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    We just had a new map! Everything was reset - this is an exciting time! December 21st has embarked Herocraft on a new journey! Enjoy!. Read more here.

  3. Greetings Guest! Door/Lever-use in towns/regions will be enabled for public on March 6th, please ensure you protect your chests and storage areas with /lock if you wish to keep them private.
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Herocraft - Minecraft RPG Server

Greetings Heroes!
We're releasing the Minecraft map: Nether today at 6PM CST! Alongside with this release there are a few changes.

There are two ways to the Nether. Either the Necro-skill Hellgate (Reagent cost removed) or you can go through the Nether Island in the center of the map and arrive at the nether like that.

Drop rates in the nether are higher than the regular world, so you have a better chance of getting rare items.

Below are the notes from the latest balance changes.
Trimmed many utility skills from the combat classes, and redistributed the remaining skills for Paladin, Cleric, Druid.
  • Removed Scan from all classes
  • Paladin: removed MagicWard, HolySteed
  • Ranger: removed Farsight, Wolf, Forage
  • RuneBlade: removed AbsorbRunes (and Telekinesis)
  • Wizard: (removed Telekinesis)
  • Cleric: removed Antidote, Dispel
  • Druid: removed Antidote, Forage, Invigorate
  • Dreadknight: removed DreadSteed
  • Beguiler: removed SummonFood, Purge (and FauxBomb and Telekinesis)
Removed health cost from bloodmage's infusion.
Reduced Ninja's backstab bonus damage from 8% and 10% for sneaking to 4% and 6% respectively.

*-Herocraft Presents-*
"Love is in the air, or is that blood?"

Saturday, February 28th @ 4pm EST
Entry Deadline: 28th @ 3pm EST

Type: Single Elimination Bracket* (Final round: Best of 3)

- Gather 5 awesome fighters (a 6th sub is permitted)
- Have one member of your team post to this thread using the following format:
Team Name:
Team Leader:
Team Participants:
- Tag @LightningCape in your team posting (so I don't miss it)
- Please arrive to the tourney early to organize yourselves
- The arena is set up so that you can get into the holding cells yourself
- When your team is called, please enter the color that you are assigned
- Staff will be PMing team leaders to check readiness
- Only 5 teammates are allowed to participate at a time
- The 6th member is in case someone doesn't show up, or if you would like to change up your strategy
- A sub must participate in at least one round to be awarded any prizes

- You must stay in the arena during competition (no leaving)
- You are not allowed to participate on multiple teams (One team per...
THIS WEEKEND ONLY -- 50% OFF BOOSTS! ( hc.to/store )

First off:
All mobs will have a chance to spawn ENDERMITES (Will be killer rabbits soon) - that has a chance to drop special event drops for the next 3 days. These items are upgrades from normal rare drops and are considered epic drops. We've also increased the loot table to armor pieces as well!.

We have balance pushes coming in and various plugin updates. So feel free to login and enjoy the update!

Use Technic Launcher for our Herocraft Modpack! (http://hc.to/launcher) we're trending at #10 so when you use it, you help the server and our friends at Technic!

You can read all the patch notes @ http://hc.to/notes (highlights include the launcher, addition of /skill warp to all professions, and removal of skill name binds and more!)

Herocraft: Minecraft RPG Server rocks!
Greetings Heroes!

I'd like to announce to everyone that we have brought the "HeroModPack" back as "Herocraft: Realm of Heroes" under the Technic Launcher. Here, we will provide you the basic mods of Herocraft to improve your life on the server! Please note this is Version 1.0.0 of the new Herocraft launcher with modpack. Our great friends at Technicpak supplied this ability for Minecraft users to easily download and play with modpacks, give them some thanks!

What this mod has installed for you:
  • Macromod (Get your PVP on!)
  • HeroMod
  • Optifine
  • LiteLoader
  • More to come!

