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    There's a new map coming! Everything will be reset - this is an exciting time! June 20th will embark Herocraft on a new journey! Enjoy!. Read more here.

Herocraft - Minecraft RPG Server

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We're planning to have a community meeting for Herocraft on 08/03/14 - 3PM CST.
All users will be able to attend - only staff and Supporters above T6 will have voice. (After the discussion is over we will voice everyone)

Meeting Area:
IRC -- esper.net #Herocraft (T6+ voice / staff)
Teamspeak ts.hc.to pw: dhrocks (Mod+ voiced) --- Lobby Channel

This is a community driven by a lot of hard work and dedication - I want users to be able to air disputes, issues and anything else in the open so that we, as staff, can resolve and handle these things in an orderly fashion.

Topics for discussion (so far):
  • TBA
These meetings are generally a little chaotic - they last about an hour (3PM to 4PM CST). Please be respectful during these meetings - if we have to go out of the way to remove you, you will be removed from all Herocraft services for life.

Thanks for reading and I hope to see you there!

Today we are launching 3 types of plots available on Central. We had planned this for a long time but it got pushed back a little! We hope that you'll appreciate the new diversity in plots offered.

All regular plot rules apply, unless noted by rule change.

You may own one plot on PVP/PVE AND one plot on CENTRAL.

[NEW] The Slums
  • 9x10x9 Plots located to the right of the Church in Central.
  • Cost: 500s one time purchase, no rent
  • 26 available (expansion might occur if necessary)
  • Rule change: There are is no design enforcement here, you may build anything you wish (no offensive stuff)

[NEW] The Commons and Nobles
  • Two types of plots, named by their size. To the right of the Exchange in Central.
  • Noble Plot: 14x22x17
    • Cost: 2618s one time purchase, no rent
    • Available: 24
  • Common Plot: 12x18x12
    • Cost: 1296s one time purchase, no rent
    • Available: 32
  • Rule change: None.

[NEW] The Royals
  • 59x52x59 build surface, your own private island with bridge, located to the left of the Exchange.
  • If you design a small...
Noble Plot Auction!


The Staff has decided that auctioning off plots of users is a much more fun way to deal with inactivity etc! We're going to try a public timed bid for this round. If it turns out terrible, then we'll do private bids next time.

We have up for auction one beautiful plot in a nice location on Aegis!

The plot in question, should you win the bid, comes with the following things:
  • 9000 Blocks, 24 x 25 x15 in size
  • A colourful house and all its contents
  • Yes! You get all the items, chests etc. free to with as you wish!
  • Location: -123, 45 Aegis
  • To bid, simply place the amount you are bidding into a post here.
  • You may bid as many times as you want, just make a new reply. NO EDITING YOUR POSTS.
  • To bid an amount, you must have that amount on hand, in your bank account.
  • Auction ends Saturday July 26th @ 9:00pm EST (as marked by the forum post timer in EST SERVER TIME).
  • The first, highest bid with the 9:00pm time marker (closest without going over) will be considered the winner.
  • Winner must tear down exterior of the current house (make it prettier!)
  • Minimum starting bid is 2000s (the price of the plot was originally 4500s).
  • Bid increments must be a minimum of 100s or more (prevents thread clutter)....
We'd like to announce the full release of Hades, expanded to 3500R. In this release we have also updated all maps to 3500R (PVE/PVP). So go out and explore!

Notable Changes:
- Townships now have PVP-ON as default unless you're in your home region.
- Civilians now yield no KDR.
- Conquest points / timers have been refined and rewards slightly tweaked.
- Vendors are now trading items for TOKENS, MEDALS and SYMBOLS - read more here.
- Texture packs are now back as recommended for all servers.

To find in-depth notes on this release, feel free to read them here
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We are always looking to refine the rules and make them better, if you feel you have any suggestions or issues with the rules, we will be happy to discuss them. These changes come about from specific issues that need addressing. They aren't perfect and may change. We continue to try to make user's experiences better. CHANGES HIGHLIGHTED IN YELLOW.

Township 100r Barrier
  • Building or mining within official townships without explicit permission from the town's mayor. (This rule has always been in effect, just largely ignored)
    • This rule extends 100 blocks from townships.
  • Destroying landscape features near an official township without explicit permission from the town's mayor.
    • This rule extends 100 blocks from townships.
    • Destroying landscape close to a town will be considered griefing
    • This rule includes but is not limited to:
      • Packed Ice from Ice Spike biomes
      • Desert Dunes
      • Forests (man-made, as long as sign markers are posted to notify travellers)
      • Any landscape feature integral to the township.
    • Knowingly harvesting these materials close to a township will be...
Just a reminder that we update the rules wiki on a regular basis as it is impossible to think up all the rules needed at once. We are constantly dealing with new situations and new scenarios that need defined rules. Please refer to the rules wiki often. We will try to keep you updated on the forums and in game. However, sometimes people pay attention to neither.

Here are the updated rule sets for the PVE world:

PVE Specific Rules
  • Harassment by preventing players from getting their chests/items will not be tolerated - this includes placing regions over areas that the player has protected, stored or tombstoned.
    • Offenders will be subject to fine and/or suspension depending on circumstance.
  • Player-caused death is illegal here, including but not limited to:
    • Suffocation by water, gravel, sand
    • Using TNT
    • Using lighters and lava
    • Placing cacti around a user
    • Breaking blocks under a user to cause them to fall to their death
    • Offenders will be subject to fines and/or suspension
  • Exceptions to the death rule are:
    • Traps built and designed to defend your personal home and townships from intruders
Hello Heroes!
As promised, Clans & Conquest Season 1 begins today! Join a clan today and test your mettle against other clans in King of the Hill style battle! Top clan and top PvPer at the end of Season 1 will get special rewards! These will be announced as the season progresses.

You can always check your clan and individual stats at hc.to/clans!

Season 1 ends on October 1st, which as most people know is Herocraft's 4th birthday!

For specific notes read the spoiler below and may the odds be ever in your favor!

June Notes (open)

SEASON 1 = Clans and Conquest - top clan/pvper gets special rewards. (keys/titles/etc)
The Underworld of Hades (Nether) releases July 11th at 6PM CST.

- T7= DragonTravel removed in favor of Virtual Workbench (/workbench)
- Residence flag commands patched
- /kit starter - enabled on Central for very basic tools (will be adjusted later - cd 999s+)
- The stocks of gold at the Exchange are almost full, buying ends 06/27/14
- RolePlay chat now defaults to 10R distance
- T9 Supporter now has 3 residences again.
Greetings Heroes!
As you all know, our complete Network Revamp occurred yesterday evening. We are have been working tirelessly to fix any and all issues, and thank you all for your continued patience while we make necessary changes and hotfixes! If you encounter any bugs, please create a bug report HERE - and it will be addressed as soon as possible.

To mark the occasion...
Every donation made [not store purchase] over $10 will be rewarded with a Golden Crate Key and a Title! This will be handled in tiers and are as follows:

$10 == One (1) Golden Crate Key // Prefix Title: CrateI
$20 == Two (2) Golden Crate Keys // Prefix Title: CrateII
$40 == Four (4) Golden Crate Keys // Prefix Title: CrateIII
$60 == Six (6) ...