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TheMrNoobville Application

Feb 5, 2012
In-game name:TheMrNoobville
Location & Age:Bennington,VT / 15 yrs old
Previous Bans (Includes other servers): None
Referral(s): None, Sorry
Reason you should be accepted:I am a friendly person that can make a diffrence in any server I play on. I follow rules to the dot and make sure others do the same. I can help on most projects that pop up, I am very resourceful. I will do any task at hand. Roleplaying is one of my many favorite things to do in Minecraft. I love being to join a city and act as a guard or a shopkeeper to make it fun for other people. I hope you find me an able participant and builder for your server.
How did you hear about Herocraft?: I heard it from a fellow Youtube friend.
Have you voted for Herocraft (No? Click here)?:No, not yet, soon.
Additional Info:I love to play sports. My all time favorite is soccer. I am also a Boy Scout, Eagle Rank. I've been know to help anyone who needs it. I am not an expert in code, but I understand it fairly well.
Aug 17, 2011
Welcome to Herocraft, please check your PMs!
What was your Eagle project? I'm doing mine now.