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The Misadventures of LinkEiyu


A frightening Cactus!
Aug 5, 2013
So I've been writing up a first person perspective of my adventure so far. I'm not sure if it qualifies as lore, so please, let me know what you guys think, and if you're interested in hearing more.


Who am I? What am I? A mere idea, yet to be given physical form? Unable to take hold of the world around me. Unable to change it. Merely... existing. Such was the way of a Lost Soul. But I yearned for more. I yearned for the thrill of adventure. For the excitement of exploration. For fame. Power. Wealth. Creation was calling. Bastion was calling.

A Lost Soul, I would be no more.

With a start, I awoke gasping for air. The realization hit me that I could suddenly feel. The sensation new, but at the same time familiar to me. I was... wet. My waking place into Bastion had been in a small water display at the spawn of the world. As gathered myself, I took a moment to look my body over. Watching the water ripple as I moved to the edge of this over sized bowl. Never before had I felt the sensation of... affecting the world around me. It was new. Exciting. My lips curled into a grin as I leaped over the edge, slamming into the ground with an almost sickening crunch.

Pain. Another new, but somehow familiar sensation. One I would remember well in the future. I took note of my surroundings... There was a black gooey portal that led to something called the Nexus... I would avoid it for now. unsure of whether or not I'd like to go there. Instead I hobbled for the nearest exit.

"Hey!" a voice called out to me, stopping me as I walked. "Could I interest you in some bread? Really cheap."

"Um..." I replied. "Sorry. I don't think I have any money yet."

"Oh! You're new to Bastion then?"


"You should consider joining Braavos. We're recruiting right now."

"Is that so?"

"You bet, here," he handed me a flyer, decorated with photos and pictures of the town of Braavos, as well as an application to join.

"I'll think it over," I replied, filing that away at the back of my inventory. Joining a township could be interesting.

"Oh and be careful out there! Lot's of raiders and newbie killers running around."

"Thanks for the advice," I replied as I made my way southward. As I left the boundaries of the city, a feeling of dread and excitement hit me. Perhaps one of the stranger combinations of emotions.

My name is LinkEiyu. The fates had deemed me a healer... and my adventure was about to begin.


At least one night had passed, and I had covered a good deal of distance. Snow crunched beneath my feet with every step that I took. The leather tunic I had crafted offered very little protection from the cold... The handle of my cracking stone blade felt almost frozen to my hand in this arctic tundra. I wasn't even quite sure of how I made it here. Or where I was going at all for that matter. Despite my new, living status, I had somehow fallen back into the habits of a Lost Soul. Wandering without purpose. Without reason. The sense of adventure slowly fading as I wondered what exactly I was trying to accomplish out here.

And then, in the midst of my thoughts and pondering, it happened. Without warning, a spider leaped from a nearby tree. I had fought a few prior, as well as a few zombies. But I wasn't faring very well. In a deft motion, the creature dove forward at me! I swung my blade, but to no avail. It snapped across the creatures back as it sunk its fangs into me, draining what last bit of energy I could hold on to.

Before I knew it, I felt as though I had just awakened for the first time all over again. But I wasn't in the spawn... No. Where was I? Carefully, I rose to my feet, noting a sign to my right. A graveyard. I had awoken in a grave yard. None of my equipment seemed to make it with me... it appeared that I would need to start from scratch. Though i was thankful to be alive at all... With a heavy heart, and a heavy sigh, I departed from the graveyard... The night was still young. Creatures still lurked. With nothing but the clothes on my back, I swiftly carried on... Soon finding myself in the kingdom of the League of Oblivion.


A frightening Cactus!
Aug 5, 2013
As I continued on my journey, I found myself admiring the pathway I was walking on. The craftsmanship and sense of design had been rather impressive, compared to the plain cobblestone paths I had traversed previously. The Legion of Oblivion surely knew how to impress its visitors. I wasn't sure how, but somehow the name of the kingdom seemed familiar...

