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    There's a new map coming! Everything will be reset - this is an exciting time! June 20th will embark Herocraft on a new journey! Enjoy!. Read more here.

  4. Herocraft's 4th Birthday! CELEBRATE with 50% PASSIVE increase of EXP until Oct 31st You can find more information at the news post!

Herocraft - Minecraft RPG Server

Greetings Heroes!
@Admins @Moderators
We will be rolling out Townships 3.0 to the Minecraft PVP server (then later to PVE). All Township 2.0 regions will decay on Nov 7th. If you are unfamiliar with the abundant amount of changes to Townhips, please read hc.to/townships.

Heroes changes will also be coming in, these changes are aimed to change the scaling from level 1 to level 65 to decrease the gap between players and focus more on skill and gear planning. This is the first step to improving gameplay between time invested.

MythicMobs will be releasing in a very small form, we will be adding randomly spawned bosses to all servers. Each mob will have a chance to spawn a boss mob that may drop better loot, more exp and what have you. The level expansion for mobs for PVP and PVE will be disabled during this time as we live-test MythicMobs.

Last, but not least, we have made Backpacks work server wide - so Central and other servers will transfer items seamlessly (thanks @mung3r!)

Thanks to @Coders and everyone for helping with these changes and we always value and appreciate...
Welcome to Siege Test #3 (Starts Friday 10/10/2014 @ 8pm Central and ends Friday 10/17/2014 @ 8pm Central)! It is key to understand how Townships 3.0 works. Last test did not go exactly as planned, but we have evaluated what happened and have decided a new approach on this test. We will be introducing objectives as well as a point system.

Over the course of 7 days your team will be able to complete mini-objectives and rack up points. Points will be kept track of every day. Even if your town gets destroyed it does not kick you out of the race for the most points.

During the first 3 days the teams will be divided into a Base Town. This will be a tier 3 town and will hold room for all players. Team leaders will be appointed for each team and players will have the chance to gather supplies, money, and learn about the plugin by the tips and hints signs spread out across the town. On the 3rd day the Base town will be destroyed and housing will be disabled. Each team will have 3 days to locate the ruins of a previous town within the area of their Base Town and begin to repair the ruins and start their own town.

For more detailed info see: http://herocraftonline.com/wiki/Townships_3.0
Special thanks to @WitchOnaRampage for her hard work and dedication to the wiki. Please take the time to review it as it has great info and detail about Townships 3.0....
Herocraft Appreciation Month!
On Oct. 1st 2010, Herocraft started as a small 5 person server. We have now amassed into a server that has had over 100K players joining! So for the entire month, whoever supports via the STORE (or donation) will receive special prizes! @Heralds | @Admins | @Guides | @Moderators

Changes to note:
- Passive exp has been increased by 50% and stacks with purchased boosts until Oct 31st.
- Supporter perks are now available on the store at this category. (Note: these won't support past donations yet)
- Season 2 of Clans starts on Oct 4th (Friday) at 6PM CST and all previous PVP information will be reset.
- Mastering lostsoul allows for a free selection of your combat class.
- Various sales will occur this month on the store, including titles, boosts, cratekeys and more! Check the store each day!
- Township War Stress test is having signups, you can read more here.
- Weekly long events will be running, this will include Invasions, Scavenger Hunts, Collectible Items and more!
- Paid subscribers now get...
Greetings Heroes!
The SIEGE test map will be wiped for the final test starting Thursday 10/02/14 at 8PM CST.

The team that wins will get a golden cratekey each. The team that loses will get nothing. In order to win, you must destroy the opposite side's townhall/council area.

@Admins @Coders @Moderators

You will be placed in a township when you sign up and will be instructed to destroy the opposite team while trying to keep your town alive.

Sign up Below! If you don't want to sign up - you can just hop on the server and ask for an invite to either town!
Name: *******

Player Instructions:

Welcome to the war zone!

Objective: Destroy the enemy's town!

- Kill enemy town members. (if they are 20 levels lower then you, or they died within the last 3 minutes it won't count)
- Siege them! Build an...
Due to high demand, I've opened up more plots in the area formerly known as the Embassy section. They have now been renamed King's District Plots. These follow the same rules as Noble Plots.

  • 16 New plots
  • 3500s - 7000s
  • Across from the Nexus in Aegis
  • Same rules as Noble Plots

Thanks everyone! Enjoy!
Hello Herocrafters!

It's that time to start clearing up spawn plots from inactivity. If you haven't come on it a long time, you might want to now if you wish to save your plot. Some have already been reassigned to active players that have been waiting for one for a while! If you are 30 days or more inactive, your plot will be deleted and put back up for sale!

We're very sorry if your plot gets deleted and you have a valid reason for your inactivity, however we must begin allowing other people to have a fair chance as well.

Plots already resold:

Plots still in limbo (will be put up for sale shortly):
np01 - @Karsain
np12 - @8bitgoblin
np19 - @Acars
np17 - @TheFro123
np22 - @ItzaaMeMario

Thanks everyone!
Greeting Minecraft lovers!

Starting at 8PM CST we're hosting an event on the Siege server (follow the redstone blocks at central docks) -- this server isnt linked to the live servers for anything that carries over.

Useful links:

Rewards for creating full Townships: (must reply to this thread with screenshot of township/name)
Full Tier 1 Township = 1 Golden Crate Key
Full Tier 2 Township = 3 Golden Crate Keys
Full Tier 3 Township = Special Title

Rewards for destroying Townships: (must reply to this thread with screenshots/name)
Full Tier 1 Town Destruction = 500s
Full Tier 2 Town Destruction = 1000s
Full Tier 3 Town Destruction = 2500s

Event ends 09/25/14 at 11:45PM CST.
Ahhh Zombies!
Minecraft just got a little scarier for Herocraft! The undying zombie invasion event has begun at 6PM CST on 09/19/14!

What to expect:
ZOMBIES! Everything you do (that grants exp) has a chance to summon a zombie or a GIANT zombie at your location on any world! THREE DAYS OF ETERNAL NIGHT!

What makes this event great?
There's a new line of EPIC weapons that will only drop during this event! They are 25% or so better than the current dropping items with new lore and names, so be sure to collect them!

What else comes with this event?
The balance patch #2 is now released (notes) and all first-swap class selections are free! (must master lostsoul). Note: Central server has free attribute resets until Sunday!
Oh yeah! and 25% off http://hc.to/exp boosts!
MOD PROMOTIONS! Welcome @strongholdx and @Irishman81 as the newlyl appointed mods!