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    We just had a new map! Everything was reset - this is an exciting time! December 21st has embarked Herocraft on a new journey! Enjoy!. Read more here.

  3. Greetings Guest! Door/Lever-use in towns/regions (Including Personal Regions!) will be enabled for public on March 8th, please ensure you protect your chests and storage areas with /lock if you wish to keep them private.
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Herocraft - Minecraft RPG Server

Minecraft RPG'ers!
We will be updating all servers in the next few hours!

Due to some severe issues in the minecraft server, we're updating to 1.8.3 earlier than anticipated. The drawbacks on this update, Pets will be broken for a little while, while we find a proper replacement.

Detailed notes can be at http://herocraftonline.com/main/threads/april-notes-7-3-5.57005/
edit: Update: Maintenance completed. All systems are back online.

Teamspeak fun > ts.hc.to

We're going to take this time to do some maintenance of our own, so if things go down, sorry!

How to turn them in:
  • Place the Medal's you have in a safe chest.
  • Open a PE at that location - /pe new My love is Undying
  • All medals will be collected by Sunday (4/12) and Prize given to the winner on Monday (4/13)
  • What do I win?
    • Heart Trails!
  • Can they be stolen from me?
    • Yes, put them in a safe spot!
  • Can I sell them?
    • Yes, you may.
  • What if I destroyed them?!
    • My heart goes out to you. <3

Noble Plots are in!

General rules for Royal & Noble:
- If you are inactive for 30 days, your plot may be deleted and the plot put up for sale again (first come, first serve).
- Plots must be well designed, built well and not an eyesore (no cobble boxes, this is a place to showcase your build skill).
- No trees on roofs (treehouses will be allowed within reason, as long as the leaves don't exceed region height).
- Plots that are empty for too long will be subject to review (no land holding).
- You may only own ONE plot this map. Either Royal or Noble, not both (this is due to smaller amounts of plots).
- You may store items in your plot.
- You may not put chest shops in your plot. That is what Central Landing is for.
- No refunds are issued, final sale. If you wish to upgrade to bigger plot, you must sell/trade to another player.
- Regions may not be shifted up or down.
- Using pistons to manipulate blocks outside your region is considered region abuse and is illegal.

Theft, Killing & Griefing:
- If you add a player to your plot, we are not held liable if they steal from you.
- Do not add people you don't trust. This is a risk you take.
- The only time theft is illegal is if you have someone perform a service in your plot...
*-Herocraft Presents-*

Saturday, April 11th @ 4pm CST
Entry Deadline: April 11th @ 3pm CST

Type: Double Elimination

(Bracket will be Shuffled after Deadline)
- Gather 2 fighters (a 3rd sub is permitted)
- Have one member of your team post to this thread using the following format:
Team Name:
Team Leader:
Team Participants:
- Tag @TimForReal in your team posting (so I don't miss it)
- Please arrive to the tourney early to organize yourselves
- The arena is set up so that you can get into the holding cells yourself
- When your team is called, please enter the color that you are assigned
- Staff will be PMing team leaders to check readiness
- Only 2 teammates are allowed to participate at a time
- The 3rd member is in case someone doesn't show up, or if you would like to change up your strategy
- A sub must participate in at least one round to be awarded any prizes

- You must stay in the arena during competition (no leaving)
- You are not allowed to participate on multiple teams...

*-Herocraft Presents-*
Free For All Extravaganza!

Saturday, March 28th @ 4pm CST
Type: Free for all (Battle Dome)

  • Be online and at the gate for the start of the round.
- You must stay in the arena during competition (no leaving)
- Gear will be provided
- No restrictions on gear/consumables
- No re-entering the arena after death
- No rematches (only in the case of interference by outside players will rematch be allowed)
- There will more than one round! (2 minimum, more based on time)
- A final round made up of 1st&2nd placers from each round for a grand prize!

- Do not try to jump into the arena or enter combatant-only areas
- Stay out of the holding cells during matches.
- Do not use ANY Heroes skills during the event in order to minimize lag
- Violation of the above rules will mean a temporary one-day suspension
- Cheering and booing is allowed, although harassment is not (No spamming)

Prizes: (Regular Rounds)

First Place:
- 2 Unlocked Loot Crates
- 1,500 Souls

Second Place:
- 1 Unlocked Loot Crate
- 750...
Towns and Residences are undergoing a change!

When: Sunday 03/08/15 @ 6pm CST.
What: Refer to the lovely post by @WitchOnaRampage



Towns/Residences losing certain protections.

Make the necessary changes to your regions to ensure it's security.
Greetings Heroes!
We're releasing the Minecraft map: Nether today at 6PM CST! Alongside with this release there are a few changes.

There are two ways to the Nether. Either the Necro-skill Hellgate (Reagent cost removed) or you can go through the Nether Island in the center of the map and arrive at the nether like that.

Drop rates in the nether are higher than the regular world, so you have a better chance of getting rare items.

Below are the notes from the latest balance changes.
Trimmed many utility skills from the combat classes, and redistributed the remaining skills for Paladin, Cleric, Druid.
  • Removed Scan from all classes
  • Paladin: removed MagicWard, HolySteed
  • Ranger: removed Farsight, Wolf, Forage
  • RuneBlade: removed AbsorbRunes (and Telekinesis)
  • Wizard: (removed Telekinesis)
  • Cleric: removed Antidote, Dispel
  • Druid: removed Antidote, Forage, Invigorate
  • Dreadknight: removed DreadSteed
  • Beguiler: removed SummonFood, Purge (and FauxBomb and Telekinesis)
Removed health cost from bloodmage's infusion.
Reduced Ninja's backstab bonus damage from 8% and 10% for sneaking to 4% and 6% respectively.