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Youtube: A guide

Sep 2, 2011
Hiding under a rock
Alrighty, as some of you may ( or may not and should) know, I am an aspiring youtube video maker. I post youtube vids of any games I happen to play. Here's what I have learned so far about youtube, youtube partnership, and anything else.

Starting out
Starting out may be difficult. I recommend a few things to do before you just post videos willy nilly.
  • Make sure to sound professional if you're commentating
  • Make your channel look clean, and ready to go. Scrubby channels without backgrounds, avatars, and descriptions look rushed and messy.
  • It may be hard out start out from nothing. Try to get your friends to subscribe to you and watch your videos. People like to watch videos by users who have at least a few views and subs.
  • Have a quality mic or recording system.
Some details you should know
Okay, so you have your channel all set - up and ready to go, here are somethings to bear in mind when you upload.
  • Youtube doesn't like when you use copyrighted stuff. Try to use royalty free music (google it and you'll find loads of stuff). If you use someone else's footage, get permission and give credit to them.
  • Its very important that you're careful with Copyrighted things. Youtube can and will remove your videos in there is any form of copyright infringement. This makes it harder to get partnerships and what not. They will remove your Partnership if you have it.
  • Its possible to obtain commercial rights for a song, or if you contact a smaller producer and written permission, but just try and avoid it in general.
Read before uploading!
  • ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS upload .mov video formats. Any other format breaks youtube. What I mean by this is if you ever want to monetize your videos (generate revenue), it will not work if they are in any other format. If you upload in mp4, you might have to wait awhile. Youtube is finicky.
  • If you're able, upload in 720p or 1080p
  • Have a description, with proper grammar and what not
  • Tags! Tons and tons of tags. Tag everything that may be possibly related to your video. More tags = more views.
  • HD videos take a ton of time to upload, and will really bog down your internet. Try not stream a gigabyte of porn while uploading, Kay?
  • A side note : Exporting directly to .mov is actually a bit wonky. The compression size is wayyyyy to huge. You get 4-5 gigs. Go to mp4, and then alter to .mov
Monetization & Partnerships Okay, you've uploaded your videos, you have some subs, and are getting some views, here's whats next.
  • Monetization is when youtube displays ads before, in the middle, or at the end of your video. Each time someone clicks the ad, you generate a absurdly tiny amount of revenue.
  • Monetization can be found under your Video Manager, and click "Edit" on one of your videos. There you can find "Monetize" and all associated options.
  • Generally, always have true view (the type of ads where you can skip after 5 seconds) and always have preroll. If your ads are in the middle of your video, this can annoy viewers and drive them away. Ending ads are stupid, because they got to watch the video, so why should they stick around?
  • Partnerships. Okay this can be misleading. You can be partners with youtube very early on. Being a youtube partner is when you have an adsense account and you monetize your videos. But the way to make the big bucks is to partner with another company. These include machinima, buzzmyvideo, etc. These companies will pay you so that they can show certain ads during your videos. This where actual revenue is produced.
  • Be warned that for most of these companies, there is an application process, and if you have 1 video, and 2 subscribers, they most likely will not partner with you.
Just remember...
  • Sound professional
  • Record like you know what you're doing (No cell phone vids with shaking and shit)
  • Don't use copyrighted shit
  • Don't expect to make money right away
  • Have an adsense account (make sure you're 18, if not, you're going to need your parents)
  • Try use .mov
  • Monetize your videos
  • Partner will companies once you get going
I will continue to update this! Feel free to correct me on anything, or tell me to add someting. Also subscribe! (Its never too late to advertise)