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The Tower of Shadows

May 18, 2013
Dover Delaware

A strong presence was arising, a great evil, the darkest of it's kind.

A conflagaration of the land creates fear in one's eyes. They watch the flamces sweep across the open feilds and burn with it's might.
A pandemonium of Tazmily's villagers began.
Each blaming each other for the towers unexpected rise.
Many appalled in utter fear...
Others express indulgence to evil.
The people feel quelled and tangible, by the hands of darkness.
The August tower, past the mountain's ridges, stood tall and stark.
Completely calndestined in a mystery.
The tips of the tower is disheveled and gave a parsimonious odor.
For over 5,000 years, wind and water buffeted this tower, and it still stands.
A strom brewed and camr forth.
As the hurrican approuched, apprehensive residents all along the coast of Tazmily's coast
prepare for the worst.
The tower and its creatures, have escaped its seal.
and soon,
the dragon will too.
The 7 crystals, the pinnacle of this worlds power must lie in the hands of good.
If all fails... the dragon will run rampant across the Earth... and burn it to the crisp.
Role Play created by: leap1
Date created: May 17,2013
Date released: May 21,2013
Status: Closed [Do Not Post/Write]

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-Post your characters Actions, Thoughts, and diaologue.

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May 18, 2013
Dover Delaware
:-: Characters :-:
:-: Flint John McCallister :-:
Despite his appearance towards others, Flint is rather kind hearted and loving. He is head strong with his decisions and always allows others to add their input. Flint believes that family comes before anything, even work. His extreme tenderness allows him to befriend even the most terrible of fiends. Flint on his free time enjoys writing and reading stories told by oral tradition. Flint though his time has wished to be a scribe for his local church. Flint has had troubles in the past to where he had to release a large amount of courage and loyalty to many in front of him. He is rather shy in public and pretends to be unknown to many he had seen. Uneducated, Flint has trouble comprehending things spoken towards him directly. He over a period of time had taught himself how to read and write correctly. When people mention Flint’s wife or children, he winces a bit and usually leaves before he starts a scene. He has been issued over a while, and had been thrown in Tazmily Jail a few times. Mentioning his wife towards him, sparks a fire in his stomach and makes Flint go into a fit of rage. He had been upset since then with a depressive outlook on others. Flint wishes to reject everything that had happened in his life and start a new, but something lunging into his heart stops him at all costs. He is indeed trapped in a void of sorrow.
:-: The Naomi Sisters :-:
These identical twin sisters are the only two of their family they have ever known. They lived together in a hidden home past any civilization whatsoever, but used tomes in their house to teach themselves communication and the ways of magic. Because of the limited selection, the only magic they had the opportunity to learn was that of the healing arts but they were quite adept at it.
One day, as they were reading "Orange Pork and Breadcrumbs" for the umpteenth time, a strange blonde child appeared around their hidden home. Thankfully, the child was oblivious to their home, but it appeared that he was looking for something. As he left, the twins gathered their trusty wands and attempted to tail him. They kept up with him for a couple hours, but he came to a vehicle that resembled a pig and drove off in it. As he sped away. a couple sheets of paper were left in his wake. Investigation of these sheets showed the boy was plotting to somehow build an entire city in the area that was their home! For these two it was quite a problem, but alas, they had a larger issue - they have no sense of direction and lost sight of their home. For a few days, they wandered about attempting to find their home to no avail. Finally, they saw something over the horizon... a town. With no better plans, ventured on into the village: Tazmily.
May 18, 2013
Dover Delaware
I will try to edit this, over a period of time, its hard to edit this with out gettting some dumb error.[DOUBLEPOST=1369066080][/DOUBLEPOST][DOUBLEPOST=1369067044][/DOUBLEPOST]Status: Open Begin the postings!
May 18, 2013
Dover Delaware
Tazmily Village
It had been snowing for several months now, it usally is summer around this time.
It was the middle of June,June 21th to be correct.
The beggining of summer, wasnt coming.
A Tall, rather bulky man, was approuching the village from his cabin afar.
He carried a ruffle bag, old leather straps mended together to carry his goods.
The man,came towards the town, wearing a old cotton overcoat, it was obvious the man was frezzing to death. He was shivering from head to toe, in the winter's cold.
It was only a matter of time, before he was completely frozen.
Stopping the man, heard a voice call out from the abandoned Sun Shine Elementary School south of his ordinary direction of path.
Looking from side to side, he entered the building, which was icolated from the other cabins nearby.
Thomas' Bazar and the Inn had been closed down for weeks, Flint had thought he was alone now...
He was utterly wrong.


