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    There's a new map coming! Everything will be reset - this is an exciting time! June 20th will embark Herocraft on a new journey! Enjoy!. Read more here.

Herocraft - Minecraft RPG Server

Greetings! @Admins @Heralds, @Moderators
Minecraft 1.8 clients are now supported but some features are not functioning. We allow both 1.7 and 1.8 clients to connect to our Minecraft network :D

Here's some issues:
  • Holograms won't show
  • Floating Damage won't show
  • Top Infobar for 1.8 clients will disappear.
  • Locked Iron Doors may be reacting oddly.
  • Some 1.8 clients are crashing on CONNECT - please switch to 1.7

If you updated, you can downgrade EASILY.
To do so:
  1. Launch MC
  2. Edit Profile
  3. Use Version
  4. Select 1.7.10
  5. Save Profile
Minecraft 1.8 clients can now connect to ALL servers!

In addition, we're releasing the new VISIONS server, players can instantly become master in any class they want, earn souls by slaying other players or mobs. Please note that nothing on this server transfers back to Central.

Make sure to visit our...
Captain Black Eye's Doubloon Hunt
Ahoy me hearties! I be Captain Black Eye! My first matey, Mistyckle and I be sailin' the seas in this 'ere fine vessel, watching the lands of Aegis and High Sanctuarty. I plundered the treasures of the Souls of the old Heroes, but had buried me treasures around the land of Aegis. Being the buccaneer that I be, I can not 'er retrieve the booty meself, or I be walking the dreaded plank. The lass saw the souls in Aegis were bored and looking for adventure. She hoisted the Colors and set sail for Aegis to give them landlubbers a mission. I be offering rewards to those who track down me treasures and return them by any means. Be ye warned! I am renowned for protecting me booty with traps! Collect the motherload and I'll be rewarding you with the finest of me treasures. Be ye pirate or scallywag? Yo-ho-ho!

The Map & Book store is located at -19,75

  1. This event will last for a week starting on Monday the 1st of September and ending on the 8th of September
  2. Several times a day I will post the location of two chest shops in this thread and in-game
  3. The shops will sell both a map and a book
  4. The maps will lead you to the start location
  5. The books will contain instructions on how to find the cache from there.
  6. Caches may be trapped and can be hazardous to your health...

Greetings PVPers!
We'll be testing the TNT regeneration feature and other changes on a live-test server connected to the docks.

Map Size:

The server map size is 750/750 (may be increased)

Time Limit: (Temporary Map)
72 hours (08/07/14 @ 7PM CST)

Ultra-fast gameplay:
FREE Clan/Township creation
FREE Class swaps
x10 leveling rate

TNT blows up blocks but slowly regenerates
Players drop all items on the ground (unless a tombstone is available)
Residence use should be enabled for all actions.

Top Clan (Most collected PVP Medals):
Gets 5 cratekeys given to the leader. (Must have at least 5 members)

What transfers?

Test TNT regeneration against Town Regions, Residences and Chestshops.

Portal Location: (Docks/Central)

*-Herocraft Presents-*

Saturday, August 16th @ 4pm EST
Entry Deadline: 16th @ 2pm EST
Type: Single Elimination Bracket* (Final round: Best of 3)
- Gather 5 awesome fighters (a 6th sub is permitted)
- Have one member of your team post to this thread using the following format:
Team Name:
Team Leader:
Team Participants:
- Tag @Xanipher in your team posting (so I don't miss it)
- Please arrive to the tourney early to organize yourselves
- The arena is set up so that you can get into the holding cells yourself
- When your team is called, please enter the colour that you are assigned
- Staff will be PMing teamleaders to check readiness
- Bracket seed will be shuffled once using Challonge
- Bracket will be released shortly after 2pm EST
- Only 5 teammates are allowed to participate at a time
- The 6th member is in case someone doesn't show up, or if you would like to change up your strategy
- A sub must participate in at least one round to be awarded any prizes

@Admins | @Moderators | @Heralds

We're planning to have a community meeting for Herocraft on 08/03/14 - 3PM CST.
All users will be able to attend - only staff and Supporters above T6 will have voice. (After the discussion is over we will voice everyone)

Meeting Area:
IRC -- esper.net #Herocraft (T5+ voice / staff)
Teamspeak ts.hc.to pw: dhrocks (Mod+ voiced) --- Lobby Channel

This is a community driven by a lot of hard work and dedication - I want users to be able to air disputes, issues and anything else in the open so that we, as staff, can resolve and handle these things in an orderly fashion.

Topics for discussion (so far):
  • Staff Restructuring
  • TBA
These meetings are generally a little chaotic - they last about an hour (3PM to 4PM CST). Please be respectful during these meetings - if we have to go out of the way to remove you, you will be removed from all Herocraft services for life.

Thanks for reading and I hope to see you there!

--- Meeting notes -- http://pastebin.com/qU1A8vvZ

Today we are launching 3 types of plots available on Central. We had planned this for a long time but it got pushed back a little! We hope that you'll appreciate the new diversity in plots offered.

All regular plot rules apply, unless noted by rule change.

You may own one plot on PVP/PVE AND one plot on CENTRAL.

[NEW] The Slums
  • 9x10x9 Plots located to the right of the Church in Central.
  • Cost: 500s one time purchase, no rent
  • 26 available (expansion might occur if necessary)
  • Rule change: There are is no design enforcement here, you may build anything you wish (no offensive stuff)

[NEW] The Commons and Nobles
  • Two types of plots, named by their size. To the right of the Exchange in Central.
  • Noble Plot: 14x22x17
    • Cost: 2618s one time purchase, no rent
    • Available: 24
  • Common Plot: 12x18x12
    • Cost: 1296s one time purchase, no rent
    • Available: 32
  • Rule change: None.

[NEW] The Royals
  • 59x52x59 build surface, your own private island with bridge, located to the left of the Exchange.
  • If you design a small...
Noble Plot Auction!


The Staff has decided that auctioning off plots of users is a much more fun way to deal with inactivity etc! We're going to try a public timed bid for this round. If it turns out terrible, then we'll do private bids next time.

We have up for auction one beautiful plot in a nice location on Aegis!

The plot in question, should you win the bid, comes with the following things:
  • 9000 Blocks, 24 x 25 x15 in size
  • A colourful house and all its contents
  • Yes! You get all the items, chests etc. free to with as you wish!
  • Location: -123, 45 Aegis
  • To bid, simply place the amount you are bidding into a post here.
  • You may bid as many times as you want, just make a new reply. NO EDITING YOUR POSTS.
  • To bid an amount, you must have that amount on hand, in your bank account.
  • Auction ends Saturday July 26th @ 9:00pm EST (as marked by the forum post timer in EST SERVER TIME).
  • The first, highest bid with the 9:00pm time marker (closest without going over) will be considered the winner.
  • Winner must tear down exterior of the current house (make it prettier!)
  • Minimum starting bid is 2000s (the price of the plot was originally 4500s).
  • Bid increments must be a minimum of 100s or more (prevents thread clutter)....
We'd like to announce the full release of Hades, expanded to 3500R. In this release we have also updated all maps to 3500R (PVE/PVP). So go out and explore!

Notable Changes:
- Townships now have PVP-ON as default unless you're in your home region.
- Civilians now yield no KDR.
- Conquest points / timers have been refined and rewards slightly tweaked.
- Vendors are now trading items for TOKENS, MEDALS and SYMBOLS - read more here.
- Texture packs are now back as recommended for all servers.

To find in-depth notes on this release, feel free to read them here
PS: 20% off BOOSTS @ STORE !