By now, I had managed to reequip myself with a few makeshift weapons. A wooden blade and a few sticks. Nothing impressive, but enough to dispatch any monsters that might lurk in the night. With some effort, at least. I had also managed to set up my heads up display... as I heard was standard here. From my viewpoint, I could see a map of the lands surrounding me just in the corner of my vision. As well as a box containing all of the chatter across the land in text form. Certainly useful as well.

Eventually, I wandered into the desert following this beaten pathway... coming upon a sign that offered directions.

Verstad... Paragon... Rapture... Braavos?

Braavos. I recalled the bread salesman asking me if I'd be interested in joining. And that's where I had seen this kingdom's name... Why not pay a visit to see what I'd be getting into?

"Now entering Paragon..." I spoke aloud to myself, my vision traveling up an enormous wall of sand. Was this Paragon? Perhaps they were a buried city? No... my map said otherwise. There appeared to be a grand city on the top. I wondered if I would ever actually get to see it? Little did I know what the future would hold for me.

The very near future.


It was a surprisingly short walk from Paragon to the next city. Braavos. The one I had set out to explore in the first place. And it was as grand as the recruitment page implied. Towering walls of sandstone, nether bricks, and stone surrounded the city itself, the only clue as to what was inside being the gaps between the front gate. Full of wonder, I began circling the city, hoping to perhaps get a better view of what lie within. Only to be further impressed but what was outside. A well decorated trade district of sorts surrounded the city. Fitting for what appeared to be an island port, only connected to land by bridges. Heh.

I had completed half of my circle when suddenly, I saw another person come rushing at me. On reflex, I drew the first thing I could get my hands on and doubled back to defend myself... With a stick.

Whoever that person was approaching seemed to have the same idea, immediately retreating from their approach. Perhaps I had appeared threatening? Didn't matter much to me. I took the first opportunity to book it down the south bridge... only to be stopped by another player. Offering bread. Huh... How kind. Perhaps not everyone would be out for my blood.

"Thank you." I called.

They didn't respond verbally... only bowed and motioned for me to follow. And as naive as I was, I did.

It was about that time my HUD lit up with a message.

From [Rogue]Wailingrl: You scared me!

I vaguely recognized the name... That was the person who had just fled from me! A rogue. Hm.

"I could say the same to you!" I replied, keeping my new found guide unaware of my conversation.

"Are you a new player?"

"Yes... yes I am."

"Interested in joining a township?"

"Maybe... Someone recommended Braavos to me when I arrived."

By now, the person guiding me had led me to a lift. Peculiar. I was motioned to follow. And follow I did.

"Oh. Well I'm from Paragon, and we're recruiting if you're interested."

"Hm.. .sure why not." I was still curious as to what was on top of that towering city.

Upon reaching the top of the lift, the floor suddenly fell out from beneath me! I knew it! I was being led into a damn trap... Whatever happened next, I deserved for my naivety... A quick glance around showed the now sealed door above me, and nothing but brick walls around me. Redstone circuitry was visible... Of course. It was a crushing trap.

And then it happened. The walls suddenly closed in. The next time I opened my eye, I was lifting myself up from the nearest graveyard.. A feeling that was always so alien to me, but in time, I would have to become familiar with.

"You alright? Where'd you end up?"

"Yeah.. I got lured into a trap..." I replied, attempting to gather my bearings... "My map says I'm in some sort of forest..."

"You must've scared someone. Head south, you'll come across an ice path. I'll wait for you on the other end."

I was apprehensive, considering my recent death, but... I felt compelled to follow. At least this person spoke to me. Maybe not everyone was so bad?



A frightening Cactus!
Aug 5, 2013
May contain continuity errors. Uncertain of Zeph's level at the time of my meeting her. @_@


As I stepped from this graveyard, I took a look around me. I was in a jungle.. In the distance, I could vaguely make out a giant red arrow floating into the sky, south of my location. Perhaps that was the marker to the pathway? A short journey later, I would find my answer. My map certainly showed an irregular structure in the wilds. A straight line of ice. Difficult to handle for a newbie, but swiftly navigated by someone with a bit more experience under their belt.

