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Suggestion Simply Fortifying the HC Economy


Dec 26, 2012
I think inverting how looting players works can make Herocraft's economy more vibrant than ever.

Two things: 50%(?) of money is dropped when a player is killed by another player. Keep Inventory is turned on.

PvE: Lose significant levels on death instead of dropping items

No deathchests since no item drop

Add cobblestone and wood to exchange

Town competitions every 3 months for new PVP arena maps


Admin ZeeZo
Retired Staff
Apr 7, 2011
I think players shouldn't ever drop coins on death, if you want that, make it part of like a wager for arenas or something. I think with keepinventory on as a gamerule that does a lot more than is neccessary. I think EXP loss should be tied only to PVE deaths, sure, but also, I think the economy needed more gold sinks, so losing money on death could be a thing, but it needs to have a cap, I personally held over 250,000 coins for my kingdom when I played, if I died and lost half of that.. yeah no good. For normal players it's fine, but you need a more advanced thought/math process behind that, something that caps out at some reasonable average of player wealth. Deathchest was more or less a PVP mechanic where if you killed someone you could guard it and get their stuff eventually when it pops (could've had a lot on it, but it could be just cobble as well), but also caused it's own set of problems (Example; people placing 4 layer thick obsidian around ur deathchest, or dropping a personal region on it, dying in a region where it can't be accessed intentionally, etc. -- things that require extra moderation to prevent abuse and aren't inherent rules of the system itself, thus requiring a better system (IMO)), I could see it being removed entirely in favor of a different mechanic -- such as only dropping your inventory and not your equipment or action bars, but then this would limit you to your action bar, armor,& offhand, which isn't bad, but doesn't account for backpacks, using custom items for skills, etc. (things with no value taking up those 'precious' slots). That said, this would give Macromod users an even better advantage since they would bind command inputs directly instead of wasting their 1 through 0 keys on skill slots. I do love the idea for building competitions.


The Disposable Hero
Staff member
Adventure Team
Jan 7, 2011
The 7th Circle of Heaven
Just some quick notes...

We want a negative item system (no infinite gear, drops on death, can lose it all) and a deflation of coins (at least in the beginning)
While we want newbies to join in and have fun, we want it to be challenging and rewarding, not easy cakes. I do actively want to steer away from the concept of "end game" but instead make the entire play time from start to finish is exciting, so you aren't mindlessly grinding to X level. There are numerous ways to achieve this, making your character not instantly get stomped by a max level is one of the ways to do this.

What do players care about when spending currency?
- Strength to their character
- Cosmetic prowess / nobility
- Protections
- Wealth generation
- Lottery/Gambling wins
- Pain reduction in travel/inventory/etc

Ways to spend:
  • Class change / respec
  • Skills per class
  • Tradepack creation
  • Base common and custom material vendors at spawn for high prices for lazy players
  • Premium plots
  • Township purchase/upgrades/tax
  • Protections/Locks
  • Base gear available in spawn city/areas
  • Premium store items for high coin cost
  • Dungeon instances that cost coins to buy tickets to enter
  • Backpacks / inventory space and management
  • Coin crafting costs to township upgrade materials
  • Repair costs
  • Placing marked bounties
Ways to earn:
  • Tradepack turn-ins give money and exp as well as some custom items.
  • Mining Gold and exchanging it
  • No more $$$ drops from mobs
  • Reduced coins from voting or not have coins from voting at all
  • Mastering a class will grant coins
  • Selling items to other players via shops or /trade
  • Quests / Missions (not repeatable)
  • Hunting bounties