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What Will Your Main Class and Race Be!?

Aug 30, 2011
Springfield(Springtucky), OR, U.S.A.
I m a posting this thread since this section is empty and out of curiosity!

The Eight Professions
Guardian — master of protection; guardians use virtues that enhance their attacks and defenses until sacrificed to aid allies.

Warrior — master of weapons; warriors use adrenaline to fuel a powerful burst skill and can wield many kinds of weapons.

Engineer — master of mechanics; engineers use backpack kits, weapon kits and turrets to cause mayhem.

Ranger — master of nature; rangers call upon their animal companions to assist in the field of battle.

Thief — master of the covert arts; thieves use initiative to deal quick damage and then slip away into the shadows.

Elementalist — master of the elements; elementalists change their elemental attunement in battle to adapt to any situation.

Mesmer — master of illusions; mesmers can create illusions to fight by their side.\

Necromancer — master of the dark arts; necromancers draw on life force and use it to strengthen or heal themselves and others.

The Five Races
ASURA: The asura are a race of diminutive artisans who secretly dwelt below-ground for thousands of years until the minions of the Great Destroyer forced them out of their underground homes 250 years ago. Since then, they have adapted to surface life and quickly established themselves as one of the most powerful races in Tyria.

CHARR: The charr are a race of large, savage, feline creatures that occupy much of eastern Tyria. They have renounced all gods as false and instead view all of life, from magic to combat, with a hard, cynical eye. Their culture has developed into a military state where they are raised as warriors from birth.

HUMANS: Once the dominant species of Tyria, the humans have not fared well in the last few years. Their kingdoms, once spanning the entire continent, lie in ruins, leaving only Kryta. As the previous threats waned, an even more deadly one, that of the Elder Dragons, has threatened the very existence of the human race.

NORN: The norn are a race of nine-foot tall Nordic-like warriors that currently inhabit parts of Kryta and the abandoned dwarven fortresses in the Shiverpeak Mountains . The individualistic norn live for the hunt, so their tracking, stealth and killing skills make them invaluable allies in any combat situation. The largest gathering of norn one can expect to find outside trading posts is in hunting parties that have united to combat a powerful foe.

SYLVARI: The sylvari are a young, inquisitive race of botanical humanoids spawned from the Pale Tree in Arbor Bay - the first sylvari emerging in 1302 AE. The tree was planted by Ronan and raised by Ventari, who were attempting to escape the violence that engulfed Tyria.

I myself's main character will probably be Human or Charr Warrior as the Warrior was my main character in Guild Wars 1. So what will you guys all be as your mains?


Tier 7
Jan 16, 2011
Sydney, Australia
Norn Warrior as my main! If I get into the beta but, I'm going to try out all classes/races because when the game is out, I'll be sticking to my main char for a very long time.
Jan 20, 2011
If I decide to get it, I will be a Thief or Ranger, but the Mesmer looks badass. As for a race, I'm not sure yet, most likely human.
Mar 10, 2012
USA, Conneticut.
I am going to be an engie. Spamming sentries and rocket boots like a pro.
But I am undecided with the race thing... The Asura are just too adorable, and the humans have the best looking city ever.
Jan 20, 2012
I will be a Char Warrior. I will almost entirely play PvP.
I want to particepate heavily in WvW (world vs world) pvp system.
Jul 29, 2011
Roswell, GA
I'll be Guardian or Warrior - Whatever is closest to Ret Paladin
Guardian would be your best bet in your case, they are support with the staff, and I believe very similar to ret from wow with the greatsword. I was looking into them too for their staff abilites, i've played every class in wow past 50 except for paladin and shaman, so I don't know if guardians are my type of class yet.