The red arrow, I came to find, rested at the start of the path. It was a chest shop, owned by... EldryLars. For a moment, I pondered who that could be, selling redstone out here. But only for a moment. I had a place to be. I felt my balance shift briefly as a I stepped onto the ice... trying to gain my footing back. I'd seen another do this before. Perhaps it wouldn't be so hard?

With a hard step, I started sprinting forward down the ice, taking a mighty leap to propel myself further. My lips curled into a wild grin as I took another leap as I landed, the wind now roaring in my ears as I tore down the ice pathway. 'Rapture Road' read the lone sign I blew past in the cave system. I had to be moving at least... ten meters per second. At the least. It wasn't long at all before I came bursting from the end of the pathway.

"Yahooo!" I couldn't help but shout as I erupted from the last ice block, launching myself several feet along the path. My momentum sliding me a meter or so along the grass as I landed. The smallest things always appeared to be the funnest.

Suddenly, a horrific sound pierced through the air. On instinct, I grimaced, covering my ears. My eyes performed a quick study of the landscape, to spot a figure not too far away, engaging zombies... The melody, if you could call it that, emanating from her. In her hand was what appeared to be a music disk, spinning rapidly in her fingertips as she bashed it into the side of a zombie's skull. I was astounded, watching her sidestep another zombie before bellowing some manner of war cry and slamming her foot into its chest, felling it.

She was quick, agile, strong. At least five or ten levels higher than me. At the time, I couldn't be so sure from a quick glance. Before I knew it, two more zombies fell at the wrath of her music disk. I could only assume what class she was.

A bard.

"Took you long enough," she called out, having noticed me. I was still quite impressed with the show she had put on. She waved me over. "Welcome to Rapture swamp."

"Thanks... Nice moves," I commented.

"Ah, that's nothing. I'm only level sixteen," she replied.

Only? Bard classes were impressive even at lower levels...

"You ready for the tour?" she motioned for me to follow.

"I suppose so."


A frightening Cactus!
Aug 5, 2013
"This way," the bard called as she led me along. She didn't even have to tell me our destination... I felt my mouth drop on its hinges as the structure came into view. A blue serpent. A bloody dragon. Somehow she must have sensed my amazement. "Impressive, isn't it?" she spoke, spinning on her heels, so that she was now walking backwards.
"You're kidding me, right. A leviathan. Here. In a lake, next to a swamp."

"There's a city under it. Rapture."

"...What." It wasn't a question, but merely a statement of disbelief. Even after climbing up to the viewing station, and falling off into the water below, I couldn't quite estimate the exact height of the structure.

"Why... did you jump? There's a ladder, you know. We climbed up it."

"Man of action." I wasn't going to admit to tripping.

"...Anyway. You've seen Braavos, right?" The two of us started back down the path. I recognized it as the one I had been on moments before my visit to the graveyard.

"Yeah, it was impressive. A guy from there tried to sell me bread when I first came to Bastion. He gave me an application to join..."

"Do you remember his name?"

"Not really." I was honest.

"That's alright. Paragon is still part of the Legion, I'm sure you'll be happy there."

I hadn't noticed it passing through the last time, but there... in the sky, blotting out the stars. A giant floating island. It looked as though it had uprooted itself from the earth itself, in an attempt to flee to the heavens. "Whoa..."

"That's our current project. Eldry's leading it."

"Eldry?" I echoed, curiously.

"King Eldry Lars."

Silently, I nodded. The king, leading a project. Interesting. Perhaps I would meet him one day?


A frightening Cactus!
Aug 5, 2013
October 1st, 2013.

I haven't been able to keep up with this journal as often as I had liked since I started my journey here at Bastion. So much has happened in the short time I've visited this land, and it became quite a bit to attempt to keep entries with.

