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(unofficial/fan) OLD LORE, revived!


Admin ZeeZo
Retired Staff
Apr 7, 2011
I'd like to note here at the top, that this was written in a time and place during zeal when there was the idea of gate-keepers, and other types of evil forces at play. It also includes various concepts to explain the mechanics of minecraft/zeal map.


It is thought, that at the moment of creation there was a vast Ether which permeated the known universe. The Ether which resides like an invisible cloud among all dimensions and realms, holds the power of each soul within it. These souls, without any way to manifest themselves naturally are called Lost Souls. It is the Ether's power that is of all the Souls combined, However there is one soul among them that holds power rivaling that of the Ether itself!


This being, in the early days of creation, is named Kainzo. Able to twist and contort, even manifest with sheer thought vast amounts of landscape, creatures, and other souls using the very fabric of the Ether itself.

It is known that he is the one true son of the Ether. An Elder Zo. It is known that there is another Elder Zo, Apherdite. Not much is known about Apherdite, save that she is the "Queen of Bunnies" and has anger rivaling that of Kainzo's himself when disturbed.

Shortly after creation, Kainzo's iron will has brought into existence the Multiverse, an ancient realm of mystic origins. As an Elder Zo he is a god in the eyes of the Souls of the Ether. His will forges from deep within the Ether's multiple dimensions, bringing about the manifestation of the Multiverse, or the physical planes of existence, for all Souls to reside in----Should, they be proven worthy by the Gate Keepers of Zo's Will.


The Multiverse is a source of ancient and powerful natural magics of the Ether. Being such source of powerful forces--the Multiverse has attracted many souls from the Ether over the millenia to the boundaries of the Multiverse. As well as, the dark souls and forces of the burning hells, a cast of twisted dimensions among many in the Ether in which evil resides.

It is said among the many stars in the sky, that there are as many realms of the Multiverse, just that they are too far away for us to see as the Ether shrouds our view of them.

The realms of the Multiverse are vast as is the power of each one. Located somewhere near the center of each realm is a Gemstone of unfathomable power. These Gemstones are said to be the natural boundaries between the multiple dimensions. The Gate Keepers of Zo are responsible for who travels to and from the various realms of the Multiverse. Forbidden by Kainzo to allow any entrance to other realms without his assistance. These Gate Keepers pull all Lost Souls from the boundaries of the Ether directly to Zeal's gateways. However, even with their incredible power over the Ether granted to them by Kainzo, they cannot stop the near limitless forces of the Burning Hells from invading the realms of the Elder Zo.


The soul is a curious thing. In the Ether there exist many "Lost Souls" with no will or desire, however, the Multiverse being such a Beacon of Light in the dark and vast Ether, these souls have reason, and desire. Desire to become something more, desire to be rebirthed into the realms of the Multiverse anew, alive. These souls then manifest themselves and barrage the great veil between the realms and the Ether. Some of the more harmless souls of the Ether can manifest themselves naturally and are not blocked by the magics of the Elder Zo, these include natural wildlife and flora, and the very stone of the Realms in which all else reside -- for the wills of the Soul are many and many are insignificant seeking only the desire to be used by another, or support others. These souls become the rock, the foundation, the air, and the water we take in to breathe and use to build homes, and stay healthy. As well as some use for other purposes, such as the desire to fight and make tools with, or construct vast monuments of power.


Magic manifests itself very powerfully within the Ether's dimensions. It is known that Magic is manifested by the soul and is thus called Soul-Magic. However, there are many other forms of magic, most unknown, but the more prominent one amongst these other forms is that of the First and of the Second Zo's. The Elder Zo are capable of Ether-Magic, magic powerful enough to bind the very fabric of reality to the Zo's will and desire. It is thought this is the most powerful known form of magic among the Multiverse, though it is unknown what magic the Burning Hells use to penetrate the barrier between realms.


Many have experienced the flames of a creeper's explosion, like pure, primal rage. There are many others who have been strewn to bits and consumed alive by the Ghouls and Zombies of the Burning Hells. But to the horror of most, none know why they attack or where they came from, only that they've existed as some sort of balance to life in the Multiverse. A dark and twisted manifestation of the Multiverse, some blame the Elder Zo for the creation of the Burning Hells but none know for sure how they truly came into being.

Regardless, what is known is that the demonic, undead, and other beasts invading our realm are ruthless, cunning, and bloodthirsty. They leave villages in flames, and ruins of once-proud standing castles in their wake.

Fear, Fear that there is even more to these armies, that the powerful lieutenants of the Burning Hells are capable of dragging the Soul of a Hero into their fiery dimensions, tormenting their Soul, damning them, and corrupting them eternally. It is for this very reason above all, that the Burning Hells are feared by all mortal souls within the Multiverse.


The Nether is thought to be the original dimension of the Burning Hells -- long since abandoned to it's lack of life, the only creatures that remain are beings twisted by malice and rage, Tormented souls, so corrupt they do not even know reality. These "Pig Zombies" some call them, wander aimlessly unless you muster their attention; should you, be warned, their animosity is equal to none.

There are other creatures still lurking the depths of the Nether, watchers, childlike in nature, these vast pale beings are impervious to flame, even so, if they catch glimpse of any trespassing their realm they wish nothing but suffering and pain upon them. These "Ghasts" seek only to engulf any would-be Hero in the same flames their damned souls have burned for eternity in.

Some say, that after leaving the Nether, even the Soul of a Hero can still hear the whispers of the Ghast's childlike nature, taunting them, antagonizing them, daring them to do evil deeds after returning to their home. It is the "Ghast" that are the embodiment of pure evil, left behind in the original realm of the Burning Hells acting as overlords to their armies marching across foreign lands. As a collective hive mind, these beings can control their invasions from multiple realms at once.