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The Factories of Athenaeum - Recruiting

Oct 14, 2014
Hilo, Hawaii
*~*~*~*~*~ Athenaeum ~*~*~*~*~*

A land ravaged by war and desolation,
Springs forth a new age of technological innovation.
Born of metal and risen from the ashes,
So stands Athenaeum, built to withstand the ages.

~*~ Goals ~*~
The town of Athenaeum stands to conquer all towns that stand
in its' way. With conquest, war and combat eventually
pursues and thus we, the soldiers, must heed our towns' call to arms.

~*~ Town Information ~*~
1. Theme: Steampunk/Medieval
2. Daily taxes: None, though donations are encouraged
3. Location: Flat lands in a mesa biome with a river through the middle

~*~ Rules ~*~
1. Respect your fellow members and your superiors.
2. Stealing will not be tolerated. Any perpetrators will be kicked
out and executed for the stolen items.
3. You must ask for permission before building, entering another
player's house, or using town facilities.
4. Swearing is allowed but try to refrain from overuse. Also applies to caps.
5. If the command is justified, you must obey what your
commanding officers request.
6. We need to have active members. If you will not be able to
contribute to the town notify an officer or risk losing your gear
and membership.
7. Obey the server rules. You all know the drill.

~*~ Media ~*~
None at this time, help us make some lasting memories!

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Oct 14, 2014
Hilo, Hawaii
~*~ Town Leaders ~*~
Sp00derman Junarcel (@Junarcel)

~*~ Council Members ~*~
Commanding General Beow0lf
Second-in-Command Watermelon_01 (@Watermelon_01)
Lost Hobo Lostkai (@Lostboi007)

~*~ Citizens ~*~

~*~ Applications ~*~
Follow these guidelines to apply. Note that anything in parenthesis ( ) is not necessary and is merely for your information. If the question does not apply to you, the answer should be "N/A"
1. In-Game Name (IGN):
2. Age: (Must be 15 or older)
3. Geographic Location/Time Zone:
4. Play Time and Activity per Week:
5. Combat Class and Level:
6. Profession and Level: (Or if still a crafter, tell what your intended prof. is)
7. Methods of Communication: (Ex. Skype, Teamspeak, Texting, Emailing, etc. - Do not give out personal information on this page, contact us privately.)
8. How Long You Have Played on Herocraft: (When you joined and if you stopped)
9. Things You Like to do in Minecraft: (Ex. Mining, Building, Fighting, Etc.)
10. Previous Bans (What for and how long ago)
11. Previous Town Ownership or Membership: (This map or before)
12. Have You Read These Rules and Agree To Them: (This includes the server's rules)
13. How Excited Are You For This Town?!?:
14. Anything Else We Should Know About:
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