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Herocraft - Minecraft RPG Server

Herocraft Appreciation Month! Patch 8.1.0
On Oct. 1st 2010, Herocraft started as a small 5 person server. We have now amassed into a server that has had over 150K players joining! So for the entire month, whoever supports via the STORE (or donation) will receive special prizes! @Heralds | @Admins | @Guides | @Moderators

- Starting with 25% off 99% of the STORE (No perks/subs sorry!)

- Various sales will occur this month on the store, including titles, boosts, cratekeys and more! Check the store each day!
- Weekly long events will be running, this will include Invasions, Scavenger Hunts, Collectible Items and more!
- The 5th year title is now being awarded for those who have been on Herocraft for 5 years without bans [Legend]
- First Citadel PVP Tournament Oct 3rd > 3PM CST.
- Resource Map (Warshards - 2500R) Oct 2nd > 6PM CST
- New Dungeons and Leveling Rates Oct 10th

Top Supporter
The #1 supporter this month will be able to hand choose their title (prefix) and anyone who supports us over $150 this month will be given 10 golden crate keys!

Fret not, if you just want to support us, you will get a special, limited title as...
*-Herocraft Presents-*
http://hc.to/kainzo < stream


Saturday, Oct 3rd @ 3pm cst
Entry Deadline: Oct 3rd @ 2pm cst
Type: Single Elimination Bracket

  • Gather 5 combatants and a Sub
  • The sub is in case one person doesn't show and/or to change out one player for a better strategy at any time during the tournament
  • Have one member of your team post to this thread using the following format:
  1. Team Name:
  2. Team Participants:
  3. Sub (if needed):
  • Please arrive to the tourney early to organize yourselves
Happy Friday! ---- Crate Keys are on sale until Oct 1st! 25% off! hc.to/keys

We'd like to announce that there's changes in the level experience of Herocraft afoot. The base experience between beginning to mastery will be increased. The exact amount will be released on Patch 8.1.0. There will be six dungeons for users to level in from 1-60. The greater the dungeon, the more experience/loot you gain and the harder the mobs. Players will be moving backwards and forwards in levels but will NOT lose any EXP. This is a massive change and you will be moving around in levels. If you are T2 you will keep T2 but you will have to continue to level.

Dungeon previews (Credit to Guest Builders, specific names to be released with the content they released/contributed)

We wanted to let you know there's a new Crate III out in Herocraft dropping from monsters! Below are the rewards for this crate, some may be changing over the next few days but for the most part, this crate system is comprised of Catalysts, Tomes, Crystals, Tokens and Titles!

  • Pie For all.
  • Catalyst Box
  • EXP Crystals (1, 2 and 3)
  • Backpacks
  • Loot Tokens (1, 2 and 3)
  • Market Stall / Mailboxes
  • Pets...
Monday at 9AM CST - we will be having a scheduled down time, we will be moving to the new hardware we just ordered that will provide a better gameplay for all players!

The downtime will last 3 - 5 hours, or as long as it has to ensure all databases and files are imported correctly.

Any questions? Just ask.

Edit: Migration has been completed! Welcome to the new hardware for Survival cluster!
Greetings Minecrafters!
A quick hello! The new era of Herocraft is going great! We have a lot in store!
All exp gained this weekend from 6PM CST Friday to 6PM Monday will have +50% exp gain.
I bring you the new skill mechanic list that has been currently residing in the legendary arsenal!

Saturday, there will be a mob event by the admins/staff!

New Item Drop Table: "The Fallen":
The drop rates have been increased, they will ONLY drop from FRIDAY to MONDAY.
All armors, weapons and items have been increased to epic quality.
All weapons now have knockback resist and health range added to the drop.
Badge of the Fallen gives +100 health when held.

New Tier 2 Ultimates:
> Desecration - Place a pentagram on the ground that damages and slows enemies within the 5block radius.
Crusader > Consecration - Place a cross on the ground that damages and buffs allies with runspeed.
Honorblade > Infernoblade - Damages the target and silences casting.
Dragonknight > not finished
Ravager > no change.

Runewraith > TimeRune - Places a time rune on the ground that can be teleported back to within 10 seconds, heals caster based on the time the user ports back.
Shadowblade > no change.
Pathfinder > no change.
Minstrel > no change.

Leach > Bloodbeam - Fires a beam damaging all targets in its path
Vicar > SacredGlimmer - Fires a healing beam that heals all allies in...