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  3. Congratulations to Raubtier for taking 1st in the Battledome 3v3! Look for our next tournament in the coming weeks!
  4. Our April Build Competition is getting underway! See hc.to/build for more information. Get your team together and make something EPIC!
  5. Haven noble plots are here! Buy yours today! hc.to/nobleplots
  6. Spleef arena available for public use on the Event World! Fully re-settable, gear provided! Challenge your friends!
  7. Easter on Herocraft is a magical time! hc.to/easter to see what we're up to!

Herocraft - Minecraft RPG Server

Egg Hunt!
Haven & Shrine

(April 19th @ 12:01am to 21st @ 11:59pm cst, 3 days)


20 large eggs will be pasted into Haven and Shrine (10 on each). Find the eggs and screenshot yourself beside it!
How to participate:
- Explore Haven and Shrine to find easter eggs.
- When you find one, screenshot yourself beside the egg. (Hit f5 to change view, then f2) EXAMPLE
- When you are finished finding the eggs (before 11:59cst), upload your screenshots to www.imgur.com as an album.
- Place the link to your album in this thread.
- Each screenshot of you with a different egg will give you one ticket for a raffle draw!
- Your skin and the egg must be visible in your screenshot.
- Don't announce locations to anyone. It gives you less chances to win if everyone knows where they are.
- You may visit both Haven and Shrine to get more ballots.
- Players found spreading locations will be...
Spleef 2v2 Tournament!
Saturday, April 19th @ 1pm cst
Event World Spleef Dome
How to participate:
- Reply to this thread with the following info:
Team Name:
Team Participants:
- Go to this link and enter your team into the bracket http://challonge.com/tournaments/signup/UbxLXl5PBM
- You're all signed up!
- Be on time or earlier! Bracket will be randomized once just before start.
- Sign-ups finish at 12:30pm cst on Saturday.
- Must use shovel provided.
- No Heroes skills allowed.
- No breaking snow from underneath when you are in the water.
- No creating an 'island' to hide on.
- No interference, all violators will be suspended for 24hrs.
- Only the teams that are up are allowed into the arena.
- No rematches unless interference occurs.
- Only one team member is needed to stay up to be declared winner.

- No using potions from the Battledome.

Easter Weekend Events!

It's the time of year for cute bunnies, eggs and eating chocolate until you're in a diabetic coma! We have a few events lined up for this coming weekend. Please read below for more information.

1. Egg Hunt! (April 19th @ 12:01am to 21st @ 11:59pm cst, 3 days)

- 20 large eggs will be pasted into Haven and Shrine (10 on each). Find the eggs and screenshot yourself beside it!
- Each screenshot gets you one ballot to go into the drawing for prizes!
- See this link for more information: Egg Hunt

2. Spleef Tournament! (April 19th @ 1pm cst)
- 2v2 Spleef action!
- Sign up with your best buddy and win prizes!
- See this link for more information: Spleef Tournament
3. Save the Chickens! (April...
Haven Noble Plots!
Noble plots are finally here! This thread will tell you how to buy one, rules, and other general info. If you have any questions, please ask below and I'll add it to the OP.

NOTE: Theft is legal in spawn. Please protect your items as you would anywhere else on the map.

ALSO NOTE: It is legal to kill trespassers with lava/suffocation if you catch them inside your house, HOWEVER it is illegal to lure someone in and kill them.

TRIPLE NOTE: If you petition to add someone to your region, please list their full name and your plot number. Admins can't remember everything! :D

General Information:
- Each plot varies in height, however all plots are 10 blocks deep below the stone border.
- Noble plots are located in the south-east section of Haven spawn.
- This is a one time purchase, no taxes or rent.
- Most prices were determined by math, (eg. 0.25s per block), some prices may vary due to location and proportion.
- Notify Xanipher or other admin if there is any problem with your plot region (open a petition).
- There are...
@Heralds | @Admins
Take heed! The dastardly pigs of the apocalypse are calling your name! Be wary today, for this invasion shall last forever!

Defend your towns and friends against the Pig Apocalypse, soon, everyone will be piggified!

But wait! The great pigs of pigdom also have pigtastically pigloot. Pig for yourself!
*-Herocraft Presents-*


Saturday, April 5th @ 1pm cst


  • Arrive at the EVENT SERVER Battledome by 1pm cst, no registration required.
  • To get there, connect through the hub and enter the event side.
  • Enter the combatant gates, spread out evenly between all 4.
  • Gates will open at 1:15pm cst for the battle start.
  • All items will be provided.
  • All item types allowed (potions, food, etc etc)....
1st Shrine Building Competition!

Introducing this map's 1st building competition! These competitions will be returning at regular intervals, each with a different theme. This will be a team-based building competition, and we expect contestants to come up with some truly epic builds!

Teams will have one month to build their project. A week after this announcement is posted, regions will be assigned and the competition will begin. When the month is over, build permissions on the regions will be removed, and the entries will be judged. A poll will be created, open for a week, that will allow players to vote on their favorites, and will be included in the final score.

THEME: Disposable Hero's Keep

That's right folks, we're starting this out with a castle/keep dedicated to the clan that started it all, the Disposable Heroes!
Theme tips:
Accent Colors: black and red
Dark architectural style (in colors and feel)
Red iron cross on a black field has been used as a symbol

There can be more to a keep than just a castle ;)
Prep period: March 28th to April 5th
Build period: April 5th to May 3rd
Voting Period: May 3rd to May 10th
All start/stop times are 12PM EST

  • All entries must be built on the SHRINE PvE server.
  • Build must follow all applicable server rules...
Herocraft RPG now patched to 5.20 - Now Minecraft Server 1.7.5! Less Lag!

Introducing "Tuesday Maintenance!" - Starting at 9AM and going to 10AM CST - there will be downtime for patches/maintenance.

Rename Healer Path to Support Path
Updated Proxy for Network and various plugins, making things faster and more reliable for connections
Add a universal ban system - one ban = blocked from all servers
Resolved some moderator commands being outdated/broken with the latest update
Township regions that were lost have been returned - this issue took a long time to fix due to the complex nature of the issues. Thanks @gabizou | @andrew2060 and @AmoebaMan
Added "Leaves2" to blocks for farming experience
Introducing: Stackable Bounties - users may now place a bounty on a user on-top of the existing amount. The player that has his head dropped will lose 25% of the total bountied sum.
Updated Nocheatplus to latest.
Re-instated Universal Bans for Test/PVE
Resolved an issue with a "kickall" command was being issued by another plugin, kicking all players.
Temp removed Plaguebomb to see if server-crashes stop. Granted Bolt to Beguiler as a quick-fix.
Updated server to 1.7.5 (Heroes and all plugins should be mostly updated, live-testing will commence)
Resolved issues with Skill-Sneak conflicting with Nocheat
Resolved issues with various...