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The Kingdom of Aranor- An island Diarchy.

Feb 21, 2015


Vast are the oceans of Citadel, separating hundreds of islands and mainlands. Through the deep waters of these vast oceans, a mountainous island rises, secluded from any other land. On its coasts an entire civilization has formed, without the presence of opposing forces. Multiple towns grow on this island, known as Aranor, and in time formed one single kingdom- the Kingdom of Arnor.

Aranor is a kingdom and an island, the island being extremely mountainous. It's government being a Diarchy, which is a government in which two individuals joint rule the kingdom. The Diarchs are;
Diarch Gales (GodOfGales) of Tiltwo
Diarch Storms (SpiritOfStorms) of Vrash

This is the official information hub of Aranor, and is under contant change as the kingdom grows.