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Windytol - Strange Stirrings

Dec 9, 2014
Australia (Originally from New Zealand)
Hello People

I''m not going to blabber on about something unimportant, so lets get to the point.
I will be in control of the weather, but I might give people I deem worthy control of it. You can still ask me (via pm) to change the weather.
No Metagaming or Powerplaying. So give other players and bad guys (played by me but this doesn't include my character Derin) time to react, so Do Not: Player1 cuts off Player2's leg but instead Do: Player1 Swings his sword at Player2's leg and do not abuse the power of being able to react, your character can't block everything and is not invincible (that would be powerplaying).
To apply for this roleplay I've created an OOC thread (that can also be used for discussion and questions about the roleplay). I did this so that this thread is kept nice and tidy for roleplay. Here's the link: http://herocraftonline.com/main/thr...rrings-application-discussion-whatever.55708/


This roleplay is mostly set in a medieval township Elmtol of a region called North Windytol. The township is right in the middle of a trade route and often has may visitors (some from other lands). It is rather spacious with houses scattered here and there, a blacksmith, a baker and a farm or two. The town also has an inn. The Lonely Boar Inn is seldom visited by the ordinary townsfolk as it often caters to outlaws, thieves, drunks and most commonly travelers. This township is well known for it's local produce and quality weapons and is a hot spot for adventurers needing to stock up before they head off.

Also encompassed by North Windytol is Manor called Mount Kedaville ruled by the widely resented Lord Clarke Rhyderch. It has a village which is not to dissimilar to Elmtol but has high taxes and low wages. There are other landmarks encompassed as well. There is a rugged, frosty mountain-side that looms over both Elmtol and Mount Kedaville (Mount Kedaville is built on a hill at foot of the mountain). Of course not forgetting the large stretch of woodland that stands between the two settlements and the mountainside simply known as Orcrick. Many a myth and legend (know mostly by people in Elmtol and few elsewhere) were told about the forest. Some involving strange beasts, others speak of ravenous, bloodthirsty wolves but the most ridiculous of them all speaks of a witch stealing away the children of the township, which is pure utter nonsense. There is also a small, newly established hamlet named Rockchapel not far from Elmtol (just off the trading route as a matter of fact) which seems to hold a few houses, a small farm and a promising a gold mine.

Let's Begin...


Derin sat by the town gates wondering what to to this morning. Dark clouds had already rolled in and were seeming to hold rain. Then he felt it a drop on his head and another on his shoulder then a few more and soon his blue suede jacket had darkened and his brown mop was sodden. He searched for the nearest cover as he watched others scramble into their homes for protection from the falling watery menace. Then he noticed a glint of faint light in one of the windows of the Lone Boar. He knew this would be his shelter, at least until the storm passes. He stumbled along the muddy path to the inn. As he opened the solid, oak door he noticed that the ends of his black trousers were almost stained the same shade of brown as his boots.