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The great RP event of HeroCraft!

Do you want a full RP event?

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Feb 21, 2015
Greetings! I thought a server-wide event conducted in RP would be a neat server event to get some RP going. The event could be a festival of sorts, with little sub-events taking place, like PvP matches and such, all conducted in RP. Players would speak in local chat, and talk as there roleplaying character. Gladiators could go against each others in 1v1's in the event arena, and teams or groups could do the same. Maybe set up a system where you could bet on the winners, and claim money if he/she wins, or lose it if not. You could also set up 'restaurants' around the area, and areas to tell RP stories to other RP'ers. These we're just ideas, but the point of the suggestion is an event completely conducted in RP. :)