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This Week's Balance Changes

Apr 1, 2013
Alright since everyone seems to have busy schedules, I figure the best way to hammer out changes are through the forums rather than wait for a meeting. We'll still try to have a meeting occassionally, and definitely as more progress is made with regards to the revamp, but these are just small number changes.

Ninja: Been a little too weak right now. Even when it gets the jump on people still has a hard time finishing off the kill, absolutely stands no chance vs an experienced warrior.
  • Add 0.5 second stun to Shadowstep
  • Increase base left click damage from 35->45 (Ninja never received compensation for the switch to only shears, base left click still extremely low, like almost caster level low)
  • On a side note, I can't find where the % damage increase for backstab is handled. If @Kainzo gave me access I could potentially tune that up rather than straight up increase the left click.
Dragoon: Personally I think the class is in an ok spot - gets shit on by other warriors, all casters, some healers, and runeblade, however, I'm willing to tune it down a little.
  • Decrease base left click damage by 3
  • Decrease max health by 40
Will add more as the week progresses, but overall I think most classes are in a fine state @Balance Team
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