Legacy Supporter 6
Retired Staff
Feb 22, 2013
Outside Tazmily, at the Naomi Sisters' house
"Well, the snow's even worse than usual today, Mimi. Not even sure if that settlement will be visible from here for a couple days."

The girls had decided to stay in the area around Tazmily, but to this point never actually approached the village. Instead, they stayed hidden and built a new house to work out of.

"There goes our contact plans," noted Mimi.

Naomi saw where Mimi was trying to bring the point, and shot it down. "No, the snow still isn't as bad as then, so we should be able to go out. Since it is still bad, the people will probably be inside anyway. That should make our task easier. We'll go out as planned."

With the matter of 'if' settled, the two prepare to travel into the town. After putting on coats to hide their staves, they ready some magic in advance in case the elements start freezing them along the short journey. As Naomi expected, Mimi promptly complained, "Do we really have to wear these huge coats? We're fine out there without them an they're so uncomfortable."

"Well, we have to, since our intention is making contact. We don't need someone fainting on seeing our staves like last time when you went out without telling me-"

Mimi, not wanting to hear the rest of that statement, interrupted. "Okay fine, I'll wear the coat, just please don't go guilt tripping me? I don't like thinking about that..."

After that exchange, the rest of their preparation was spent in silence. A few minutes later, they stood at the path out. Naomi was first to break the silence with a simple, "You ready? Didn't forget anything?"

"I 'forgot' *emphasized air quotes* to think about how heavy this thing is."

"Look, I have to wear it over my normal jacket, so no complaining from you."

"Fine, let's just go then."

The trip to Tazmily was rather uneventful. The snow kept falling, Mimi kept subtly complaining and Naomi somehow kept dealing with it. Arrival to the town was without issue. Once within, it appeared the village was deserted. Walking a lap they eventually went to the center.

Mimi, relentless about the matter, pestered further, "Okay, since no one's here, can I take off the coat?"

"Okay, for the last time NO. Do it one more time and I will guilt trip you until you pass out."

"Whoa, we do not have to go there... but if that's how badly you want me to stop, I will for now. Can we stay here and rest for a while, at least?"

"That's an idea, looks like no native creatures around. Sure, why not?"

After a minimal check of their possessions and magic, The two lay at the site and sleep, blissfully unaware that their assessment of the area was dead wrong.
May 18, 2013
Dover Delaware
A man, tall and muscular, arrived into town, carrying the old ruffle bag and a few flowers. His face looked rather sudden, and he shouted looking for his family. He had been looking for quite some time now, and he swore to his wife, Hinawa, on her grave site, that he would find their children. The man's name was Flint, Flint John McCallister. He had been the villages, leader at one time, until the darkness had came. As the wind blew more snow into Flint's face he shouted in a deep sick voice.

"Girls!? Boys!? Lucas, Clause, Mimi, Naomi! Anyone!?" Flint said as he coughed.

No response back. Flint uttered under his breath,


The Blizzard had pushed Flint back and forth across the town's central field, he stutters back chagrined and clenching his teeth.

"What on Earth, is wrong wit-with this wi-wind!" Flint muttered in annoyance.

He gazed up and noticed the unknown cload works above, dark and mysterious. Puzzled, he gave the clouds a good look, and then glancing at what used to be the Sun Shine Forest. Burned to the crisp and completely frozen. An Ice Age had begun in Tazmily Village.

"Hello!?" Flint shouted again, covering his face from being buffeted with snow pellets. Again, no response.

He heard a sound from his left, and immediately withdrew Vornwark, and yelled.

"Who goes there!?"

Flint alarmed and ready for a fight, he waited for any sudden movement.


Legacy Supporter 6
Retired Staff
Feb 22, 2013
At the faint sound of their names, Naomi jumped up. Mimi followed soon after, though more tired.

"*yawn* I thought you said this place was deserted," Whined Mimi after seeing that they were, in fact, not alone.

"No, you said that, now be quiet. We have no idea who this is. The last thing we need is for them to suddenly jump us."

"Okay, so what do we prepare for?"

"Just the usual magic, but we need to find a safer place to observe first."

The two got up and started sneaking about looking for the mystery visitor. Once his silhouette in the storm was located, they climbed to a safe height difference above and pondered what to do next while preparing spells. Mimi quickly spoke up with an analysis,

"Looks like these coats are so thick they'll prevent much of the weapon from touching us, cool!"

