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Suggestion Vivecraft


Retired Staff
Max Legacy Supporter
Feb 28, 2012
Being a big game advocate and a giant supporter of new technology, I got myself a Vive VR headset. Minecraft is working on official support for VR on their Windows 10 platform, and the community wasn't too happy that they abandoned the Java version, which is what we all play Herocraft on, so they made their own mod for it. It can be found on http://www.vivecraft.org/

I think testing the server file to test for compatibility errors with other mods and then adding the client-without-a-headset mod to the Technic Launcher would be a great addition to allowing VR players a chance to be seen and interact with players in the Herocraft community as long as there are no errors. Obviously, anyone using the VR headset will probably be at a great disadvantage with limited buttons for macros against a bloodthirsty ninja, but it could make for some great out-of-combat gameplay experiences and might even bring more victims - err... players to our server, looking for one that supports VR!