Enjoy! (please note the images/artwork of the modpack page will be changing when its redone by @Xanipher)

Installation and Instructions.
1. Download the Technic Launcher @ http://technicpack.net

2. Open the Launcher and Log in.

3. Select Modpacks and search for "Herocraft", Select "Herocraft: Realm of Heroes" and "install"

4. Click "Play" and Enjoy Herocraft with pre-installed mods!
5. Make sure to "Follow / Like" this modpack! http://www.technicpack.net/modpack/heromodpack.89

Personal thanks to @malikdanab and others for getting this sorted and working.

========= ISSUES...
Forewarning - Minecraft Name Changes

Be careful when you change your name. Here's a few tidbits, we've largely have prepared for name changes but seeing initial issues after the first few hours.

  • LWC permission issues. (you'll need a friend to help you with this)
  • Heroes works without issue and will transfer your level
  • Class titles will not show up (purchased/crate titles are fine)
  • Townships will need to re-invite you - leaders avoid changing your name until we release a hotfix.
  • Money may be an issue (though will have to check with @greatman321)
  • Staff Impersonating will result in a ban, don't do it.
  • Clan issues, you will need to be reinvited.
But Kainzo, you had months to prepare!
Correct, however, a lot of these "were" fixed for the UUID system but they still broke, we're having to patch each manually. Thanks for being understanding!

Enjoy the new naming system - understand that staff is unable to assist with most name related issues, it will require code changes to fully function.
5 chests spawned at any given time, get money and prizes for finding them! Use /hunt or click a piece of zombie flesh to get directions to the nearest Treasure.

Player vs Player Arenas for Minecraft RPG! These arenas can be found by taking the portal at the back of the Trade District. Once in the Arena world, simply do /arena join (or the match type you want to play)

Arena Maps / Competitions
- list to come by @werwew19

- Scheduled to come in, in a week!

New Crates with new unique rewards!
- (http://herocraftonline.com/main/threads/crate-prizes-1-0-and-2-0.56467/)

- Loot Boosts (hc.to/lootboosts) Increase all the drops / currency amount gains by 10, 20 or 30%!
- TRAILS ( )
- ANKHS (http://i.imgur.com/lNMZrtP.png)

Titles Version 4.0! (Available Individually and Bulk)
  • [Minion]
  • [L33T]
  • [[COLOR=rgb(153, 255,...
First off, this patch has been pushed while im away on vacation, so there will be hotfixes im sure.
The biggest releases of this patch are:

WAR / PEACE REGIONS (found on hc.to/map)
Bounty changes (you can now get pvp'd anywhere with an active bounty once every 20 hrs)
Merchant NPCs are available at trade district.

25% off hc.to/exp so take advantage!

For more detailed notes, find them below.
7.2.0 (pre)
- Added the new Heroes info bar, use '/hero infobar' to toggle it.
- Enabled /money balance <name> to view players currency information.
- All southern dungeons now have pvp-on.
- Fixed hc.to/vote's top voters page.
- Added a new command /who <player> to show unified information.
- Re-added /help <topic>
- Adjusted Profession Relic drop rates for 4 and 5. They are now 10 times more common.
- Slightly increased GreaterSoulOre drop rates.
- Bounties have significantly changed.
-- Players may only have an active bounty once every 20 hours.
-- Freshly bountied players have 10 minutes before someone can accept their bounty.
-- Players with bounties can be attacked anywhere by the person who accepted the bounty.
-- When attacking someone in PVP-OFF, you will be open to PVP combat.
-- Costs of bounties have increased to 250s
- Fix an entity crashing issue in spigot / minecraft.
- Lava damage changed from 10% per tick to 5%.
- Fixed various tips and announcement issues and inconsistencies
- Added Drop Boosts to the store (+10%, +20% and +30%) <<< removed until we can fix...
Just wanted to update you guys! If you missed it, we're on 1.8.1 for the server and waiting for 1.8.3 before fixing a majority of lag issues.

We're still on track with the bi-weekly patches and we have the next patch coming this next Friday.

I'd like to host at least one event a week and we can do that on the non-patch fridays so expect something in a day or two in regards to events!

On 01/16/15 -- we'll be having the War/Peace and Physical Token Merchants release!