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Read Working To-do List: Community Edition

Jul 13, 2014
Something to discuss and I don't necessarily agree with the issue (however I haven't had to deal with it often), though I thought I'd share my suggestion which seems to be a reasonable replacement. It looks like some, if not most players can be annoyed with the boss skills: boss teleports towards them or them teleported towards the boss. I understand these skills are necessary to prevent easier boss killing, such as while being out of reach, and also to give a challenge. However the fact that these skills cannot be blocked by any means, except by running a decent distance (if you can make it that far), can annoy players the most.

I propose the idea that the teleports could be dodgeable to an extent, by introducing a warmup in which a teleportation location could be set and used when the skill has completed. This warmup could act in atleast one of 2 ways, 1: the boss cannot perform other skills during the time, 2: it can. These options I mention just to open up discussion on them and suggest ways the warmup could act. The warmup could also function like the other boss warmup skills announcing different stages, or it could also work based on timing, which the player needs to learn.