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Suggestion Tutorial Revamp


The Disposable Hero
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Adventure Team
Jan 7, 2011
The 7th Circle of Heaven
Help us create a better Tutorial! New players wanted!

  1. Player spawns in (on a ship? on a hatchery?)
  2. Player is greeted by Abel, telling them that they are in Herocraft and are a lost soul. To become a Hero they must learn the basics.
  3. Abel tells Player that first you must learn how to use skills.
  4. Abel tells Player to prepare jump to get across the pit by using /skills and then preparing jump by dragging it onto the hotbar.
  5. If the player Jumps across, abel will appear and tell them congratulations, you just learned your first skill and hands the player a tiny soul shard as a reward
  6. Abel tells Player that the tiny soul shard has just been granted and to use it they simply need to right-click it while not looking at anything.
  7. The player receives EXP for eating the soul shard and learns the basics of the item system for right-clicks.
  8. Abel tells Player that the combat system is vastly different than they may know, stamina as well as mana are used in fights to ensure victory.
  9. Abel explains to Player that stamina is your hunger bar and is replenished when you aren't doing anything but is drained when you exhaust yourself by swinging, taking damage or using certain skills.
  10. Abel also explains that sprinting will pause the regeneration of stamina.
  11. Abel then grants the player the skill Blink and informs the user they need to stare at the ledge and blink to it to continue the path of Heroes
  1. The player arrives at the forge after climbing a ways.
  2. Here the player receives a combat training sword from Vars, the sword has basic stats and has helpful information on the lore
  3. The blacksmith Vars informs the player that these powerful Relic items have the ability to increase the heroes effectivenes.
  4. Vars also tells Player that different weapon types take more or less stamina to swing and also deal more or less damage based on the type.
  5. Vars tells Player to equip an item they simply just need to left click it while holding it or equip it if its gear.
  6. Once the item is equipped, Vars spawns a test dummy and tells the player to beat it up
  7. Player is now faced to destroy the dummy and once the mob dies it will teleport the player to the Magery
Coins (Money command, how to send money to players, how to obtain money)
Platinum Currency (How to earn platnium, how to spend it (/shop and how to obtain it hc.to/store and other players)
Dungeons (Where they are located (overworld), that some dungeons require more heroes to defeat)
Professions (the list of professions, how to make money using professions, etc)
Classes (How to choose a class, how to rechoose a class, what to do once you master your class)
Auction House
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