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Suggestion The Problems With TNT, PVP, PVE, and So Much More

Jul 14, 2014
Okay but 10 people out of how many people that play on the server, that may just be the mindset of your group which is completely okay, but if you get upset about loosing the stuff you worked hard to get then perhaps a server that is based on PvP (main selling point is heroes which promotes PvP IMO) and dying happens a lot you should just switch to something that fits your playstyle more. Also, I think people are always going to build walls and try to keep their stuff safe because at the end of the day you're just dumb not too, I personally don't really care about dying and loosing some stuff because it doesn't really matter to me, but that doesn't mean I'm going to go full tard mode and not build anything to protect my stuff because even if I care very little about loosing it, I'd just be dumb to not do some simple things to protect it.

If some of your greatest times in Herocraft are PvP you should understand these things such as loosing stuff and what not, and why it doesn't matter to people, later in your post you said that you refuse to believe people PvP just because they enjoy it but I feel like if your best times on herocraft have actually been in PvP you should understand that to some people its very fun and enjoyable. I feel like if people are killing people mining underground it has a very high chance to be for loot too, why should I spend my time to mine when I can track someone who has been mining and just go take their ores? I disagree with saying the classes need to be updated because people should be rewarded for knowing what they're doing, you're complaining about older players being able to stomp newer players because newer players don't know what they are doing, I think this is something that is healthy because it rewards someone for thinking about what they do and knowing how to beat certain classes with their class, this is something I think is prevalent in 90% of games with PvP, some examples such as Archage, Guild Wars 2, Smite, League of Legends, Dota, Albion, etc. I think that if Irish is better then you then yeah, you shouldn't be able to compete with someone who is that much better then you and I don't see a problem with him ending your career. I don't think the map should be increased in size because player interaction is something that every game has and is something players Should Not have to search for themselves, People quit when the server is "dead" due to lack of player interaction and I think you just got raided a few times and are making really emotional claims without putting thought into how it effects the server as a whole and just thinking about what you want. You can say Herocraft needs a bigger map to allow for more usage of land but at the end of the day there is plenty of unused land on Herocraft and even if the map was expanded, people would just bitch about it taking forever to get places and we would have new herogates and you would run into the same problems. (has happened in the past)

Say what you want to say but Herocraft has always flourished when its PvPers were active and to its core has promoted PvP through certain events and changes, I think everytime changes are made that "promote PvE" its a waste of effort (from a business standpoint) because unless they go fullout PvE they will never reach the point of other servers and will outclassed. I understand why you want the cost of TnT to be increased but I truely think that you'll get TnTed into again and just make another post soon, What stops someone from being like Jonsoon and Yavool in previous maps (rich as fuq boi) and just buying more TnT to raid your town with, like saying "they should only be able to afford raiding my town twice a week!!!!1111!!" is a really dumb statement IMO because some people will make a lot of money and end up making easily 10x as much as another person makes in a week, what one person might be able to afford twice a week is never for other people. At the end of the day TnT shouldn't be that can be bought with currency IMO if you want to reduce the frequency of raids due to the massive differences in how much money people make/have. You say things like "the only people that disagree with this change are those raiding." but honestly like no shit. It doesn't negatively impact anyone else besides the people raiding so why would anyone else care. I think you may see the PvP community has being catered towards just because "the grass is always greener on the other side" I genuinely don't know which side is catered towards or if its perfectly even. I personally think if Herocraft wants to succeed then catering to the PvP community would be a smart move but I could be completely wrong and thats just my opinion, I have never once said that the PvE community is catered to over the PvP I just said there are changes that are focused to help PvE players and there are changes that Help PvP players more which I feel most people will agree with me on.
Opinions aside, I think we are just two sides of the same coin. You see PVP as the central focus and want to keep it that way, I see a new opportunity for PVE. We both want what's best for herocraft, hopefully fruitful discussions continue from that.

While I do admit I got raided a few times it's not the inherint raid that frustrated me. I can stand losing my stuff, but when I join on the server and play for less than a week with my friends and we step on the wrong toes and all hell breaks loose I draw the line there. My 5 person town should not be raided by a 25 person town within the first weeks of the map and have no serious cost/ economical issues for the attacking town. All it cost them to take all my work was 8-24 medals of vengeance and that's what frustrates me. Which is why I would SUGGEST that we make raiding either on a timed basis OR do what Xexo suggested and have huge cost or repercussions for attacking a town when there is little worth.

Also, I would agree in you saying that those with more experience should gain the upper hand. But when we have groups of players like Irish and his friends who have played on the server every day for many years now, it gives an unfair advantage to them over others. Sure new players can learn, but while they spend a year learning so do the veterans. Herocraft does not have the lifespan to generate new veterans who are PVP gods. All I seem to glean from this situation is that the rich get richer, skilled become better, and the players who are bad at herocraft get worse. When we had introduction of ender mage last map and hydromancer this map, new players had the chance to compete against high ranking PVP players in regards to those classes. I want this to continue, but while we could at more classes I would suggest we stop have the same META classes such as dragoon wizard paladin etc. But instead have a rework of the class system so that they are all viable.

Finally, I do believe people enjoy PVP just for the fun of it. Sorry if that came across different than my intentions. But I also think the "ganking" of players has gotten slightly out of hand.


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Sep 11, 2012
@Kainzo @Danda @xexorian TNT block destruction should be immediately removed and never brought back. Let towns be towns and thrive as a safe haven, a hub for community, and a place to safely store loot, not as a place for the top 3 populated towns to PVP and raid any level town they wish (as those are the only people who can hold onto the the castle capture points for long enough to get the medals to buy the TNT...the whole system is broken).

Every time someone breaks into my town with TNT, I boycott Herocraft for a minimum of 24 hours as a way to show that I will not support the use of TNT on this server. As I have stated before, my former townfolk refuse to play Herocraft anymore *specifically* because of the TNT block destruction and the pointlessness of even having a town for lack of the aforementioned benefits.

If you really want to prove what the community thinks about TNT, make block destruction optional within each town (with the default being off), and see how many towns actually turn block destruction on so that others may raid them via TNT. I am not a betting man...but I would put the over/under at 1....if even one town said yes, I would be surprised; most definitely, all the rest would cry a resounding "hell no."

Thank you,