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Week 3 balance

Apr 1, 2013
Druid and Necromancer have been re-added
Increases to exp in t4+ dungeons, especially bosses
Various Township changes, Specifics here: https://pastebin.com/LSJp7XYT

  • Revert absolution heal change (40 hp)
  • Increase divinestun cooldown to 45
  • Remove smoke
  • Increase flash cooldown by 3 seconds
  • Increase rupture stamina cost to 300
  • Lower bloodwell's max healing to 100
  • Engulf cd 20->18
  • Flood warmup 1.5->1
  • Bleed range decreased to 4 (same as strike)
  • Bleed damage increased to 100
  • Bleed cooldown increased to 15
  • Infernoblade cooldown lowered to 45
  • Mortalwound range increased to 5
  • Add Icebolt at level 15
  • Lower base megabolt damage by 40
  • Reduce Shock range by 4
  • Add Earthquake Warmup 1.5 seconds
  • Lower Earthquake damage by 60
  • Replace stun on shadowstep with root
@Balance Team @Kainzo
Jul 30, 2011
-Remove all relic drops / misc items from <t4 mobs and slightly increase food droppage
-Remove all maps except for the wow one from arena
-Make a new area East of Spawn contain all the villagers

-Increase Barbarian's left click by 5
-Swap Asura's and Cleave's level requirement on Samurai (5 <-> 30)
-Swap Paladin's reconning and disarm's level requirement level requirement (25 <-> 35)

-Replace Bard's song of respiration with mana song
-Increase Bard's left click by 5
May 23, 2012
Some discussion went up today about Geomancer vs Hydromancer in the current state in chat today before the meeting so I thought I would take a look at some skill values, mainly on the skill Earthquake

Earthquake 200 dmg
1 per INT
25 sec CD
100 Mana
And it also does the knocks up on people

Geomancer has 31 INT so the skill will do lots of damage.. I don't think we should do too much drastic changes on the class but the way the values work on Geomancer, it makes the class incredibly strong in any situation. To put it into perspective the skill Harmtouch the "burst damage skill" does 238.125 DMG after scalings and a Geomancer's Earthquake will do 231 damage every 25 Seconds.
I think the damage should go down a tad or increase the mana values since the class already had replenish added to it.

I made some dumb comparisons in an earlier version of this post, ignore that.
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