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The Siege of Liberty Island

Oct 28, 2011
In a skirmish between the LO and Umbra, many lives were lost over the key strategic point of Liberty Island.

It started as northeaster345 raiding Umbra provisions and killing a few members, and taking lumont 's head. Reinforcements were called by Umbra, and North fled towards the island. In fear, he teleported his ally leftovers5 to him to kill Ellron23 . More backup came, and the LO dug into the island as hard as they could to fight off an onslaught of 8 people. With but north, left, 5004ab and Midnight_Storm67 , they fended off Umbra and Durotar (more members such as xRedDeadx and others) as long as they could. Left took XxSamdamanxX 's bounty, but to no avail, he died shortly after. The Siege of Liberty Island was over, Umbra victorious after reinforcements had overtaken the LO. The exclave remains to this day, a monument dedicated to the lives lost in the bloody battle.

Aug 30, 2011
My soul was so powerful that i was able to use my necromancer skills to revive myself from death, and killed northeaster345 reclaiming my head. How could you forget to leave that part out? He never left i killed him.


The Legion of Oblivion does, and yes, yes we did.
Just for doing that, I highly respect and possibly will apply for your town. I agree, that is how PvP should be, group battles instead of OP'd warriors camping the spawn.
-EDIT- Checked the rules and im not 15. this sucks. will look into joining part of the LO though.