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Herocraft - Minecraft RPG Server

Greetings Heroes!
@Admins @Heralds

On September 4th at 6pm CST (if all goes as planned) we will be releasing a new network! This includes a complete wipe all of all Heroes levels, classes, items, currency and map-data. This is a chance for something great, a chance for us to re-invent the way the world sees Minecraft RPG and push new systems! We will be approaching things a little different on this new start and want to re-introduce you to what it means to be playing Hardcore Minecraft Survival RPG.

New Network:
We're connecting all servers through a single hub that will have advanced tracking of players and allow for easy swapping between servers. (Survival | Adventure (2016) | Factions (Dec 2015) and Minigames (Dec 2015) | and more) We will be moving to new hardware for the server around September 10th and will have scheduled downtime for all services related to Herocraft.

Map/Data Reset:
Valorium is having it's terrain and structures reset to Day 0. This means we'll be renaming the map, redoing the infrastructure and spawns and letting players experience a new era of Herocraft! Everything is being reset except for SUPPORT PERKS and some store items.

Legendary Classes:
Going along with the new lore-framework for Herocraft we've...
Today marks the day for Herocraft's Minecraft RPG patch 7.8.0!

Read below for whats changed!

- Added Beam Mechanic skills.
-- Skill Ordain (Healing beam that extends 15 blocks forwards healing all party members in it's path) Granted to Order.
-- Skill Disarray (Damage beam that extends 15 blocks forward damage all enemies in its path) Granted to Chaos.
- Adjusted the health/mana gains and base attributes to be less drastically different than T2 classes.
- T1 now uses leather/gold, T2 now uses chain, T3 now uses iron. Removed Diamond full-set until a future release.
- Bruteforce has been replaced by Enlightenment buff (Order)
- Soothe is now gained as an Apprentice and EscapeArtist is now gained as an Inquisitor
- Replaced Warsong with Might.
Normal Hero Classes
- Added T2 classes the ability to add attributes.
- All T2 classes start off with a total allocated pool of 20 (this is greatly reduced from T1)
Relic Revamp
- By popular demand, we have adjusted how relics are created. It now takes 1 order relic, 1 chaos relic and 1 path catalyst.
- All old relics can be consumed for FREE exp! The higher the relic tier, the more exp you will get back when right-clicking it.
- The Relic 1-5 recipe will no longer function.
- Added 5 minibosses to the game for more exp and better loot.
- Mini bosses have been tweaked to drop Tier 1 gear.
- Health/damage normalized so they can be soloed by a skilled player or duo'd easily.
- Fixed several skills and issues with...
Hello Minecrafters!
First off, this is a rather large update and changes a lot of systems in our server and community, so please be sure to read - we'll hit them in major points for those who don't want to be too bogged down with all the texties.

Legendary Classes (Order & Chaos)
  • High risk vs reward classes obtained by mastering 6 random classes.
  • More powerful than most classes due to unique skills and custom attribute allocation.
  • Ability to set Attribute points (50 allocation points per level)
  • When mastered, has ability to use all weapons and armor (not diamond armor yet)
  • Will have PVP-ON everywhere (to get hit, not to hit first)
  • Collect Tomes as rare drops or purchase from the store.
  • Use Knowledge Crystals from common drops to check soul enlightenment.

Supporter Rank 10 Released! (Perks)
  • $300 Cost
  • Pet Hat - /pet hat
  • Pet Riding - /pet ride
  • Lava Trails - /trails lava
  • More, Free & Cheaper LWC's
  • Larger Region
Item Crystals!
  • Combat Experience Crystals give 250 - 1000 XP to your combat class
  • Profession Experience Crystals gives 250 - 1000 XP to your profession class.
  • Knowledge Crystals inform you of your soul enlightenment...
Its been a while since a new class system was introduced and I've had an obsession with the Jedi class from Star Wars Galaxies for quite some time. Not only was it an insanely hard class to level and master - but it was almost unobtainable by the normal player unless they were lucky or insane. We're bringing this game mechanic to Herocraft so players can experience a new style of play if they so desire. Some of the below information can and will change but the general idea is coming in.

Order & Chaos - The Legendary Path of the Soul Enlightened.

Order Path - White / Silver Skill Particles
  • Order Apprentice (10 Levels) - Knowledge - Low Wep/Armor
    • Movement
    • Range
    • Self Buff
  • Order Inquisitor (10 Levels) - Harmony - Med Wep / Armor
    • Melee
    • Self Heal
    • Teleport
  • Order Grandmaster (10 Levels) - Serenity - All Wep / Armor
    • Group Heal
    • Group Buff
    • AE
Chaos Path - Purple / Black Skill Particles
  • Chaos Initiate - Passion - Low Wep/Armor
    • AE
    • Range
    • Melee
@Admins @Heralds @Moderators
Greetings Minecrafters! We're looking for someone to redo our banner using our official artwork and something that will stand out to the soon-to-be players of Minecraft!

Herocraft Artwork and Theme: http://www.mediafire.com/download/adzak2issvqt5wa/Artwork.rar

Here's our current banner.

We're wanting it to be WAY more flashy for the new network we're pushing.


Due Date:
The contest will end in two weeks (August 9th @ 11:59PM CST)

The winner will be chosen by staff vote and will get 5 free cratekeys, 5000 souls and an honorary title.

How to Submit:
Submissions can be uploaded and attached to this thread. Here's the format you should use.