Not wanting to hear any further silliness, Naomi says what she's gathered about the situation thus far.

"Best we can do is confront him, but he has that weapon. Walking up to him would not hold over well, but we need some way to reach him quickly."

"Quick confrontation? Okay, I can do that!"

With that, Mimi jumps off the roof and lands in front of the man.

"Halt!" she yells at him through the barrier of snow.

"No, wai- Oh well, can't help it now," Naomi mutters before promptly following suit, landing behind him.

Making sure to get the first impression before Mimi says anything further, Naomi pipes up,

"Hold your weapon, we mean no harm to this area." *looking past the man* "Mimi, this isn't what I meant by 'quick confrontation'!"

Mimi simply responds with a silent shrug as the two anticipate the man's reaction to their sudden appearance.
May 18, 2013
Dover Delaware
A bit startled by the two figures quick opposition and mysterious appearance, He didn't raise his hand or anything, the man simply stood there, with no fatal expression, he pragmatically stayed the same. Glancing at the other girl, he smiled.

"What do you intend to do with that?"

Flint pointed at the staffs being wielded by both girls, with a soft chuckle he moved them aside.

"You think you can hurt me with these. I mean no threat!" He laughed harder and whipped a tear from his face.

"Wait a second... you two can't be, no, nononono You're not!," Flint exclaimed still laughing at the unexpected threat by both of the girls, who now both had a puzzled expression across their faces. Then turning around with close examination of the girls he asked.

"What are you two doing here alone anyways? You might just freeze to death out here, you got a place to stay?"

With a slight frown remembering he had forgot the most important thing about talking to complete strangers,

"My name is Flint, Flint John McCallister, I used to live here peacefully. But sense you don't seem to be who I am looking for I might as well leave....."

Flint pulls out a photograph and with a bit closer inspection of the two girls, he muttered...

"M-Mimi? and and Nao- Naomi?"

He gave the two girls the photograph, thinking it was them, he was unsure himself. The two girls looked rather buffed up and resembled something completely different from the two girls depicted in the photograph.

Flint grimaced, thinking he had mistaken, and starts to slowly walk away, covering his chin and part of his face with his scarf.


Legacy Supporter 6
Retired Staff
Feb 22, 2013
Mimi runs in front of Flint and snatches his picture.

"Ooh, what's that? OOH! Cool! Naomi, look!"

Upon the beckoning, Naomi walks over and looks at the picture.
Mimi continues,

"It looks just like us, huh?"

Naomi inspects the picture further, and notes the same,

"Interesting, it looks like we were younger here, though. *to Flint* What's the story here? How do you have our names, what looks like our picture and some sort of understanding of this situation?"

"Ooh, ooh!"

Naomi grimaces at what Mimi could possibly say next...

"Maybe he's the guy who gave us these coats! We were just so ado~orable that he had to take our picture when he gave us them!"

Upon giving a mean glance at Mimi, Naomi continues speaking,

"Please ignore her silliness, seems she got more blood in her system than I did. Anyway, I doubt a man running a coat drive would bother to remember us, not would he be out here seemingly alone. So what is the situation here, anyway? We're in no rush, so take your time if needed."

"Sis, he's probably cold out here from so long, and the storm is getting worse!"

"Perhaps a change of venue would be in order first. In any case, do what you will. We'll follow and listen for the time being."
May 18, 2013
Dover Delaware
:-:SunShine Forest:-:
The group of 3 wonder ways though the market of Tazmily, they checked each building for resoruces that could apply to thier aid, then heading west towards the chapel. At the foot of the entrence towards the SunShine Forest, the group stopped to discuss futher matters.
"You two are, as I beleive my two little daughters I lost about 3 years ago, Lucas and Claus your brothers followed the same." Flint explained, quickly as he took a sip of the fresh coffee he made. Gazing back at the fire, then looking back at the girls, who were figgitting a bit from the cold.
"I swore to Hinawa, that I would find them again, Its all so confusing, expesically when that young lad with blonde hair turned up at the entrance of our village. A heretic if that is what Joel had saw, but many felt different towards him." Flint paused, and covered himself with a blanket, then coughs a little.
"The young lad had extravagate ideas and he was a complete mastermind, he then with his "pig" like army over throw are town's mayor... by force. He pushed our villagers around like rag dolls, and I escaped eventually." Flint exclaimed, with a slight grimace across his face. He punches the ground and steam was coming from his ears.
"That when everyone left, and went missing, first Claus, then Lucas, and now I hope I found you two..."
"That blonde headed foe, destoryed everything, just look at this snowing wasteland!" Flint stood up shakeing his arms and hands about like a maniac, and looked completely driven mad.
"And now the Tower is at a risen, and we have no choose but to follow that child around as his serverts! Childs-Play!"
Flint growled, and then slowly easies his temper, he sitts back down on the forzen log, and relaxes his shoulders.
"Sorry for raising my voice, I'm just angre about everything...."


