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Suggestion (Support) Class Skill Suggestions

Mar 31, 2021
The problem that past HC maps had in my opinion was the fact that certain skills just didn't get used often, or were too situational to really be viable, it doesn't help if you give every class the same base line either. If not every support is able to rez for example, it allows the team to balance it easier by giving supports that cannot rez players different skills a more classical support class would not have.

Suggestions for Druid Class

1)Replace most Utility with directly useful skills, what if Druid became a Hybrid between DOT healer and Buffer In return, Druid would not have as powerful heals as other classes, or would not have access to a Rez skill. This way, Druid players select the class in order to be more of a direct combatant in team fights, with the option to heal and buff their party members a bit, but as a trade off, are unable to rez, and may have weaker heals in comparison to a class such as Cleric for example.

Possible Skill Proposals

KEEP:Soothe, Ire, Entangle, (Maybe change Entangle to a Temporary CC that takes someone out of the fight for maybe 10 secs unless they take damage?)

Suggestions I got are

Call of the Wild:You summon temporarily 2-3 wolf pets to attack a single target, lasts about 20-40 seconds. Could be more or less depending on balance and the damage the wolves deal. Final Druid Skill, fits on theme with them being a nature/wild support, doesn't last too long and allows them to help peel a target in pvp, and in pve allows Druid to have a "Burst" damage window that isn't too powerful. Mean't to be a ultimate skill.

Blessing of Ferocity, Blesses the party members (If too broken, change to single target buff) or Target Player to have a bonus chance to inflict bleed with each melee attack for the next 5 minutes.

Blessing of Thorns:Blessing a Single person with a Aura of Thorns, first (Or first 2-3) melee attacks on that player will have the attacker get knocked back a decent distance (Maybe like 10 blocks? 8?) and take some (Minor) damage. Takes a few seconds to cast, minute or two cooldown. Lasts 30 minutes on target. Particularly useful on caster party members and on the druid to keep melees from dogpiling the buffed person, but doesn't last long enough to be polarizing.

Nature's Song:Buffs all party members around the Druid to have increased Mana Regen, Stamina Regen, and a (Minor) In Combat Health Regen, Functions similar to how Bard Songs work (Party Members must stay near the druid, and it only lasts like 20 seconds or 30). Few minute cooldown. Maybe 10 minute cooldown if it's too spammy.

Mass Entangle, Roots all Enemies in place around the Druid for 5-7 seconds unless they take damage. (You gave CLeric MindSear, I think Druid could have a mass entangle tbh) LONG Cooldown.

The idea with these skills is to have Druid trade off Healing/Rez Power for instead, more direct damage power, and more useful Utility that will actually be used in a teamfight. Druid uplifts its allies and gives them a edge through various powers and blessings from nature in my suggestion.


KEEP:Sacred Word, Holy Aura, Revive, Invul, (Also smite since it needs atleast 1 damage skill)

1)Possible idea is to rework Cleric so that Sacred Word upgrades as they level up, for example. At level 20, Sacred Word could gain a 50% healing boost, at level 40, It could have a passive effect where it heals all party members near the effected target by a small percent of what the target was healed.

2)Instead of 1), Possible skill suggestions for Cleric

Divine Blessing:Blesses a Target with a sacred ward, preventing them from gaining negative status effects (Bleed, Poison,etc) for a few minutes, alternatively, it could function similar to Thorns. Where it protects them from a few Status effect procs and then wears off.

Pious:passive that grants all your heals the ability to cure most status effects on cast. (Reason is because most classes that proc status effects, can easily put them on the player their attacking again.)

Sanctimonious Presence:Aura like effect where all party members around the Cleric suffer 15% less damage than normal from all sources for the next 20-30 seconds. LONG cooldown.

Just a few ideas that ideally can be made from pre-existing code in past skills, so it's not too tedious for the team to design if any of them get accepted.


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Aug 10, 2011
+1 for skills/class changes most of what you have is already on the to-do list funny enough.