showing that you have ANY amount of EXp in T2 (back end check)
In order to get this promotion, you simply need to /pe in-game with for the t2 class you were and 500c in your acct while looking at a locked chest with your badge in it or wearing and stating your title in ooc.

PLEASE NOTE: IF YOU SWAP OUT BEFORE MASTERING T1 - YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO RECHOOSE T2. We're doing this for those who were happy being their T2 class for a while and know the risks of swapping classes.

One 500c swap per person.
Greetings Heroes!
Just wanted to say we're running a +50% passive EXP increase weekend! so log in and kick some arse!

Please note that this is a massive patch and several things have changed. For the first week this is out, class swaps and attribute allocations will be free.

ALL MASTERS ARE NOW LOST. A level 60 will go down to level 50. A level 25 may move up to 45+ depending on where their EXP curve is. THIS IS NOT A BUG, DO NOT REPORT IT
The max level has been reduced from 100 to 60, this is to better ensure players dont exceed the cap when mastering.
The linear exp curve has been changed to a logarithm exponential curve, so leveling in the beginning takes less time and leveling in the later levels takes more time.
All professions now master at level 50, down from level 60. The time to level a profession is mostly untouched from the past.
All Tier 2 classes now master at level 60 and obtain their utlimate skill at level 60.
The max exp to get to mastery is 1,000,000
Every level you gain a passive damage increase to PVE mobs. This increase allows you to move more easily into higher level dungeons.
New reputation sects roam the dungeons in Heavens Gate, fight them to regain your soul mastery!
There are 3 classifications of monsters.
-- Minions (Several spawners (REDSTONE BLOCKS), 90 second respawn)
-- Elites (Few spawners (EMERALDBLOCKS), 10 minute respawns)
-- Bosses (Very few spawners (GOLD BLOCKS), 30 minute respawn, great loot)
Citadel mobs/spawners give...