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Smart Moving Mod for Minecraft version: 16.2

May 23, 2021
Smart Moving Mod adds many animations and new capabilities, giving two controllers that you want to key bind, the sprinting key along with the catch key. Smart Moving Mod is quite intuitive with it has controls allowing for plenty of new functions that allow you to navigate the terrain considerably quicker, smoother and overall much more efficiently.
Download Mod :

Smart Moving [1.8]
Hang on to ledges

Do you want to climb a cliff on an expedition, but your one-meter-high jumps are not enough to climb?
With Smart Moving, hang on to the edges and lift your cubic body with the strength of your arms!

  • Step 1: Press the “grab” key ([CTRL] by default)
  • Step 2: Go forward, while remaining pressed on “grab”
  • Continue until you reach the top of the wall

And There you go ! The two-block-high wall is no longer a problem now!

For walls three blocks high, just jump, then do the same things.
It is even possible to climb a wall four blocks high, we will see that later.

Do you want to climb a wall made up of spaced slabs? No problem.
  • Step 1: Press “grab”
  • Step 2: Move along the slabs while remaining pressed on “grab”
Hang on to bars and barriers
Go over a barrier, or a fence? Easy !
  • Step 1: Press “grab”
  • Step 2: Go forward while remaining pressed on “grab”
Climb a barrier…… or hang yourself on iron bars.
You can also climb on traps.
Want to enter a tunnel, but the opening is only one block, and therefore too narrow for you? You just have to crawl.
  • Step 1: Press the “sneak” button
  • Step 2: Press the “grab” button
  • Step 3: While holding both keys, move with your stomach to the ground.
As in any good self-respecting action movie, do you want to pass, narrowly, under a door that slips shut?
Let's go.
  • Step 1: start running
  • Step 2: Press “grab”
  • Step 3: Keep pressed on “grab”, and press “sneak”.
To dive
Want to take the plunge into the pool, but in an elegant way? Not very complicated.
  • Step 1: start running
  • Step 2: Press “grab”
  • Step 3: Keep pressed on “grab”, and jump
High jump
I told you earlier about climbing a wall four blocks high, well the time has come.
Thanks to the high jump, you can jump two blocks in height, and by repeating the operation from earlier to climb a wall, you can climb a wall of four blocks without too much difficulty.
  • Step 1: Sneak
  • Step 2: Still in sneak, hold the jump key
    You will see a bar above the life bar load, wait for it to be complete
  • Step 3: Release everything
Side jumps and back jump
Want to imitate Link, and jump in all directions? Very good.
  • Step 1: Quickly press the left, right or back button twice
Flight and swim animation
Have you always dreamed of flying in style, like Superman, and not standing up?
Have you always dreamed of swimming normally, like everyone else, and not standing up?
So, I tell you that this mod is really for you.
You just need to fly or swim normally. The animation is replaced, and it's much better that way.
To steer, simply move forward by moving the cursor in the desired direction. To return to the surface, under the sea, you no longer have to press the jump key, you just have to point the cursor towards the surface, and move forward (of course, to ascend faster, press the jump key is convenient).
The same goes for theft. To move up and down, just point the cursor up or down, and move forward.
Climb the ladders
This mod also adds a new ladder system: you must now be turned towards the ladder to be able to climb it, which adds an effect of realism. An animation has also been added.
If you don't count 16 movements (as I said at the beginning of the article), it is because some are not functional, and I have grouped several movements under the same title.
A speed increase / decrease function is available, just press i to reduce its speed, and o to increase it.
To activate / deactivate the mod, press [F9].
Maps made for Smart Moving
A collection of maps made by baeshra .
A map paying homage to the game Mirror's Edge .
A Parkour map created by Bloxcraft .
A very good Parkour map created by Binix .
A training / challenge map created by Blue_Legion .
A map challenge created by JetfireBlack .
A training map created by George3636 .
A quest map created by black00ut .
An obstacle course created by cavesticks12 .
A map challenge created by Random_Asian .
A running training map created by LaBarata .
A very big Parkour map created by TheNewbiesMines .