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Herocraft - Minecraft RPG Server


Saturday, May 30th @ 3pm cst
Entry Deadline: 30th @ 1pm cst
Type: Single Elimination Bracket (Final round: Best of 3)

- Gather 3 players + 1 sub, 3 minimum is required to participate, 4th is optional
- Have one member of your team post to this thread using the following format:

Team Name:
Team Leader:
Team Participants:​
- Tag @TimForReal in your team posting (Only submissions with myself tagged will be official)
- Please arrive to the tourney early to organize yourselves
- Alerts will notify teams which stall to enter when their team is coming up
- When your team is called, please enter the colour that you are assigned
- Bracket seed will be shuffled once using Challonge
- Bracket will be released shortly after 1pm CST
- You must stay in the arena during competition (no leaving)
- You are not allowed to participate on multiple teams (One team per player)
- Leader must participate in all fights
- Gear will be provided
- Team names must be reasonable
- No potions allowed
- Two teams up per round
- Revival-type skills are allowed and the only legal means of re-entering battle (no GTP)
- No rematches (only in the case of interference by outside players will rematch be allowed)
- The final round...
Ahhh MORE Zombies!
Minecraft just got a little scarier for Herocraft! The undying zombie invasion event has begun at 11AM CST on 05/15/15!

What to expect:
ZOMBIES! Everything you do (that grants exp) has a chance to summon a zombie or a GIANT zombie at your location on any world! THREE DAYS OF ETERNAL NIGHT!

What makes this event great?
There's a new line of EPIC weapons that will only drop during this event! They are 25% or so better than the current dropping items with new lore and names, so be sure to collect them!

What else comes with this event?
50% more off +EXP BOOSTS! http://hc.to/exp
Hope everyone had a great May the 4th! In celebration we're putting on a bunch of Star Wars Themed titles for sale during the month of may.

So get them while they're hot!

vip_jediknight: '&e[&2Jedi&9Knight&e] '
vip_vicelord: '&7[&dVicelord&7]'
vip_darth: '&c[&8Darth&c]'
vip_wookie: '&9[&eWookie&9]'
vip_trooper: '&c[&fTrooper&c]'
vip_padawan: '&3[&aPadawan&3]'
vip_apprentice: '&7[&cApprentice&7]'
vip_sith: '&f[&8Sith&f]'
vip_bountyhunter: '&f[&9Bounty&chunter&f]'
Greetings Minecraft lovers!

The below took several weeks of testing and some excellent developing skills to be used and consumed by the player base of Herocraft. Here are the detailed notes below, hope you're pumped!

Want maddening exp rates? +1000% EXP BOOSTS ARE ON SALE FOR THIS WEEKEND ONLY! (http://hc.to/exp)

Global Market:
Fully implemented in the server. There's still one or two quirks that we're looking at, here's what this introduces to the server.
  • Players can now have mailboxes (public ones are found @ the Exchange) - Limit is 200 items, so keep them clean!
  • Players can now use Market Stalls to view items for sale by other players or staff.
  • There's now a global command "/market create price #" that will post what you are selling to the Market.
  • Market Mailboxes and Market Stalls are for sale on http://hc.to/store (real $$$) and the in-game Market for souls. These items have 1 use each.
  • Merchants at Level 60 now get the "Black Market" skill - this grants them the permission to use the following;
    • /market pricecheck [held item] - checks the avg / current price of items.
    • /market send <player> <held item> [amount] - sends directly to the players mail-chest with the held item.
    • /market history - to see whos bought what from you / etc.
Skill Hotbars:
Alternative to...
clan season 2.jpg

Gather your friends and grab your swords, it's time for Clans & Conquest Season 2! This clan vs clan rumble will last for one month, in which clans will hack, slash, and fireball their way to the top of the ladder for phat lewt and bragging rights!
Share: hc.to/season2

Begins May 2 at noon EST.
Ends May 30 at noon EST.
Start and end times are approximate, however the days will not change.
  1. Join a clan.
  2. Kill members of other clans.
  3. No kill-trading, etc.
Clan stats will be reset at the beginning of the event.
A screenshot will be taken when I reset the clan status. You must be a member of the clan by this time to claim rewards if your clan wins.
View leader-board using in-game via the clan commands, and at hc.to/clans.
Points will be awarded as follows:
  • 1 point per rival clan kill
    • Temporarily changed from 2.5/kill because all are rivals in this event!
  • 1 point per neutral (non-rival) clan kill
  • 0 point per civilian (non clanmember) kill
    • Being changed from -0.33 per civilian kill to dissuade civilian interference.
  • Clan with highest Kill/Death Ratio
    • 1 chest key each
    • Each clan member gets a suffix with...
@Admins | @Moderators | @Heralds
Alright, so this has been on my mind a bit, about what Herocraft is, the player-base and how to make people happy without sacrificing our core concepts of being a hardcore server, appeal to most aspects of game-play and so forth.

Herocraft will present three basic servers for in its ultimate and complete vision.

Central Hub - gateway between servers and entry point for new players to see the amazing architectural work and more of Herocraft.
  • This connects to other servers, including Adventure and Survival.
  • May have different plugins for players to toy around with if one of their servers is down.
  • May or may not have a trade area.

Survival RPG (Valorium) - The conflicted, contested, mining, death filled world, primarily focused on Conquest and Creation. This server will focus on players building their own communities, moderating themselves and enjoying the basic Minecraft Survival game-play with a great...
Let's get our spleef on! Sunday, April 19 at about noon EST in the event server. No need to sign up, I'll make a bracket based on who's there.

  • Grab a diamond shovel and wait in the stands. I'll TP you in when it's your turn.
  • Poor sportsmanship will get you a boot to the head.
  • No Hero skills.
  • Have fun!
Winner gets:
  • 500 souls and a Magic Snowball!

Following the tourney, we'll all have a run through the new-ish parkour course! Winner gets 200 souls!
Minecraft RPG'ers!
We will be updating all servers in the next few hours!

Due to some severe issues in the minecraft server, we're updating to 1.8.3 earlier than anticipated. The drawbacks on this update, Pets will be broken for a little while, while we find a proper replacement.

Detailed notes can be at http://herocraftonline.com/main/threads/april-notes-7-3-5.57005/