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The Dragoons Trial [Low level] + [Medium Level]

Nov 26, 2012
MAP: Atlas
Target: Atlas Dragon Head and Mouth
Time Limit : 10 mins

So this is just something i did for fun while waiting for @Allajin and a little bit past. so i decided using only the Jump skill to do what all dragoons should do. climb dragons. so i climbed it took some shots for proof. it is quite the drop though if you miss.
Target: Atlas Torch
Time Limit: unspecified

due to the lack of a superjump this one requires tactical thinking and dexterity. makes a great gold smelting spot.
the last pic (or fiery one) is from atop the Atlas Flame.

2017-05-24_15.32.32.png 2017-05-24_15.35.41.png 2017-05-24_15.35.55.png 2017-05-24_22.54.20.png

Completed by Lord_Orchid 05/24/17 @lv 28 Dragoon
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