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The Rune Master to be...

May 29, 2014
I had heard tales of this land ever since I was a child. Tales of people flocking to it, hoping to become some huge powerful being. Tales of immortality, the quote "Heroes never die." They always said like it was common knowledge. My fondest memory was when I was in my teens, working at a small tavern to get some money, get some food. One night in particular some "Heroes" is what they were calling themselves, came in making a scene. One of them grabbed one of the women near by and she screamed. The looks of the men around were of anger but no one acted, they knew that if they moved they would die. One man at a booth though stood, his face was shaded in a leather hat and a similar cloak wrapped around his body. One man drew a bow at him and let the arrow fly, though with a blink of the eye, he was gone. He showed up in front of one the men and drew his sword. Then he vanished, he was blinking in and out slicing one man with a flaming sword, the other falling from what looked like nothing. It was done before it started. The woman thanked the man as he said sorry to the bartender and told him he would clean up the men. My boss said that I would help and while I wasn't to happy to touch the bodies I wanted nothing more than to talk to him. I rattled off questions every second as we moved the bodies but he didn't answer a thing. When we were done he started to walk away, his time here had ended. "Wait! What are you?" I yelled after him, he stopped and turned his head. "A Rune Master to be..." that was it, he walked away and I never saw him again. Ever since then I tried to move my life towards what I grew to call it "The Haven". Anything had to be better than this hole.

When I finally got enough money to afford the spell to send me there I wasn't going to wait another day. I spell caster said some words and waved his hands and then bam. I arrived at what I now learned was called, "The Spawn" there were people running around but, no one talked. It was so strange, like everyone understood where they were going and no one could be 'bothered' with talking. I soon learned that I wouldn't be getting any information here so I left. I gathered some supplies and thankfully found a small farm that I grabbed some melon's from. After that I found a cave and went underneath. It was great, I was on my own, fighting and living on my own. Soon I had tools and weapons and armor. I was on my way to becoming a Rune Master. I came out into a tunnel, it looked like a railway and there was a cart on the side. I pushed one onto the tracks and let it take me away to the land unknown.

As I exited the tunnel I found something....bad. The land of fancy buildings and farms and people was gone. All I saw was horrible structures made out of stone and holes all over. Dirt was floating in the air and trees had no bases, everything looked to be different and corrupted. Whatever was happening with this world was horrible and nasty. I kept moving, I soon passed the skeleton of a massive dragon. It looked like a good place to stay the night but if I thought it than it might bring unwanted attention. I kept walking and soon found a castle, it looked broken, some of the pillars on the top walls were missing the tower to the caps. Another freak of the world, as I walked inside the place was barren, it was built into a cliff and had only a few signs inside. The signs talked about the previous owners leaving for a new home. That anyone who found the castle could take it as their home. I was ecstatic, all I ever had was a hut, let alone a castle. I spent a few nights in there, resting from the long journey. After a few days I started to follow the path outside the front to find some trees. As I collected some apples I looked to the ocean to see what looked like a bridge of lily pads. On it was a man, the first I'd seen since my adventures out here. I waved and yelled "Hello!" But he just stared at me, crouching, then he vanished. My heart started fluttering. I knew what was happening, he was coming for me. I scattered down the tree and ran back to my castle. I looked over my shoulder but didn't see anything coming after me. As I got to the castle I drew my sword and caught my breath. Nothing happened, no one came, as I let out a breath and relaxed a arrow twang near the wall next to me. I turned to see my chaser with a bow drawn, wearing a iron chest piece and blue pants. I rolled and dodged a few arrows moving closer and closer. Catching a arrow here and there but I wasn't someone to give up. The arrows scratched me and caused some bleeding but I got quite a few slashes in on him as well. Then, a arrow hit me, right in the heart. I clung at my chest and fell, my vision slowly blurred, all I remember, was blue pants.

I woke with a breath as I looked into the darkness that surrounded me. I felt around until I heard a click, a huge door above my head opened, I walked out to see a church and graves around me. There I was, alive with a sign above my tomb that read. "Heroes never die." So here I was, in a ugly, deformed land, with mute murderers. Everything told me to leave, to run, go back to a normal life but I have a dream. That dream wasn't complete, I will live in this world and become what I sought out to be. I am, The Rune Master to be...