My citizenship to Paragon was finalized not too long after I became a Disciple. I was able to move in and start construction on a small abode. I took a plot in the back corner of the undercity, hoping to keep myself clear of through traffic. It actually ended up working far too well, as I often lost my bearings and forgot where my plot lay.

I've made a lot of good friends over the past month or so. Like the charismatic King, Eldry Lars. That man has the charisma of a bard, and the charm to go along with it. I think it safe to assume that the people of the Legion would gladly follow than man to hell and back, myself included. The man plays a great cleric, and has an interesting sense of construction. I've seen grand structures climb into the skies seemingly overnight through his hands, like his castle on Oblivion. And on top of that he was an experienced cleric, capable of easily turning the tides of battle to the Legion's favor.

The Queen, Witchy, who I've met in a few times. My first impression of her was rather... interesting. Though not as interesting as the one on the sandstone beneath her home. Her automatic bridge had failed on her during my visit, disappearing beneath her very feet and causing her to pay an untimely visit to the graveyard nearby. It was amusing at the least.

The Viceroy of Paragon is another notable figure I've met. Northeaster. Though I haven't spent very much time with him just chatting, I have fought alongside him. A grand wizard, master of the Megabolt. I've seen him drop half of an enemy party with a single strike. Truly impressive. Another man I would follow to the ends of the earth, fighting for the glory of Paragon.

And the town manager, wailgirl, or Zeph. The bard that recruited me, and helped me when my adventure began. She's become an invaluable friend, who I often turn to for advice in both my own architecture, as well as my go to leveling partner. Though she usually ends up doing most of the work, seeing as I've always just been her 'crummy heal slave'.

And let's not forget all the other members of the town and kingdom that I've met during my stay.

Acedprodigy. A bit of an overzealous dragoon, but well intentioned all around. Last I checked, he had moved into a plot near mine, and built a giant house of cake, decorated with the skulls of his foes. Terrifyingly delicious.

Trist, someone who I believe had been a part of LO before myself. A mysterious wizard garbed in solid black. You could never be quite sure what direction he was looking in. He had an ambitious nature, often looking to take on many projects in the kingdom.

Jolt Kaminari, a friend of my own that I met on the other side of the veil, during my time as a lost soul. He managed to reach Bastion all on his own, and found his own way to Paragon where we took him in with open arms. He strived to become a mason, and Zeph even took him on as an apprentice. When his citizenship was finalized, he took a plot just down the street from mine.

Apollymae, another friend of mine gained during my time as a Lost Soul, managed to make it as well. She, Jolt, and myself often found ourselves training in the ruins of Reign and its neighboring swamp. She managed to become a Samaurai in recent days.

*There was a smear of ink on the page, as if the writing had been interrupted.*

Unfortunately, my time is running short here. As I write, Bastion itself seems to be falling into pandemonium. Towns no longer carry their magical protection that once prevented non-members from breaking into their undercities. The Zo announced the end of Bastion approaching, and I surmise this is a result of that announcement.

The king approached us after some time, telling tale of the gods speaking to him. That we had a new task to be laid out to us when the land ended and we all returned to being Lost Souls once again. A new threat we would need to conquer on the horizon in the land the Zo called Haven.

So now I wait while the world crumbles. Waiting to begin anew. Waiting to see the world, Reborn.
Jan 15, 2013
This is so epic, but I already was part of Rapture, the bard you spoke about, she is a traitor, may the good rest upon Haven and the justice bring peace and light to the Legion of Oblivion


A frightening Cactus!
Aug 5, 2013
With the ushering in of Haven, I thought I would go with a third person writing instead of first person. I prefer it anyway. First person isn't something I do very often. Anywho, enjoy the next story!


I remember it vividly... a spade piercing my back as I fled from a dragoon in Reign Swamp. It still haunted my dreams, being thrown into the air and struck down so grievously... slamming into the wall. My heads up display flashing red as a fireball struck me, ending my life once again. The familiar trip to the graveyard.

Again, a dragoon, while fleeing Rapture Swamp.

Wizard, megabolted, while raiding Silvermede.

Death after death. Failure after failure.

