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Herocraft - Minecraft RPG Server Network

Greetings Minecraft RPG lovers!
We wanted to announce the addition of the quest framework and other things in Patch 8.7.0 for the Survival/Towny server.

We have introduced 33 quests to 11 dungeons to help players level and explore Herocraft! Expect more quests and we are also taking quest scripters/writers - feel free to drop an app in our application section.

Use /quests journal - to see your quest status

Balance Changes!
Tons of balance changes to most classes, in-depth notes on the patch notes page!

We wanted to release something fun for the player-base, so we are releasing the creation of Tier 2 codices that allow users to immediately swap to T2 classes to level. (Tier 2 specialization books, SKIP tier 1 classes.)

The Specialization book Recipe:
T1 Codex - crafted by making a T1 book out of relics
T2 Mark - found off bosses / elites in high level dungeons
Soul Vessel - found rarely off bosses and inside Crates

...more indepth notes will always be found @ hc.to/heroes

@Heralds, @Admins
Greetings Minecrafters!

Just wanted to let you know that we have released both loot crate IV's and Creative to the Herocraft Network!

The creative server is of many before our giant push for a larger playerbase. It is a self managed server that allows users to build fantastic things and at a later date, download their plot via website as a schematic to use on other servers (or solo building)

We hope you enjoy this release and feel free read the in depth notes below!

Long live Herocraft!

8.6.4 - Crates and Creative!

Crate of Loot IV
Rewards (From Rarest to Most Common
- Gold Tome, Next Tier, Yellow Crosses, Orb of Colossal Bag, Loot Token 3, Market Stall, Mailbox x5, Pet Wither, Tokens x50, XmasBox x10
- Tokens x20, Trails-Flame, Backpack 45 Perm, Pride, Humility, x3 crates, Scroll of Despair, Xmasbox x5, Loot token 2
- Loot Token 1, Electro Creeper, Kindess, Envy, Backpack 36, Tokens x10, Xmasbox x3
- Backpack 27, x2 crates, Diligence, Patience, Sloth, Wrath, Workbench, Pig Title, Star Title
- Orb of Small Sacks (18), Tokens x3, Xmasbox x2, USA flag, Italy flag, Germany flag, France flag, Japan flag, Canada flag, Redhand BOSS scrolls x5, Faceless BOSS scrolls x5
- Orb of Tiny Sacks, Lust, Gluttony, Greed, Chastities, TEmperance, Charity, EYE title, SOON title, @M Title, tokens x1 > x3, Xmasbox x1, Title Squared, Ivory bosses Scroll

Creative Server - Access via /creative or hub portal.
- Server set up with PlotSquared. (/plot...
The entire Herocraft Minecraft network will be down for required server reboots starting at 9AM.

The downtime will be 2-3 hours, less perhaps if things go well.

Worst case scenario, we reinstall our OS and get a new server from OVH.

Thanks for listening and happy crafting!
Greetings Heroes!

We are enabling war twice a month. In the beginning only nations and towns within nations will compete. To entice players to try and capture the massive prize for winning the war, we are increasing the benefits of joining a Nation by an amazing amount!

Due to a lot of questions, im working on making this more clear, we'll probably have a test war day on the test server to see how its going to play out. Thanks for interest and important follow up questions!

Quick Information

  • Grief is Legal - everywhere
    • Some Grief rules still apply, such as massively lagging the server (massive water/lava/etc)
    • Stealing and destroying someones unclaimed areas is not illegal.
  • War is happening on Saturday.
    • It will last from Saturday 12PM CST to Sunday 12PM CST
    • Towns in warring nations will be able to have plots captured.
    • Plots have 60 hp, Home blocks have 120 hp
    • When a town plot is captured, the offense gets 25c, the defense loses 25c from their bank
    • If a home plot is captured, that town is out of the war.
    • Killing players and other events give points that will net you more currency
    • All towns will have TNT explosions on...
Happy Holidays Heroes!

First off, we'd like to say that we worked hard to bring a free gift to everyone on Herocraft, you can access this free gift by typing
"/claim xmas" while on the server, you can use this command once every 350 days. It will be removed until the next holiday event.
(Anyone who tries to exploit, demean or obtain more gifts illegal will be fined / removed, you are warned)

Even though these gifts can grant you nice titles, gear and other things, you can purchase the holiday pack titles on the store! http://hc.to/titles

We're running a special supporter promotion this week until Dec 31st. For every $20 you spend at http://hc.to/store will net you 5 trad-able Holiday Gifts! The top supporter this month will get an extra 25 gifts! This is a way to show thanks to those who keep this server afloat, we wouldn't be here if not for the supporters!
Please note: this is a one time special that ends Dec 31st. If you are already MaxTier, you can donate more or get supporter for a friend!

Have a happy holidays and we hope you guys are safe and with those you love!
-Kain and Krew