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Val'de Shuur

Sep 29, 2011
Val'de Shuur

Town is a WIP. All entries are subject to change.
I may decide to make graphics for this thread, after school is over.

Roles/Town Members:
~Mayor: Spirit_Guardian

Application format:
Previous Town(s):
Combat Class:
A little about you (use a spoiler if needed):
Why do you want to join? (one sentence):
Do you like PvP? (If you answer yes, it does not necessarily mean you will be denied):
Are you willing to learn from my design style to be a "certified" builder?:
Do you know how to make efficient redstone circuits?:
(A small test will be held to prove your claim unless I say otherwise)

Val'de Shuur is a neutral/good sort of settlement that is not focused on PVP, it is a home for new and old players alike. Day one players are more than welcome to join this settlement, and with a low tax rate of 15c/day (subject to change) you wont be too hard pressed to pay up everyday; just vote for the server twice and you are good to go!
The architecture is Dwarven-esq in style, all open air plots must reflect this.
The main entrance is a dwarven face carved from the side of the cliff, with a spiral staircase leading to the town.
This town is meant to be a safe haven and a place for noobs to get a grasp on the world and get a head start.

Follow server rules! Some of the town rules expand upon server rules. (some rules may be bloated and not actually enforced...)

(The below rules are subject to change, you will be notified of any changes with the town message board)
Frowned upon and shunned.
If you are caught griefing, you will be temporarily stripped of any rank you hold. You will be removed from the town without notice, all of your belongings will be kept as tribute, and a small bounty will be placed (if able) after three incidents.
This rule extends outside of town, if you (a town member) grief anyone/anywhere, you will suffer the consequences.
Griefers are not eligible to use Tier 1 Storage/Housing.

Trolls are frowned upon, punishment is not as severe as griefers but multiple occurrences can result in a temporary kick from the town; especially if you were trolling in O chat.

Stealing from town members is a big, fat, NO NO!
If you are caught stealing you will temporarily lose all privileges (first offence), if you make a second offence you will be kicked without notice and a bounty will be placed (if able).
Stealing from other towns/unguarded places is fine--- I really can't stop you.
If the item, or all items combined, has an undisclosed total price, you will be kicked from the town and (if able) a bounty will be placed.

Replace what you take:
If you take something from the community chest, try to replace it.
If you cut down a tree, replace it.
If you gather food from a farm, replace it.
I am sure you know the rest.

Community Chest:
The community chest is a privilege, do not take more than one tool of any type; if you abuse it, your access to it will be removed until I decide otherwise.
Feel free to place things in the community chest for others in the town.

Please close doors/gates/piston walls when you leave/enter a building.
Not doing so will result in a punishment that I have not thought of yet, but I am sure it is unpleasant.

Redstone is restricted, all redstone devices must be approved by an authorized engineer/mod.


(Please note: housing is under development and not currently available)

When/if you join a town that is not Val'de Shuur, you must notify us and take your belongings soon as you are able.

Tier 1 housing:
Members: 5c initial cost, no cost after (included in taxes).
Non members: 5c/day

T1 housing is essentially a hotel carved into the side of a cliff, it is available to non-residents who are not a part of another town.
You are not allowed to expand the space given to you as T1 housing, and no cosmetic changes are allowed.
If you are a town member, you will get one room for the duration of your membership as an alternate storage location/home; if you are not a town member, a "kiosk" will be placed at your door and you must pay 5c/day for upkeep; missing two payments will result in a loss of the room and you must collect your things within 1 day or all items will be seized by the town.
Tier 1 housing is NOT a purchasable plot, it is town owned space and you are being granted the benefit of using it.
Tier 1 housing offers limited safety, please lock your chests.
If you wish, you can also purchase a door lock; door locks for T1 housing will be placed by the Mayor or other authorized individual.

Tier 2 housing:
Initial cost for claiming a chunk

T2 housing consists of a 10x10 plot in open air.
To purchase a Tier 2 plot, you must speak with the Mayor or other authorized user. Upon purchasing the plot, you can lay out the ground plan but only certain people can build the structure; all open air buildings must be of similar design to the town.
Tier 2 housing may be up to 2 stories tall, but no basement.

Tier 3 housing:
Initial cost for claiming a chunk
Expansion will cost 1c per block.

Tier three housing is in the Undercity.
Each plot is 16x16 initially and you have full design freedom.
You can expand the plot up to 24x24, you are allowed two stories and one basement level (3 total levels).

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