Bastion was full of good memories. But also bad memories.


Link opened his eyes, legs crossed on the bed he had commandeered. Some poor newbies house in the wilds, wide open. Jungle wood. Plentiful. Easy to obtain. There was a jungle not too far from here... Personally, he wasn't a fan of the color.

"Link," a familiar voice spoke in his ear. "Link, you there?"


"Jolt's been looking for you. Where you at?"

"Just in someone's house," the Noble responded, rising from the bed. He made sure to snatch his blade from its resting spot leaning against the bed. He gave it a test swing, inspecting the blade's length. It was dulled from a hard night's leveling. Would likely break soon.

"You should be careful." Zeph always did worry about everyone a bit too much. "People might be around."

"Not worried. I'm still a Level Five Lost Soul." Level five, just like everyone else.

"Oh. I've forgotten what that's like. I've been pvp able for some time now."

"You always were overzealous." He adjusted his earpiece a bit before sheathing his sword at his side. "I found some decent loot here by the way."


"Yeah," the Lost Soul waved his hand through the air in front of him, a hologram projecting from his eyepiece. It showed a grid in front of him, spotted with various equipment and materials. "Two stacks of iron ingots, a few stacks of oak wood, iron weapons, and some iron chest plates. Nothing fancy."

"That's not too bad," the voice spoke back in his ear. "Anyway, don't wait too long to get back. You shouldn't keep your friends waiting."

"I'll be back by the next nightfall. No worries. Keep in touch."

"I'll be a Necromancer next time you hear from me."

"Looking forward to seeing it," Link smirked, ending the conversation as he made his way to the door. Already, the creatures of the night were clawing at it, hungry for the flesh of living beings. "Let's dance."


A frightening Cactus!
Aug 5, 2013
Even as a Disciple, I spent much time traveling from graveyards back to my tombstone.

Whether it be from a raid.

Or a playful shove by TrueCorrupter from the top of Oblivion.

Or being chased down by the Umbra gank squad.

The feeling of waking up empty handed and broken never seemed to fade, despite how often it occurred.


"Damn it..." Link swore as he pressed his back against a tree. A familiar sound struck the other side of it. Bow fire from a horde of skeletons. With his vision a blur, he checked the heads up display from the device adorning his face to confirm his fears. A heart and a half left. Zombies in front of him, and skeletons between him and the Dominion's center of operations.

With a sigh, he gripped the arrow in his shoulder, snapping it off before slamming his palm down to force it through. He only had a slim margin to make it by without being knocked back into the horde by the skeletons, which would spell out an untimely visit to the graveyard... The boy grit his teeth. No graveyard visits. Not tonight. Returning for the tombstone would be a pain, especially since the night was only half over.

"HIYAAAAAH!" a voice cried out over the treetops, a sickening crunch echoing through the woods from the sound of steel smashing bone.

Skeleton has been struck grievously by Jolt_Kaminari!

"Need my help again?" the redhead called out with a grin as he turned to bash another skeleton in the head with the pommel of his blade, before ducking behind another as the rest launched their volley of arrows into their unsuspecting ally. Another Strike, felling the skeleton in front of him before ducking behind some cover as well.

"What..." Link started to say before taking the opportunity to bolt to another tree, his HUD alerting him that he was no longer in combat while he slipped between trees. Thank goodness, a moment to heal. A grin crawled over his face as his vision returned. Half health. "How long have you been Level Five?" the blonde called out to his ginger friend.

"Minutes," he replied.

"Zombies on our six, let's break for the desert," Link called out, cutting around the tree and dashing, drawing the attention of the skeletons. The pair broke through the treeline, only meters separating them. "Had to come play hero, didn't you?"

"It's in our blood, and you know it," he laughed. "Besides, you would've done the same," extending his sword out to Link as the sand parted in their wake. Link smashed his own steel into it, the loud clang of steel clashing echoing through the night. A sort of handshake that the pair would use in greetings, almost akin to a 'brofist' of sorts.
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