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Feb 22, 2013
Mimi drew the conclusion first.

"Hey, that sounds like the boy we chased and lost our home from!"

"Quite so, pigs and all. Explains why his vehicle was one."


Mimi, entranced by the shiny, began to look into the distance. Naomi's gaze followed, and fixed on a light visible in the distance. The especially bright light had an insignia of a pig nose.

"Pig!" both shout at seeing the light.

Naomi continues the shared thought.

"Well, looks like something's going on down there. Mr. Piggy boy might be up to something."

She looks at Flint and continues.

"Oh! Mimi's transfixion on the shiny made me forget to tell you; we have a comfortable hidden hut nearby should you wish to stay here for now. I think it'd be nicer than these destroyed places, but what you do here is your choice."

"Shiny, home... anything is better than staying here!"

With Mimi's last complaint, they allow Flint time to make a decision on action. While they wait, they prepare for a trek to somewhere, since neither location was any less than a trek from their current location.
May 18, 2013
Dover Delaware
Flint grabbed both girls onto his back and sprinted up northward.

"We're going to Grandpa Alec, He'll know what to do!"

He shouted, as he glanced back the pig like machine contiued to approuch them rather quickly. Flint made a rough turn to the left, and dashed forward across the Forest, and along side the river side, Mimi almost letting go screamed for dear life.

The Pig like machine followed suit, at an alarming speed. Flint yelled quickly:

"Naomi! Grab Požární střelec and the lighter in there, light an arrow with the thyrmit on it, and launch it at the Craft! Hurry!"

Flint handed Naomi his bag, which was old and ancient, even for a quite small bag, Naomi pulled out a medium sized bow.


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Retired Staff
Feb 22, 2013
Naomi was suspicious of the means Flint suggested the craft be taken care of, but performed the task as requested to make him happy. Notably, however, she let the vehicle get close before actually firing. When it struck, she released small damaging magic to take out some internals of the vehicle directly.
Mimi noticed the magic, but the silent message given off by Naomi said to not mention it.
In a few seconds, the vehicle exploded and the pilot was thrown off into the distance past visibility.

"Well, I get distracted by a shiny to neglect another shiny. Geez," Naomi commented after the area quieted down.
"Anyway, the insignia on the headlight matches that of the spotlight we first saw."
After checking to make sure the spotlight was still there, she continued.
"Seems the spotlight is still going, so there's that as a lead. He could have finished the city by this point, or maybe it's something else..."

Mimi pulled the plans, as she had kept them with her all this time, and examined them.

Naomi saw, and began, "Why do you have that out, I know I shouldn't have let you ho-"

"No, I'm looking for a shiny here."

Naomi, not to be outdone as the smart one by her sister, came over and immediately noticed the theory brought up my Mimi was indeed true.

"So it is... Guess I owe you one for that idea. Maybe that city is their hideout or something."

In the same direction, identical spotlights turned on in the sky.

Mimi brought in an additional idea, "Maybe out house is still OK out there!"

"Mimi, you're a genius!"

"I wanna finish reading Orange Pork and Breadcrumbs!"

"Aaand you just made me revoke that. Anyway, let's get going!"

On that note, the two ran off toward the spotlights. Naomi was still carrying Flint's bag, but had forgotten about it at this point, as the two were only focused on what was happening over where their home may lie.
May 18, 2013
Dover Delaware
Flint followed suit, but then coming to a puzzlement of this "Plan" he came to, and dashed after the twins alongside them. The Spot lights brightend and dimmed, and nearly blinded Flint's eyes. He contiued with the girls and asked,

"What city are you talking about? There isnt a city besides Merryville and Podunk, which are several apon serveal miles away from here!" Flint yelled in tired and exhasted voice, his tone deepened as they contiued to run in the direction of the spot lights.

Flint muttered to himself.

"I have a bad feeling about this, I just hope the children know what they are doing..."

Then he thought, 'What about Grandpa Alec, he should have known through legend something like this would be happeneing, the cold, the climate changes, surely he would have told me about this, after Hinawa's Death'...